On October 17, 2001 by Eden M. Kennedy


Last night I was so hungry in my sleep that I dreamt I was on my way to have lunch at a taco stand with Julia Child.

My mother once came home from work and told me a story. She was working in downtown Denver at the time, for the phone company, and she went outside at lunch to get some fresh air and eat a sandwich that she’d brought from home. (She’s thrifty that way—she would never do what I do now, go spend $6 on Thai food or at a salad bar—she had gone back to work to pay my tuition for private school, because I was a brat and refused to spend another stultifying year at Columbine High School—but I’ll post more about that later.)

Anyway, she was walking along and a homeless woman came up to her and asked her for money. My mother refused her request and kept walking, but the woman followed her and said, “I’m hungry!” And my mother said, “I’m hungry, too!” and went off to eat her sandwich.

I don’t think my mother really got the difference between the homeless woman’s hunger—which my have been humiliating and a constant source of worry—and her own temporary, easily satisfied need to eat.

My mother’s funny that way.



One Response to “Hungry”

  • i am so not trying to be a bitch but it just occurred to me that your mom was probably not giving that lady money because she was paying to send you to private school. not that you should feel bad or guilty or anything, but you shouldn’t think bad of her for not wanting to share.

    if that was way out of line for me to say, i apologize.

    i’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and just thought i’d go back to when you first began. i’m sort of first beginning…again, for like the fourth time. i’m not very good at it but i think when i get more time, i’ll get better.

    also, i’m slightly intoxicated and tend to get belligerent. again, my bad.