On February 8, 2006 by Eden M. Kennedy

I guess I didn’t mention it, but Katie got bit by another dog last week. First she gets hit by a car! And then some dog uses its teeth to put a puncture wound in Katie’s lip and another one under her tongue. I know dogs’ mouths are supposed to be cleaner than ours, but still, my first thought was, Dog Bites = Rabies! So I was briefly concerned that with this latest injury I’d be riding around with a rabid dog in my car. A rabid, brain-damaged dog* in the back seat of my car. Next to my child. The only thing that would make that picture even better is if the dog had three legs. Oh, wait! And was pregnant, and lactating. And my child had an eye patch and lice.

*She is not brain damaged. I thought she might be, since a CAR HIT HER IN THE HEAD LAST WEEK, but after a couple of days spent sleeping and drooling all over herself, she snapped out of it.

Yeah, so anyway, right before I knew this had happened I was getting ready to leave work and go pick her up — actually, I need to explain where she was when this happened. She was at doggy day care. Yes. That’s not actually what they call it. Guess what they call it? Oh, fine, I can tell you’re not guessing, so I’ll tell you: they call it Day Camp. For dogs! Whose owners don’t want to leave them alone in apartments or backyards while they’re at work, or going to Pilates, or whatever. For these tender-hearted people there is doggy day care, and yes, I do live in Southern California, and no I haven’t taken Katie to a pet psychic* though I hear there’s a really good one in town.


Apparently Katie was in a play group with a bunch of other dogs — they put her in with the great danes and the labs and other giant mutts because when they put her with the small dogs she turns into this bowling ball of love and excitement, she just knocks down all the little dogs and the camp counselors have to give her a time out.

SO! I take her to doggie day care once or twice a month, when I know she’s sick of sitting in the office watching me type up change orders for asphalt subcontractors and needs to spend a little time with her own kind. There are people who leave their dogs there every day, but for Katie it’s more of a treat.

A treat that went bad!

So I was packing up my stuff when I got a call from the owner of the doggy day care telling me that there had been a bit of an incident, and that Katie didn’t look that bad but he wasn’t a vet and maybe I’d like to take her to get checked out. And I was calm. Really. I could tell he was bracing himself for a freak out on my end, but I just calmly said that Katie had a fancy bulldog vet in L.A. (that we’ve never actually been to, she just comes highly recommended) and that there was no way I could get her down to L.A. before they closed. And besides that, I wanted to know if somewhere in the liability thing that I signed when I dropped her off, if somewhere in there it said that the owner of the other dog would have to pay for this unexpected vet bill? Of which we’d recently had a giant example and wished to see no more? And also, was the other dog okay? Had Katie done something aggressive to provoke him or her? But I was really nice about it, so, so nice, just asking, not demanding, not threatening to sue, and finally the owner guy said he’d pay for the vet AND he’d take her to the nearest clinic, which I’d heard was actually quite good.

And it was, and you know what? I ended up being kind of glad she got bit and had to go to the vet because they found this weird thing where she has no tear production in her right eye. The eye on the side of her face THAT GOT HIT BY A CAR. So they gave us antibiotics for the bite wounds and three kinds of eye drops for the problem I didn’t even know she had. It’s like that story about the guy who broke his leg and was sad about it, and the next day a bunch of soldiers came through his town dragging all the men off to fight the war, but he couldn’t go because he had a broken leg! Or the magical dog who got bit in the face but ended up with both a good local vet and some much-needed eye medicine.

photo by Tam Tam



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  • Katie, the toughest dog ever.

  • Katie, the toughest dog

  • my eye started tearing up as soon as you mentioned the no tear duct thing. why do my eyes do that?

    dogs almost always go for the face, i’m sure the other dog isn’t a devil but just wanted to tell katie to stop getting up in its face.

  • maybe she was just doing a dramatic reenactment of the car accident, and, in the portrayal, the car was the other dog’s mouth.

  • Poor Katie!

    My dead dog Oscar, who was the most perfect dog ever, got bit by another dog while calmly walking beside me in the park one day. The other dog ran up, took a bite of Oscar’s side and ran away. It was horrible, there was a big bleeding hole in Oscars side. I had to take him to the vet every day for a week so they could disinfect his wound. He wasn’t too keen on hanging out with other dogs after that.

    Hope Katie doesn’t end up emotionally scarred from the ordeal.

  • I have nothing of import to contribute to your tale. But WHAT a cute baby Katie is!! Such sweet eyes.

