On January 24, 2006 by Eden M. Kennedy

I think we’re going to change Katie’s name to “Wrecking Ball.”

She is one tough dog. I think she was a little out of her weight class, taking on a car, but, you know, you ought to see the car.

Still rather crusty, but not quite ready for a good scrubbing.

You guys are really nice for leaving all those comments, I wish my dog could read. I’d read them to her but she’s pretty busy sleeping at the moment.

We let her sleep on a comforter on the couch last night, instead of in her crate, and this morning I found a big puddle of pee at the top of the stairs. When I told Jack he said, Well, I don’t really have the heart to hit her with a rolled-up newspaper right now.

The rap robe works its healing magic!

The woman who hit Katie came over Sunday night to introduce herself, which I thought was big of her. Apparently another one of our neighbors (god bless him) went nuts yelling at her, while we were busy abandoning our child and speeding off to the vet, until she was so upset she called the police. I don’t recall that she apologized to me, nor did she offer to help with the $600.00 vet bill, but I shook her bony hand and let it go. What the fuck am I going to do, sue her?

So what have we learned from all of this. Posting about pets, children’s birthday parties, and shoes will get you a lot of comments! Oh, and always keep your dog on a leash if you’re not in a fenced area.



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  • Honestly, I’d go for sueing her. I know a lot of people who’ve had to go that route because the person in the wrong didn’t offer or refused to contribute to the vets bills. It’s only fair.

  • I think that was awfully good of you.
    And I don’t even like dogs.

    She did the right thing –
    and so did you.

  • and people call me crazy for throwing myself in front of a moving car.

    katie and i know the kind of attention/affection it brings afterwards.

    well, and comments ;)

  • Oh god, I’m so glad to hear Katie is ok! I mean, it was nice of the woman to come over. But, uh…how about a little help with the hefty vet bills????

  • Glad Katie’s feeling better. That is one cute dog.

    I wonder if the lady didn’t offer to pay because that might be seen as admitting some guilt and then you might sue her. I can imagine someone thinking that way in our lawyer crazed world.

  • jilbo has a point about the lady’s possible logic… glad to hear she’s okay. poor thing!

  • Delurking to ask: She didn’t come over to, you know, apologize?

    I’ve hit a dog I didn’t see (who was ultimately fine) and I’m the one who called 911 and apologized and cried and offered to pay for the poor dog’s care even though I was dead broke…because I hit the dog.

    I’m so glad Katie is okay!

  • My father-in-law was in an accident with his two dogs lastyear. His substantial vet bills were covered through the other driver’s “Property Damage” coverage. The insurance company didn’t even attempt to dispute it.

    I wonder if this would apply here — worth a look, anyway.

    And yes, we were appropriately mortally offended that the dogs were considered property, rather than members of the family.

  • yeah, i say get her insurance company’s info and get those vet bills covered.

    also, you might consider sic’ing the interweb on her.

  • She didn’t apologize?! Lemme at her, lemme at her. That’s just awful.

    I’m glad Katie is getting lots of love. I hope she feels better soon.

  • I’m glad Katie’s back at home and on her way back to good health!

  • i looove the pix of katie on the sofa. one of my dogs had to have ligament surgery on both back legs (not at the same time) so we have bookend pix of her lying on either end of the sofa with the elizabethan collar on.

    interesting that she called the police. so there’s a report. which means she had to give her insurance info. and i bet she came over to give you that wink wink hint without admiting guilt. i bet insurance would pay.

    i’m so glad katie’s ok.

  • I am glad she is okay. I know what its like to lose a pet that is like a family member and well I’m just glad that she is okay.

  • Pretty dog, pretty comforter, pretty lucky (you) that she is okay (thank goodness!) and pretty lucky (her) to have such a good family. Also pretty lucky (the lady) that somebody didn’t pop her one.

  • 1. My parents have those SAME exact sheets. Those sheets are stuck in my childhood memories.

    2. I like how the bottoms of Jackson’s socks are dirty.

    3. But really, it is a cute picture. =)

  • i guess suing is the american way…. but i will help out the canadian way, by buying a t-shirt or two and maybe a necklace or three if you still have some around? i lurrrrrve mine.

    kisses to katie (even though i love cats, katie is special). hugs to jackson, for it must have been scary. and hugs most of all to you mrs. E. Kennedy, for you are special in a totally gaybo way to me.


  • Katie’s a doll. I’m glad she’s going to be okay. Big hugs for all of you.

  • God, I’m so very glad she’s all right. I went to sleep thinking about her yesterday.

