On February 1, 2006 by Eden M. Kennedy

I won’t even pretend that I sat at that gleaming conference table and gave Club Mom hell. You know why? They weren’t interested in holding hands and helping me to redefine the term “Mom” as anything other than a demographic, and like many other for-profit sites they want to engage an intense readership and bring it over to the dark corporate side. After five hours of conversation, four trips to the bathroom, one cup of peppermint green tea, and half a bag of Doritos I was ready to put ads on my site again, and I was also very, very sleepy. By the time I got to Blondie’s in the Mission with Maggie, Melissa, and Heather, I was also shivering so hard I could barely hold onto my magic burrito. Then I got on an achingly slow BART train and missed my flight. And when I finally got home Jack couldn’t have cared less about my day, he was all, You saw MIGHTYGIRL??!!!

Quote of the Day
Grace Amanda, as we were walking out of the office of the venture capital company where the meeting was held, looking at three dejected guys standing in front of reception:

“This is where dreams go to die.”



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  • Well, corporate media strike out again, I guess. But — burritos in the Mission! I could pick a dream to kill off if I got to do that.

  • MAGIC burrito? Wait, like special brownies? Happy pizza?
    Mrs. Kennedy, surely not. But this might explain why the BART train was slow, no?

    I’m totally kidding. I’m assuming the burrito was just magically delicious.

  • OH NO! Oh no, you missed your fight. Shit. For how many hours did you sit in uncomfortable plastic chairs flipping through People Magazine?

  • You know, it actually wasn’t that bad, I only had to wait an hour and it gave me a chance to buy Jackson a souvenir t-shirt with Snoopy on it, eat a See’s lollipop, and flip through an issue of MORE. *shudder*

  • about dreams dying – only if your lame enough to give a rats ass what the capital firm does – those that are really determined don’t take all that seriously. What I love is seeing all the idiots who do get funded while good ideas struggle – ultimately it works out as needed. Great meeting with you yesterday – I love your new site it is cool.

  • Blondie’s would be pizza, and damn good pizza at that.

  • I saw no pizza, only acres and acres of martinis.

  • i love the simplicity of your site design right now. ads would take away from the sleekness. fight the man!

  • I assumed in this context that “magic burrito” was some euphemism that boys wouldn’t understand. Ads don’t bother me here; the accumulated work behind this site deserves revenue if you want it.

  • Isn’t it weird that I don’t really know any of you from Adam, but I knew instantly who that was in the photo? I love the internet.

  • I’m with Bill M. (and not just because I am also, coincidentally, a Bill M.). Go ahead and put some ads up. Anyone who likes your writing should WANT you to be rewarded for it. And anyone who can’t find the actual content in between a few columns of ads isn’t smart enough to get half of the articles, anyway.

    It always bothers me when people make a big stink when someone goes to an ad model (like they did to poor Dooce when she redesigned). I run a rinky dink blog that gets no traffic, and I PAY a healthy amount each month to do so. I can’t imagine what it would cost to run a site with actual traffic. Why should you have to pay to entertain others? That’s just silly.

    Put some ads up, and I will GLADLY click on them, no matter where they lead.

    For the sake of full disclosure, though, I should confess that, as part of my dayjob, I often write the ads you see on Dooce, Fugly, etc. So I may be the slightest bit biased. But my intentions are good!

  • I can’t believe you missed your flight! Bummer.

    I’m moving in with you. I’ll be there tomorrow.

  • Go for the ads honey. the amount of work you put into this site, and the amount of pleasure i take from it? It’s alot. I can ignore ads with the best of them.
    My husband works for a large software company based in Redmond, WA. He asked me one day about the new ads on the IM application. “Huh, What ads?” I replied.

  • Great to see you … missed your flight, that stinks!?!

  • That Club Mom site turned me off the minute I saw Meredith Vieira on the home page. Yuck. Go ahead with the ads, they don’t bother me at all. I don’t know why people make such a stink about them. Every site has ads. If you can’t tune them out then there’s something wrong with you. Keep up the good work.

  • thanks for debunking my blondie daydream – i was having visions of mrs. kennedy and maggie frolicking with debbie harry

  • Love the Quote of the Day. But I thought my office was where dreams go to die. Now I’m all confused. Are there like these dream “elephant graveyards” all over the place? And the dreams just go to the one closest to them?

  • you are correct, blondie’s (at least on valencia) is not pizza, it’s a bar…but more importantly a bar next to puerto alegre – love.

  • I, too, am wondering about the magic burrito.

    Put up the ads. We don’t give a shit.

  • Like the quote and I agree with everyone else. Ads don’t bother me either.

  • It dawned on me yesterday that the whole idea of WHY we blog never even came up once.

    PS – It was actually me who said that! (and could I be any more perky with my fucking exclamation points?)

  • Amanda! I asked Mrs. K if I really said something so pithy because I was still in a post-hugging-Andrew Shue fog. My hormones do talk, but not with this level of clarity.

    Mrs. K., go change that link so Amanda’s site can get the full blast of the Fussy love.

  • Fairly new to your site and ads don’t bother me a bit.

    One correction though — my bathroom scale is where dreams go to die. haha

  • While ClubMom is not very interesting, UrbanBaby has a better feel and a pretty loyal fan base. I don’t see what the big deal is about ads.

  • I think every blog should have ads.

    Yep, I said it.

  • i join my voice to the ‘go ahead with ads’ chorus. they don’t bother me at all, and it makes me glad you’re making some money off the site. esp. if the ads would make you feel like you should post more often. hint. hint.

    seriously, do the ads.

  • Add me to the “go for the ads” list. Luuuuve your blog.

  • Oh my. I am loving reading all these perspectives about the same event.

    And I don’t mind ads at all. Hell, I’m happy these smart, funny, talented women are able to make a few pennies off their blogs.

  • I’ll delurk and chime in with the…. ‘ads are acceptable’ mantra. Great blog by the way, thans muchly.

  • Um….that would be THANKS actually.

  • Oh god, really? Even the “What Really Attracts Men?” ad? You are a true friend.

  • I just clicked on every one of your ads and kept each one open for at least a minute.

    Ka ching!
    Ka ching!
    Ka ching!

    You there, fellow Fussy readers, start clicking so Mrs. K. can quit her job.

  • i’m clicking. even on the single moms ad.

    tho i still love ‘a place to think about your sins.’ it’s the best tagline ever.

  • Totally, fully support the ads. But, have to say that I miss the old design. White text on black is really hard to read (leaves text-ghosts when you look away), not that it will keep me away.

  • hey baby, those are some niiiiice ads you got there. mind if i click ‘em???

  • Nice ads, girl! And I’m LOVING the pink!

  • Don’t worry about the ads. In fact, it’s inspired me to go google ads. Look, we’re not just doing this for our health…we’re doing it for the adoration of the dozens of people who find our content amusing and worthwhile.

    And, for most of us, to prove how cute and smart our kids are…

    Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  • There! I clicked on the ads! I loved your blog. I’m hoping to be a regular here.

  • love the new design! Although, is anyone else having display problems in IE?

  • If you’re using IE version 5 it looks wrong; if you upgrade to 6 it looks right!

  • the power of the mightygirl is too much for some men to handle. rahr.

  • As a receptionist for a VC firm, I am a witness to the death of dreams…every Monday afternoon.