So, Katie got hit by a car.

On January 22, 2006 by Eden M. Kennedy

She got a big fat bonk in the head and bled like hell. Jack threw her into the truck and I sat in the back talking to her while we drove up to the emergency vet, leaving Jackson in the care of three neighborhood girls, aged eight.

You may be thinking, not the most responsible thing to do with your child? But you don’t know our neighbors. When we came back he was bundled up on the couch of a family on the other side of our complex getting ready to watch Aladdin with a giant apple juice in his hand.

I went to pick him up, my clothes were still covered in blood, but I didn’t want to go home to change first.

He said, Is Katie dead?

No, I said, she just got a big bonk in the head. The doctor gave her something for the pain, she’s going to spend the night there so they can keep an eye on her. We’ll go get her tomorrow.

Will you carry me? he said. My legs are wobbly and my head hurts. I was crying so hard.

My arms still smell like the horrible antibacterial soap at the vets that I used to wash off the blood while we were waiting to hear.

Jack and a neighbor boy were throwing a ball for Katie to chase when the neighbor boy threw it really hard and it bounced into the street in front of a car that was coming. The lady driving the car said she saw the ball but she didn’t see the dog. Another neighbor watching said she was driving too fast and talking on a cell phone.

It doesn’t matter. Katie’s okay, she’ll be home tomorrow.

Katie photo by Tam Tam



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  • I’m so glad she is ok and coming home.

  • Oh poor puppy! I’m glad she’s alright. Good neighbors are worth their weight in truffles, aren’t they?

  • i think the ball bouncing in front of the car was one of the things on the simulated driver’s test. you were supposed to know to slow down and look for short things running out after it.

    i am so glad katie is okay. and i think i am going to steal your neighbors when you aren’t looking.

  • Pets shouldn’t ever be allowed to get run over. It’s just too awful. So glad your Katie is okay!

  • “Pets should ever be allowed to get run over in the grand scheme of the cosmos” is what I mean, not like, “gee, you really shouldn’t let your pets get run over.” The internet doesn’t really allow for subtlties of meaning, sorry!

  • hurrah! she’s okay! could have been so much worse than the lingering smell of vet soap and a big fright. well done katie. way to have a sturdy head.

  • Phew! So happy your puppy got out of that with just a konked noggin and a few stitches. We’ve had the experience here of having to explain to small people the traffic-related demise of a loved critter, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  • Never mind explaining it to small people, I’m 24 and couldn’t cope when my cat got run over.

    Glad ur dog is ok, she’s gorgeous :)

  • Oh my! So glad it wasn’t worse! What a scary day.

  • AGH, so sorry fussy household. That really sucks. I’m glad she will be okay…lets face it, it looks like she has a pretty sturdy head, no suprised it could take a car.

  • i’m sorry about poor katie! really glad she’s okay. take care, mrs. k.

  • Oh I am so sorry. My heart skipped a beat when I read your header. That woman was clearly going too fast– I can tell from all the way over here.


  • So glad to hear that she’ll be okay.

  • If someone had hit my pet with a car while talking on a cell phone, I might have reacted differently. I might have retrieved my 9-iron, dialed my cell phone, and chatted away while knocking out both headlights, claiming not to have seen them.

  • i’m with LOD. so glad katie is going to be okay, but you know, it could just as easily have been a child that ran out into the street as it was katie running out into the street. i hope the woman who hit katie is cooperating with you re her responsibility for the bill for katie’s care.

  • VERY happpy she’s ok…wow, caught my breath when I read the fist sentence.

    Good picture….damn cell-phone drivers!

  • Yeah, they teach that defensive driving thing in the first semester of Driver’s Ed, don’t they? Glad your dog is going to be okay.

  • I’m glad Katie is OK.

  • Oh! Poor Katie, but most of all POOR YOU GUYS.

    I am so glad everyone will be okay.

    Big love!

  • Oh my god. I’m glad she’s okay. I hope you had a glass of wine or three and a hot bath.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about Katie’s accident but I’m glad that she’ll be alright and home soon.

