On February 17, 2006 by Eden M. Kennedy

It’s that time again!

My dog’s on the rag. AGAIN. I put her in Jackson’s Spider-man boxer shorts, to keep the blood from dripping on the carpet. Look at her. She can’t even face me. The indignity.

Okay, I will look at the camera grudgingly.

Also, if you were at La Cumbre Plaza on Wednesday and found a pink cotton Boden cardigan, size large? Enjoy! The random clothing abandonment will continue. Whenever I happen to catch sight of myself in a shop window looking like fucking hell in whatever it is I’m wearing, you can be sure I’ll strip it off there and then and leave it where some lucky picker-up of unwanted goods will find it.

One small smudge on the cuff. Machine washable.



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  • I’m going to try your ‘clothes abandonment’ method, stripping off any piece of clothing that is worn, ill-fitting or just looks like crap.

    I’ll be the one walking around naked.

  • Poor Katie. She looks so sad having to wear Spidey Undies. Also pretty cute though.

  • It’s a dog in Spider-Man boxer shorts!!!!!!

  • That’s such a great idea. If everyone started doing it, we’d all be able to enjoy refreshed clothing items for free! We Canuks will be dropping items along the lines of parkas and touques, though.
    I just wonder at what point does it become ‘littering’ and not just ‘donating’.. probably when I start leaving out those horrible polyester grandma shirts I seem to collect for some unknown reason.

  • < unlurking >

    If Katie has to wear people clothes, and you’re trying to get rid of your ugly people clothes, couldn’t you just put all the old sweaters on Katie?

    And if it actually has to be underpants, I have a few pairs I could spare you.

    Or you could put up a donate button.

    < /unlurking >

  • I didn’t realize your dog was a brindle. She’s adorable. How much older does she have to be before you can get her spayed? My folks just took their younger cat in to be spayed, and she’s about 6 months old. Of course it may be different with a cat than a dog.

  • wow, pardon me for my ignorance but I didn’t know dogs had periods. So they just leak and get blood everywhere? How come I never knew about this?

  • I think Katie would look just grand in granny panties…

    Does that cardigan make your boobs look bigger? Where did you say it was again?

  • I love the clothing-abandonment thing. It needs a name. You know like finding furniture on the side of the road is “urban reclamation.” How about “wardrobe decrappification?”

  • That is so freaking superhero of you. Mrs. Kennedy strips off her civilian disguise and soars skyward, “Fussy” emblazoned on her chest as she rushes to the rescue.

  • I have a whole bag of clothes I don’t want. Should I just drive around town throwing them out the window?


  • Wasn’t that the sweater that was “nicer” than the black one? The one where you didn’t know the collar was tucked in?

  • I, too, think that sweater looks familiar.

    Does this rule apply for pants? Because I would be very tempted to leave my nasty jeans on a fence, but I might get arrested after walking out of them. Funny thought, though.

  • OK, I have to ask–will your husband get the boxers back after this little stretch of time? And as for abandoning no longer wanted items in the wild, a friend just told me about a great program where you do just that with your books. You can check it out at http://www.bookcrossing.com. Seems like you can actually follow where the books end up going! Great fun….

  • Dang, Katie’s having a MONTH. First the tussle with a bumper, then a thing with a biter, and now Aunt Flo and those boxers. I’ll bet she could use a tequila shot and a snickers bar about now.

  • Whoa!!!
    Study Reveals German Bank’s Nazi Past

    *Link: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,185235,00.html

  • I love the image of all the homeless people in Santa Barbara lounging around in Boden sweaters and slighty “used” Spidey undies. Because if Jackson ever wears those boxer shorts again, you know he’s going to have every male dog south of Bakerfield trying to hump his leg. The pheromones NEVER quite wash out.

  • Okay, I am sorry but when you page popped up and the first thing I saw was Katie is Spidey boxers, I spewed my Diet Coke all over my laptop laughing. That is an image to… cherish? Too funny!

    Love your clothing abandonnment program. Never thought about doing that, but hmmm, it may be the way of the future. Leave notes in the pocket. Like that “Find George” on dollar bills.

  • When are you breeding her?

    I can’t imagine having a litter of pups in the house, do you think Jackson will be okay with giving them away?

  • I don’t think there is any other dog breed whose physiognomy is more suited to expressing the full, nuanced spectrum of indignity than the bulldog.

  • I fully support and enjoy the random clothing abandoment program . . . I may have to start one of my own

  • i’d like a boden sweater. if only i lived in santa barbara.

    and dear God, please spay that dog.

  • No, I really love having her bleed all over the house.