    Big love to you all. x x

  • Hmmm, I suppose my response might have been to apologize profusely for the neighbor’s incivility and then, when/if she didn’t apologize for hitting my dog, tell her, “You know, an apology form you would mean the world to me, far more than any help with the vet bills” — just to see her squirm.

  • Oh, my. She might just be the most hilariously beautiful dog ever. Wreckingball. I can’t take it. And look at that tongue.

  • I’m glad katie’s on the mend. I just realized though that she’s not too good with freedom: Off the leash, runs into a car; out of the crate, pees on the stairs. Give her a kiss from me and Rufus.

  • aw, she’s so damn cute. i’m so glad she’s okay! that woman is an asshole for not apologizing.

  • Hmm. I feel hostile towards her, even if she did come to introduce herself. I would like to think she just got so flustered meeting you that she just forgot all regular human behavior. But I am not sure if I am feeling generous enough to believe that of her. Just come up to shake hands? Weak. Grow a sack, lady. And leave the cash in an envelope in the mailbox next time. With some candy.

    So glad to see the monkey is resting comfortably. She is precious.

  • She didn’t offer to help with the vet bill? Unbelievable.

  • I am so happy she is getting better and the rap robe’s powers are being put into full force. And I hope they lady has the smarts to come back and offer to help with the bill, although it is pretty cool she stopped by to apologize in the first place. I am a bit too passive agressive and probably would have just avoided your street for the rest of my life.

  • When I was bit by the elderly dog whom I was dogsitting (unemployed and without health insurance), the people who owned the dog were exceptionally nice about the whole thing, but I had to speak up to encourage them to pay for the resulting medical care. It was scary and awkward, but ultimately worth it, and I don’t believe it had occurred to them on their own, somehow.

    I guess my point is: this woman isn’t doing what you’d want her to do on her own. Maybe she’s one of those people who needs to be told?

    Anyway, I’m really glad Katie is doing ok, and I hope you are too.

  • Holy Crap! Bulldogs are tough and way too adorable. Glad to hear she’s ok.
    Love your blog.

  • Katie you’re tough! I’m really glad she is going to be okay. Also you’re a better person than me for not writing a huge bitching post about bony, dog-hitting, no-apology lady. :)

  • as for those calling for suing, i think it would probably be dismissed at court because both parties are in the wrong here – lady was most likely driving too fast and dog was not leashed.

    that’s an adorable picture of katie. i have to go suck on a lemon now.

  • I am glad Katie will be O.K. Poor moppet.
    I agree that the woman’s insurance should foot the vet bill, for sure.

  • so glad she’s okay!

  • Well, it’s not the driver’s fault that someone threw a ball in front of her car. What about the parents’ of that kid? Does anyone think they have an obligation to cover some of the vet bill too? Or at least offer?

  • I’m a bit confused….

    Did she call the police to notify them of the accident or to get them to make your neighbor leave her alone?

    I’m so glad Katie is ok. The thing that is still disturbing me is that she saw the ball, but didn’t immediately stop. She must not have children. If I see a ball, I stop because where there is a bouncing ball there is almost a child who will follow. She should be ashamed. And hang up the damn phone already!

  • Aw, I’m so glad she’s on the mend.

    I think we need a Katie t-shirt.

  • Aw, I’m so glad she’s on the mend.

    I think we need a Katie t-shirt.

  • ach, that poor pooch! if only there was protective gear for dogs and their extreme sports.

    I do hope Katie’s feeling better soon.

  • So glad to see that she’s back home with her family.

  • Unbelievable the bitch didn’t apologize or offer you some cash. Some people don’t belong on the planet with normal folks.
    And I’m glad to see the rap robe making a triumphant return to fussy.org.

  • Poor Katie. I hope she’s 100% soon.

  • Good to see that she’s feeling better, and back at home.

    Sorry about the vet bills. Ours mounted very quickly when our cat was dying. I bet if you set up a Paypal account, some of your readers would be willing to help out and contribute a little something towards them. I would.

  • Oh Katie, so cute. Glad she’s okay, but as a fellow canadian to JenB i say what’s with all the talk of suing? I don’t get it.

    Apologies yes, clogging up the legal system *shrug*.

  • Glad she is OK. Take care…

  • i think a tshirt of the sepia pic of katie. i’d buy one. (but then you know i buy them all)k

  • I’ll bet you didn’t need to learn the bit about the leash from reader’s comment. I’m guessing you got that messege all on your own.
    Glad to see Katie’s on the mend.

  • I love picture of Katie and your little boy on the couch, I don’t think it could be any cuter. She just looks so sad and pathetic, I want to give her a big squishy hug. Poor baby. I’m glad she’s gettng the love, there.