  • It’s a good thing bulldogs are built like tanks!! So glad she’s okay.

  • Oh man! That is so scary that Jackson had to witness it! I am so glad she’s going to be OK!

  • Oh no! That’s horrible. Glad she’s okay.

  • I’m totally with lod, and i’m so glad she’s ok. we have four dogs here at the islaygirl house, and i can’t imagine. and yay for the neighbors. didn’t you just move there like 24 hours ago? how do you know everyone already? i’ve lived in my house for a year and a half and i just met our neighbor-on-the-left a week ago.

  • Oh, how horrible scary! Hope Katie feels better today. Maybe she,too, would like to watch Aladden with some apple juice. Or maybe tequila.

  • OK really– on a residential street if you see a ball rolling out into the street do you not expect it to be followed by something? If you did, logically, expect it to be followed by something wouldn’t you slow down to see if you were right?

    Common sense should be part of the test for a drivers lisence. Glad Katie is ok.


  • Oh my gosh! Poor Katie! And poor you. I’m so glad she’ll be okay. Sending gentle puppy hugs….

  • I am so glad that Katie is okay!


  • How horrible. I can’t believe that she’s ok. Good thing she’s got that huge bulldog noggin. They’re built like tanks, they are.

    Poor Katie, Poor Jackson, Poor Everybody. Glad to know that she’ll pull through ok.

  • no! oh, i hope she’s fine! i’m so sorry you had to go through that!

    i hope careless-cell-phone-with-head-planted-in-butt has nightmares of hitting things without such sturdy heads. i hope it makes her slow the heck down!

  • The poor, sweet girl!
    I am so sorry. Thank goodness she’s ok! Give her a good hug for us.

  • Poor Katie! I’m so sorry, but relieved that she will be o.k.

  • Poor Katie! Poor Kennedys! How horrible, but so glad she’s okay.

    Also, they’re alway driving too fast and talking on cell phones. What’s it going to take to get talking-on-cell-phone-while-driving made illegal? It’s against the law in SO MANY other countries; why not here?

  • AlwayS. With an S.

    I swear I wasn’t on my cell phone when I typed that.

  • Poor Katie! Poor Kennedy family!
    Wishing her speedy “big fat bonk” relief and wishing the rest of you speedy trauma relief.

  • Ay! I am so happy to know Katie is going to be okay. I would have cried hard too. :(

    On the upside, that photo is awesome.

  • “She saw the ball but not the dog.”
    So on seeing the ball she didn’t weigh on the anchors?

    Stupid bitch. *fuming*

    Hugs to you all from a lurker you don’t know in Scotland.

  • i’m so sorry for katie. i hope she’ll be up and drooling soon.

    that’s one of my main fears about having a dog, that my little guy will get hit by a car one day. i often have to make sure that i’ve closed the door, imagining that he’ll get the door open somehow and go running off into the road. no funny anecdote to share there, just a very real/crazy worry i have.

  • I am SO sorry!!! I have had two dogs get hit by cars (and they died). I am so happy for you that she will be ok. My pets have always been like children to me and so it just devastated me to lose all the pets I have lost to death. I am not sure I can deal with the untimely loss of another pet and am so glad that you do not have to do this.

  • Oh, poor Katie, poor Jackson, poor Mr and Mrs. Kennedy!!! Everybody gets a big internet hug, and an internet belly scratch. Well – the scratch is for Katie, but whatever floats your boat.

  • Oh no :( How scary! I am so glad that everyone is okay.

  • I am so sorry to hear about Katie. Ugh that picture with her looking up at the camera next to this entry is just completely heartbreaking.

    I wish a speedy recovery to Katie, you and your family.

    Keep us updated please!

  • The scariest moment in my little life was watching my dog get hit by a car. The cable guy had left the front door ajar and she wandered across the street to sniff things out. I called her and she came running. Straight at the wheel of a passing car. I screamed as I saw her tumble. But, she ran to me and while she was terrified and a little sore, she was okay.

