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I co-wrote a book

called Let's Panic About Babies!

with my friend Alice

whose web site is here

it's somewhat funny

and you can buy it on Amazon

and you can watch the trailer

it was made by Scott and narrated by Orson Welles

March march maaaaarch

March was an exciting month. For starters, Peewee almost died. It started...

31st Mar

And now it is February

My birthday present to myself this year was going to be a...

24th Feb

But I’m still not going to join a gym or stop drinking

Thus beginneth another year at Fussy.org. Updates for 2014 will be monthly,...

01st Jan
Jack's new sweater

Pernicious egomania

This morning I was going through my yoga routine, like I do...

20th Nov


I’m not sure where this falls along the continuum between “homage to...

04th Nov

That’s better

Here’s the re-do of yesterday’s terrible lettering. The lettering is still awkward,...

03rd Nov


Apparently I needed to nap most of the afternoon, after a morning...

02nd Nov

Oh, why not

National Blog Posting Month, you got me. I’m yours. What do you...

01st Nov

A progression of healing thoughts

This morning I was driving down Alamar when I saw a slightly...

21st Oct
watercolor peewee

I love you enough to keep waiting like this

Some time ago a friend told me about a birthday or Mother’s...

03rd Oct
the wee

More Things I Have Learned

You know how people who have decided to commit a random act...

07th Sep

My Weird Little Trip to CVS

Recently I had the opportunity to explain to a Millenial what a...

17th Jul