  • You guys are so nice!

    My dog is on drugs.

    The lady who hit her called the cops because she was freaked out by my neighbor and wanted protection, not because she felt she needed to file a report. Grrr.

  • I have that same exact comforter that Katie is resting on! From the 80s, and mine is still kickin’ too!

    I’m truly glad to hear sweet puppy will be ok.

  • I’m so glad she’s okay. That girl has some sass for taking on a car, I hope she learned her lesson :)

    I have a dog in one of my training classes and the second I saw him I thought of Katie, they’d make an adorable couple. I sat by him and shoveled treats into his mouth for most of class, he was such a charmer.

  • that’s absolutely absurd that she’d call the cops to protect herself but think nothing of trying to help the dog she just hit. i agree with the person who said, when i see a bouncing ball i stop. generally there is a child behind it. what the hell was she thinking? how old is this woman? are we talking elderly, middle aged, younger? an elderly lady i can somehow forgive in my heart, but if we’re talking under 65 screw her. i really hate people sometimes. especially those that think of only themselves.

    sorry for the rant. i’m really glad katie is okay. and you’re a far better person than i, mrs. kennedy. cause i prolly would have hit her when she hit my dog, and then again when she showed up on my doorstep.

  • Poor doggie! I can’t believe that the woman who hit Katie can just pretend that there wasn’t a vet bill to contend with.

  • Oh Dog-dog!! *Smooch!*

  • Love the pictures – her cute tongue sticking out and a boy and his dog. Glad to hear Katies on the mend!

  • Don’t they have leash laws where you live? I’d be careful suing that lady for hitting your dog since in most places, pet owners can be held responsible for damage done by their pets if the pet is not leashed and is out in public. If I were you I’d call it even – you got vet bills she’s got car repair bills (I’d assume, bull dogs are solid muscle, gotta be some damage there.) And the judge would probably find both at fault – unleashed dog, inattentive driver … you get the idea. Next time, make sure she’s leashed or in an enclosed escape-proof play yard so she CAN’T run into the street. :)

    Oh, and BTW I think it’s nice the lady came and introduced herself, most people in California would just pretend it didn’t happen. I also hope Katie is feeling better. And I hope everyone involved learned a valuable lesson.

  • And the award for bone-headed insensitivity goes to…. the troll directly above!

  • Not to go all Sherlock Holmes-y, but the ball was thrown “really hard,” right? So it was going pretty fast? So how much time did this lady have to ponder the source of the ball before she hit the dog?

    To go against the lemming-like nature of blog-commenting and point out that Mrs. Kennedy might end up w/a ticket herself if she pursued this in court is hardly being an insensitive troll. Of course, it’s not as hip and cool as anonymously calling someone a bonehead…

  • i can’t begin to imagine what we’d do if something happened to one of our puppies… tho’ i’m confident it would involve having my husband committed (i swear he worries more about our dogs than he ever did about our kids!) glad your little puppy-girl is on the mend… not sure i’d have been civil to the bitc… er, idio… um, … woman who hit her! you’re a good role model for us all. kudos! : )

  • I’ve had so many nightmares about driving and hitting a dog. I’m probably overly sensitive about it just because I love animals so much. But it was nice of the lady to come by and say..uhm..something. That’s definitely a difficult situation.

    Anyways, I’m glad that Katie is getting better. I hope she is back to her life of caviar wishes and champagne dreams in no time.

  • Sorry for the anonimity, I don’t happen to have a blogger account.

  • I’m so happy she’s home and on the mend. Poor girl!

  • i just wanted to let you know that i read your blog often, part of my daily morning ritual….love your spunk!

  • I’m so SO happy to see that Katie’s on the mend. If I were to make a scrapbook page for her, it would surely contain a big sticker that says something like “Top Dog!” or “Fantastic Canine!”

    Scratch her ears for me and wish her a speedy recovery!

  • Someone mentioned it yesterday, but I’ll mention it again now. The Bouncing Ball was a QUESTION on my State of Michigan Drivers Test. As in like a what do you do, pick an answer, which will contribute to a score that determines whether you can legally drive question. At the Secretary of State. I’ve never hit anyones pet, or kid. I have plowed a few squirrels accidently, but they were not preceeded by a ball, and in College Town, MI, the squirrels are inbred…I hope the cell phone speeding bad driver lady feels really bad Mrs. K, and I would hit her up for some cash, but I’m probly a lot broker than you are.

    Kisses for Katie, and if shes cranky about pills, put them in buttered mashed potatoes, that always works for my cat’s blood pressure medication.