    I can’t imagine how scary that must have been for you. And the blood. Oh, blood is terrifying! I’m so glad she’s okay.

  • My best to Katie.

  • Yikes! The greatest thing is that Katie is ok. The second greatest thing is that you live in such a cool takes-a-village complex that comes through in emergencies. Anyway, keep us posted on Katie’s status. I hope this isn’t the sort of head injury that will keep her from, you know, being accepted at the college of her choice and all.

  • Omigod I am so sorry. The Penguin (my cat) sends her sympathies. Motherf**ing cell-phone yakkers should have the book thrown at them.

  • I am so sorry to hear about Katie, but I’m glad that she’ll be coming home soon. Poor thing… As a fellow pet-owner, I’m fighting hard not to tear up in sympathy.

  • i hope katie makes a quick recovery! people just don’t look where they’re going anymore. i agree with LOD but i would have hit her with the nine iron. nevermind the headlights.

  • I am sorry to hear about your dog’s accident! I was unfortunate enough to witness my dog getting hit by a car when I was 8 years old. She didn’t make it though. Poor Jackson. I’m glad his doggie will be recovering and coming home soon!

  • OH! How scary. I am so glad that she will be alright. I hope Jackson will be ok after seeing it, and that he can talk about it if ne needs.

    Stupid speeding bitch.

  • I’m so sorry. My heart goes out to you and Katie and Jackson, and that poor kid who threw the ball. But not the stupid speeding cell phone lady. Ok her, a little.

    Best healing wishes, y’all.

  • oh, lordy. I was tearing up reading your post today. I’m going to squeeze our two little puppies (Bob and Francis–a fellow lover of not only dogs but giving them human names…) a little more often. We’ve been ignoring them like crazy–too busy, the kids, blah, blah, blah. I feel like an ass.

  • Sorry Mrs. K and family.

    Vivian (my bulldog) got hit by a minivan last fall. The minivan had a dent on the underfender and Vivi had a scrape on her head. She spent the day at the vet, they did x-rays. She was fine. Bulldogs have really thick skulls.

    Worst feeling the world, watching something unfold you know is going to be bad. Takes a while to get over. She stopped running into streets (for a while), so her skull isn’t that thick.

    Hope everyone by you is back to normal soon.

    And yay! for good neighbors. They ARE worth their weight in truffles–I love that phrase!

  • Is Katie home now? Is she okay? How did Jackson handle it? Any nightmares? What about you? Is she really okay?

  • Hope you feel better soon Katie!

  • I’m glad Katie is going to be okay! My dog would have been smooshed. This is why I leash him so tightly. It may choke him a little, but at least he won’t get run over by a car should he try to dart out into the street when I’m walking him.

  • You poor thing! I cannot imagine how horrifically scared you all must have been. I’m so glad she’ll be fine!

  • poor jackson. poor katie. poor mr. and mrs. kennedy.

    i’m glad everything’s going to be fine. that’s really scary shit.

  • My thoughts go out to the entire Fussy household. I’m glad to hear that Ms. Katie is going to be okay. What a weekend!

  • This is my worst fear. I’m so glad that all of your loved ones are ok.

  • Really sorry to read the news about Katie, but I’m so glad she’s ok. I know I’d be devastated if my dog was hit by a car.

  • I’m so glad she’s ok!

  • oh my god, mrs kennedy. I’m sooo glad she’s OK but i’m sooo sorry this happened. terrifying. give katie a kiss on the noggin for me (an un-sore spot) and tell her I was just joking about the gypsies remark a couple of months ago. xoxoxo

  • i’ve never commented before, but dude, i absolutely never want to live through that with my crazy canine.

    thank god she’s all right.

  • Delurking to say that I am so glad Katie is ok. I can’t imagine how scary and awful that must have been.

  • God bless that sweet dog. I’m so relieved that story had a happy ending and that she’ll be home safe tomorrow.

  • Oh, sweet jesus. Being a pet owner and having fallen in love with her wicked underbite, I hope that she’s okay and heals quickly. Don’t squeeze her too hard when she gets home.