    She’s going to have a litter of puppies, and then: let the spaying begin!

  • I am so glad we had our cat’s ovaries quickly and efficently removed. Do dogs get cramps? Actually, by the look on her face I’d have to say yes…

  • she is going to read this when she is 16 and HATE you.

  • I can’t believe you dumped that awesome sweater. You are going to lose your awesome clothes-buying licsence.


  • why….why is she going to have a litter of puppies? she is soooo cute. i want one.
    (my lab is glaring at me. she likes other dogs but prefers being the sole occupent of my attention.)

  • Hey, I’m just north of you and would love to take your cast offs next time you’re cleaning the closet.

    Katie looks quite regal.

  • I love your new “clothing abandonment” philosophy! With just a little publicity, it could be the next “Where’s George?” or “Bookcrossing,” but with clothes! How cool is that?

    And, gotta tella ya…best “pants” for a bitch in season? Little boys’ Y-front briefs. With the little stubby tail sticking through the penis-hatch. Seriously. If you get the right size, they fit perfectly, and you can even add a mini-pad or whatever.

    You think this is bad? Just wait until you start cleaning up after 6-week-old puppies. Ugh.

  • ran, it’s not really a “period.” It’s actually the beginning of the bitch’s ovulation cycle, which happens about twice a year. They should only show (what we euphamistically call) “color” during the first week. When that discharge clears up, the second week is generally the fertile time, when you really have to guard her carefully (or plan your breedings, whichever is happening). There are another few days after that when things are “winding down,” but generally by then she will have lost interest in any males and will gladly take off their faces should they make untoward advances. Typically, you can look forward to an intact bitch being “in heat” for about 21 days, every 6 months or so.

    More graphic that you ever wanted to know?

  • When our dog went through heat the last time we got her these ‘puppy panties’ that were denim with red bandana cloth on the edges that made her look like she was going to a hoe-down. boxers are a way better idea!

  • I love that you leave things like the sweater behind. I can so relate to that.
    Your dog is so cute. I want one just like her. Poor baby. No woman enjoys it!

  • nice work on the sweater abandonment! i did the same thing this christmas with the plastic, junky, totally unnecessary gifts my kids got from my in-laws. left a shopping cart full in the parking lot of our neighborhood grocery. how freeing! when i returned from the store (with non-plastic, non-junky, totally necessary things) half of it was gone and i saw a woman walking to her car with the life-size strawberry shortcake doll. success.

  • okay, so THAT is definitely an original quirk. ;)

    poor puppy. the public shame. thank god our girl dog has been tied. heh.

  • So I guess I don’t have to feel bad about that watch I found and kept, eh? Just a random abandonment?

    I always feel envious of you people who don’t get sentimentally attached to each item that comes into your life, forever unable to let go. I’ll bet your house is clean, huh?

  • O. M. God.
    The dog with the “spider man” undies totally made me CHOKE on my drink I was laughing so hard.
    The laughing turned to grave sorrow upon finding out you left your Boden sweater somewhere. Those aren’t cheap. My deepest sympathy.
    Don’t worry about losing stuff—I am sure it will end when your kids are in—college. I have a 12 year old, 7 year old and it still happens.
    LOVE THE BLOG. Linked you to my blogroll today.

  • I love you. I love Katie. But does she HAVE to have puppies? My animal shelter work makes me weep for each puppy born when there are sooooooo many out there that need homes. Just something to think about.

  • This the first blog entry I have actually ever showed my husband-like partner where he didn’t respond by rolling his eyes in disgust and making that CHHHHHH sound like he has a hair caught in his throat. Maybe because we also have an English bulldog. And maybe because when we’ve tried putting any sort of garment on her she has made the exact same face.

  • No, Sue, she certainly isn’t required by law to have puppies. But we made an agreement with the breeder we bought her from and we’re going to keep it. Or rather, she is. I know there are a lot of puppies who need homes, and I like to think we’ve adopted more than our fair share of cats — I don’t know if that balances karmically, but it’s what we’re doing.

  • Ahhh! Spider-dog butt! She’s got such a look of “dammit ma, WHY must you photograph me with the Spiderman pants on? How would you like it if I did that to YOU! Geeez!” (stomps off to listen to Fiona Apple or Cocteau Twins and eat entire carton of Hagen Daz)

    I’ve noticed a bulldog trend in our neighborhood of late – Two people in the last six months or so have got brindle bulldogs. They are called Dempsey (owner is called Jack, heh) and I think Winston. I like Katie much better. Any rate – would you mind if I blogroll you*? Let me know if you get a second between swabbing blood off the carpet and re-homing sweaters! *In an interested, not stalker-y way, I’ve spent the last few evenings reading up on your archives. Love them – am a Carp native myself, livin’ in the “big city” (SB) now. Cheers!