  • Does the woman who hit Katie live in your neighborhood? Did you know her before? Because I’m left wondering what compelled her to come introduce herself. I don’t get it- whats the point of coming and saying “Hi, I’m the woman who hit your dog” if you’re not going to offer to help with the vet’s bill or at the very least say “I’m sorry your dog got hurt.” Because for me, that would be the hardest- the no apology part.

  • How is Jackson doing? It’s got to be awful seeing your dog get hit by a car. I hope he doesn’t feel too responsible. Katie is such a cute dog; we’ve got French Bulldogs so I love those flat faces.

  • He didn’t see it happen, he was playing elsewhere.

  • I’m so glad your dear doggie is going to be alright.

  • Poor baby dog. After our Lab got hit at 6 months old, we spoiled him rotten. Our living room looked like dog heaven, complete with multiple made-up sickbeds (read: our sofas) and the 5 ft. tall stuffed dog we bought for $3 at Goodwill to let him rip apart, one of his favorite things to do. I found stuffed dog innards behind the furniture and in the couch cushions for months to come. Hope she’s up and at ‘em soon!

  • Holy crap on a stick – just saw this. I’m so glad she’s okay. I’m scared shitless of dogs getting hit by cars. When I was a teenager, our dog got out, and I left the back door wide open as I dashed out, barefoot, to chase her at least half a mile in the snow (which not only hurt like hell, given my bare feet, but also camouflaged my white target). I finally caught her – speeding down a hill toward a street where nobody went the speed limit.

    I can’t believe that beeyotch didn’t apologize at the very least, let alone offer to pay the vet bill. I would have handed you my credit card and wept at your feet.

  • OK, so here is how the world would work if Marcia Brady were God:

    Dog-hitter: My name is Idiota, and I just wanted to tell you how incredibly sorry I am that this happened.
    Mrs. K: I really appreciate the apology; it means a lot and I’m just glad Katie’s going to be OK.
    Dog-hitter: I feel so terrible; I wish there was something I could do. I am happy to pay the vet bill.
    Mrs. K.: Oh, no, we couldn’t let you do that; our vet is pretty high-end and we’re OK for money.
    Dog-hitter: Well, I still want to do something to make it right. Would you be offended if I made a donation to the ASPCA in yours and Katie’s name, in the same amount as you are paying the vet?
    Mrs K: Of course not, what a lovely idea. In fact, if you make it in Jackson’s name in honor of Katie, he’ll be thrilled.
    Dog-hitter: Thank you so much. I’ll have them send a personal note to Jackson, and I’ll be thinking of Katie; please write and let me know how she’s doing.

    [Chorus of "Bless the Beasts and the Children" over photo of Jackson and Katie fading to shots of troops leaving Iraq, old people getting their prescription meds for free, an untouched Arctic wilderness, and so on.]

  • PS: excuse hideous overuse of semicolons. I don’t know what got into me there.

  • Marcia, and to think you could have had a brilliant career in advertising.

  • Sorry to hear about Katie’s accident, but it looks like she’s physically ready for beauty pageants again.

  • Like everyone else, I am so sorry to hear about Katie’s accident. She’s one tough girl, she is. I have always wanted a bulldog. When I lived in this apartment complex in Miami, everyone had one. I remember one, in particular, because he had the longest tongue about which I inquired to his owner in the elevator one day. He said it was so long that it didn’t fit in his mouth! He was one of the cutest bulldogs I’ve seen, except for Katie of course. Seeing that first picture of her asleep, makes me want one all the more. They are such a great dogs!

    Hope you guys are ALL feeling a bit better now!

    Peace, Love, Palm Trees,

  • Oh my god! I’m glad she’s ok. My parents neighbors have a bulldog, and he’s just charming.

    The mashed potato comment about giving pills reminded me of what my parents had to do with one of their cats in that regard once. Meat flavored baby food worked for them. I believe my mom went for the lamb flavor, but any of them would probably work. And the cat could barely contain herself waiting for her medication “treat”!

    I hope she’s feeling better soon.

  • I’m glad Katie is okay. Please keep the dog on a leash the next time you let her outside to use the bathroom.

    I would have swerved if I saw the dog and probably hit a child or another car, injured myself or my child in the car with me because I would have nightmares for years if I killed an animal or even injured one. Have some sense woman. Shame on you for being so stupid

  • Bulldogs are indestructible. My dad has two, mother and daughter, and the mother was once hit by a TRUCK.
    We freaked out -naturally-, but the bloody thing came back, a bit dizzy, but still barking at the truck.
    I think the truck got the bonk. Weird they didn’t sue US.