  • oh holy crap! healing sprinkles on katie’s head…

  • Poor sweet puppy! I’m glad she’s coming home tomorrow. Give her lots of kisses and scritches behind the ears for me

  • Yitzak (my cat) was told to send her good wishes on to Katie. She said “meow”.
    I say “thank god for beefy bulldog skulls that resist cars”!

  • OH no!!! Poor Katie, and poor Jack and poor you :( (((((Hugs))))) I hope you’re all feeling better very soon.

  • so this is my first time at your blog but oh my god, i’m so glad your dog is okay.

  • Holy crap, the headline scared me, too. Thank the Higher Powers that Katie’s injury was limited to the big bonk. Also, great neighborhood you live in, Mrs. Kennedy. With the exception, of course, of that bitch who hit your, um, bitch.

  • I’m so sorry about Katie, but glad to hear that she’ll be home soon. Dogs are quite precious…crazy, but precious.

  • Crazy. I’m sitting here waiting for husband to call from the vet and let me know if Simon the Weimeraner is OK or not. I hope Katie and Simon are both safely within the realm of HAPPY DOG.

  • I am so sorry to hear about this. I’m glad that it’s not a more serious and traumatic event, yet am so sympathetically sad that it happened at all. I (and my two furry ones) are sending positive thoughts about chicken jerky and greenies Katie’s way.

  • SAME F’ing thing happened to our dog. Neighborhood girl throwing a ball into the street (albeit usually quiet). Called out to her to stop it and not 2 min. later she (of course) did it again and our dog was hit. Hopefully yours recovers as fast as ours did :)

  • Wow… I was very close to being hysterical!!! My eyes are still trying to suck back the jillions of tears I nearly cried worrying about poor Katie. I love dogs… especially big ol’ loveable dogs like Katie who have wonderful families who love them to pieces.

    I am SO RELIEVED that she’s okay!!! Must’ve just been a nightmare. I hope you had an extra glass of wine tonight.

    You’ll have to give her 79 extra pats tomorrow from all of your blog commenters who are so happy to hear she’s okay.

  • delurking – what a sweet picture of Katie…I hope everything is okay today.

  • Oh i was so worried seeing that title. I love Katie. I’ve had many dogs hit by cars – it’s really a horrible thing.

    I’m so glad she is okay.

  • I’ve just started reading your blog a week ago and have seen and read about Katie. When I read the title, I held my breathe–

    Thank goodness she’s gonna be OK!

  • Poor Katie! I’m so glad she’s ok. I’ve always had a soft spot for bulldogs (they remind me of my pug I had for 11 years) and I hate the thought of her hurt.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about Katie! I hope she’s doing better today.

  • Oh, poor Katie! I hope she recovers quickly. How scary.

  • katie!!! oh no! so glad she’s okay. give her a fat hug from this part of the world, will ya?

  • Get. Off. The. Fucking. Phone. I HATE those people. Just pay attention to driving and balls and kids and dogs.

    Hope Katie gets well soon!

  • Oh, my heart dropped into my shoes when I read that first line! Sending good vibes Katie’s way, and hoping for the very best recovery.

  • OMG! I am so, so sorry, that title sent a huge pit to my stomach. ugh you poor guys.

  • Blogging makes you care about people you don’t know. And dogs. Warm wishes for the best to you all. And I am making a little wish that the driver gets a hemorrhoid she has to climb down from just to unzip her pants. That would be fair, right?

  • Feel better wishes to Kate. (she’s dating Tom Cruise, too) She may have earned the other pink shoe.

  • That is the sweetest picture. I don’t know you personally, but I enjoy your site. Dogs are the best and I am SO happy to hear your Katie is okay.

    Loved LOD’s comment — I feel the same way. But yes, what is most important is that she is okay and is coming home.

  • Big Doggie hugs to you.

  • stupid cell phone speeders. i’d like to throw a ball at her. and by ball i mean a giant speeding SUV.