  • Clothing abandonment. Good idea.

    Since becoming a mother I look like frumpy all the time. Work at home, used to be cool frumpy because my clothes don’t fit and I don’t really know who I am frumpy. Any fashion tips for replacing the clothes I have abandoned?

    Kate from http://www.babylune.com

  • OK, yeah, let’s hear about what to do when you become a mom and your old clothes don’t fit and you can’t afford new ones and you keep wearing hideous maternity things because even if you could afford new ones you have no time to shop! Having had a kid 3 weeks ago I look like hell, a blobby shadow of my formerly kind-of-cute self, and I wanna know. Besides which, I remember Mrs. Kennedy as the fashion maven of our ritzy high school, and like to think that if even she has had a frumpy moment I don’t have to feel so bad.

    But do bring on the fashion tips, fellow mommas. I’d dress like Katie if I could, but since I can’t…

  • Find yourself some jeans that fit, stat. Go to Ross, they have tons of cute Levi’s in all sizes, cheap. Do you have some good boots to go with them? Low, ass-kicking boots? The right ones make you feel better instantly. Then you can throw almost anything on top — and you don’t want to put any money into shirts while your breasts are still the size of blimps — and feel a lot better about yourself. Read Angela’s post about her Levi’s, it may help.

    Congratulations, Marcia!

  • Your child is now a woman.. you must be so proud. I’m sure the spiderman boxers really give her a new lease on cramps and bleeding. <3

  • Wish you lived in my neighborhood, could use some new digs!

  • Oh man, I never realized you have to use doggie pads when they go on their period! :-o


  • OK, so I am armed with Angela’s post about Levi’s 525s (I too have the icky C-section flab) and Mrs. K’s prescription for ass-kicking boots and I feel better. Back to our regularly scheduled Katie updates.

  • I wish I could remember her name, but there was an artist who (in the 1990′s, I think) made a public installation of used clothing. It was hanging on clotheslines in a park, and the idea was that you could take from or donate to the clothing as needed…

  • You are having WAY TOO MUCH FUN! I love it!

  • Speaking of karma and fixed dogs, maybe the clothing you leave for others will come back to you, form of bulldog-sized underoos.

  • It’s times like now that I wished I lived where you do so I could go search for that pretty pink sweater.

    Yeah, that didn’t sound right.

    I leave jackets and coats all over Sacramento, but it’s because i’m forgetful.

    If anyone see’s a Member’s Only jacket somewhere downtown it’s…uh..not mine. *looking innocent*

  • The clothing donation is brilliant. I like someone’s idea upthread that you leave a note on it (so that no one searches around to find an owner or takes it to the nearest lost-n-found where it sits forever alongside the sad lost teddy bears, coffee mugs and broken umbrellas).

    Also, a little general style comment–I think there are a lot of pink sweaters out there that, if the owners would only take a long look at themselves in, they would abandon. Really. That pink that is/was so popular for the last year or two? Yeah, it makes a lot of women (or girls over 6) look like Miss Piggy. I mean, I shouldn’t speak because I own a couple myself, but one day I noticed that connection and ever since the rose-colored scales fell from my eyes, the emperor is wearing no pink.

  • We have a ‘Katie’ too. Her name is ‘Isabelle’. She is our third English bulldog (Captain,Ernie, now Isabelle). We went through the panties,pads,blood thing ONCE. I was utterly convinced I would let her have a litter… Then I realized – NO home would be good enough for any of her pups and I’d be stuck with them all. (Bulldog Hell??) I’m just getting ready for the empty nest – last kid going off to college – what was I thinking? Prime time for attachment issues on my part.

    Had her spayed last week.

  • We too have a Katie – her name is Isabelle and she is our third bulldog. First came ‘Captain’, then ‘Ernie’, now Isabelle.

    We went through the whole period thing. Panties, pads that didn’t work and the blood scrubbing. I just knew she was destined for a litter.

    Then I realized – NO home would be good enough for ANY of HER pups – I’d end up with them all. Bulldog nightmares left me trying to find 6 shirts for the bulldogs that all read “Pack Leader”…

    Isabelle got spayed last week. If you need any extra panties let me know. She has a collection of sexier ones that Katie may not feel so embarrassed in…

  • I have never seen a sadder puppy. I hope she’s feeling better now and is able to look at you without spiderman.