Who has time?

On June 16, 2004 by Eden M. Kennedy

It’s gray and cloudy today, and while I was (or should I say whilst) driving through that roundabout thing that I complained about a few weeks ago, I found I was following an actual Mini. Not one of those fancy new ones, but one of those dangerously small, doesn’t-belong-on-an-American-road Morris Minis, and I thought about this picture.

See how grey and cloudy it was in Actual Britain the day my father took that picture of me in 1985. And not a druid in sight.

So, while I was driving and thinking my cloudy thoughts, P.J. Harvey was singing I have no time for hate and love. But the way she sings that line, all hollowed-out and covered with guitar, pronounced closer to hade and love, I kept thinking she was saying I have no time for anal love, and I pounded the steering wheel and shouted, Yes! Anal love IS time consuming, isn’t it! I mean, unless you want to just go at it with watery eyes and pass out halfway through, it takes a great deal of gentle maneuvering, not to mention an open mind, to make it work.

Yes, yet another complaint from busy mothers everywhere. Who? Who has time for anal love?



2 Responses to “Who has time?”

  • For some odd reason, this old entry just popped up in my feed, and goodness it made me laugh.
    Now my boss wants to know what the hell is so amusing. Which isn’t as much of a problem as you’d think, as he’s currently got me on a dare to say “anal sex” to one of our government clients…

    Anyway – thanks.
    Hope things are going OK for you and your Mum.

  • in mine too!

    wait, “in mine too” could certainly be an apropos statement to make on a post about anal love.