    Everybody, now. *Awwwwwwwww*

  • aw, poor katie. you know if katie were a young human the cps folks would be all over you by now. my brother had to have three different sets of stitches within about two weeks–there were some raised eyebrows for sure. but given his clumsiness, and a particularly territorial sister, he was doomed! hopefully katie won’t have any adverse reactions to other dogs now.

  • Chello! I never left a comment on yur site before, but I read it daily. POOR PRECIOUS! Is her head is made of stone?

  • Welcome to the world of Bulldog ownership! Not only do they cost a frigging arm and a leg to buy, there are constant vet bills. If they are not being stupid and running into cars, they are being stupid eating carpet, or licking poisonous toads (yes, my bulldog has done both and more)!! It’s a good thing they are cute and loving.

  • Katie is due for some good luck. I predict you will drop a perfectly-cooked steak on the floor in the near future, and not notice until it is TOO LATE.

  • haha my parents take their dog to doggy day care to help him get over his social anxieties. and we live in massachusetts!!

  • I know what you mean about the bracing for a freak out. Our puppy died during in-kennel training at a similar place. And when we went in to talk to one of the owner’s, you could tell how uneasy and worried he was that we might just start a two-person riot. Granted dying is a little more severe, but nonetheless, can you imagine what it’s like to be the guy who has to call pet owners and deliver the bad news?

  • I’m new here. (a little). So you can imagine my confusion at first because I thought you were writing about a child named Katie. Oh boy.
    Then I re-read the first paragraph. (sorry!)

    Poor old Katie, one look at those eyes and you wonder how any other dog couldn’t feel anything but lovvvve!

    p.s. doggy day care is real big here in Tampabay!

  • I’m from SoCal [san diego area] I understand the insanity [re: Day Camp] . . .

    I’m sending good vibes Katie’s way, for some good luck and for everything [except her loving humans] to give her a break.

  • Her little eyes say “Take me to the Doggie Day Spa instead! I need a massage!”

  • And to think I never knew that dogs could cry. That makes me wonder if the vet is used to crying dogs when he/she is around and he/she realized something was awry because Katie wasn’t crying.

    Just a thought…

  • Poor Katie!

    We used to take our dog to doggie daycare, when we were going to be gone for 12 hour days.

    The best part was they have a webcam and ‘naptime’ from 12-1. It was a fucking trip.

  • one of my dogs has ‘chronic dry eye’ and we have to do the drop thing. it’s crazy what we do for these pups. (she typed, from underneath four scottie dogs)

    glad she survived doggie day care. we have that here in phoenix, too.

  • but after a couple of days spent sleeping and drooling all over herself, she snapped out of it

    Shouldn’t that read “she snapped out of it and then spent a couple days sleeping and drooling all over herself?”

    BTW, did you see the bulldog special on Martha Stewart the other day? What? NO! I don’t sit around watching this show all the time! I DO not!

  • Awww..poor Katie..her eye thing looks like something I had after a night out partaking of Margaritas…they didn’t serve them at doggy day care did they? Oh yeah, it was the car accident…well I’ll tell you this much..if I got hit by a car and all I had was Margarita eyes, then I’d count myself lucky. Okay, time for bed…zzzz

  • Bring Katie to my house next time.

  • Don’t you wonder what Katie’s thinking right about now?

    “I think the funny blogging lady is trying to kill me.”

    Poor thing. She’s a trooper, though.

  • Got here to fussy from my six degrees of kevin bacon experiment from my poker blog. Doggy Day Care is an incredibly high-margin business for people like us that have forgotten that when we were kids, it was lucky if a dog got fed when we went on vacation for a week. This from a guy whose wife microwaves the cat’s food to prevent her from throwing up (the cat, not my wife).

  • Oh, my. Katie has already had quite a life! She should write a book, or even better start a blog!

    Glad she’s ok. Man, I’ve never been attracted to bulldogs until you started posting photos and writing about Katie. You’ve completely reveresed my childhood fear of being bit in the ankle by Mrs. Golden’s bulldog Frank.

    Where can I get a Katie?

  • Look at those big, sad eyes. The pet psychic — who will eventually help Katie work through these emotional scars — will fall in love with her. Perhaps they’ll write a book. Poor, Katie!

  • Since my husband is a cat person and will never agree to getting a bulldog (even though our cat, Otto, really, really wants one), I live vicariously through your Katie stories. I’m so sorry she got bit! after getting hit by a car! And she couldn’t even cry about it.

  • Harry and Katie are like soul mates – other dogs think they are DELICIOUS.

  • Man, I wish MY health care was as good as Katie’s.

  • I hope Katie is on the mend soon!

    I live in St. Louis, and my dog is at doggie day care as we speak. She gets to go once a week, and we love it because she is so exhausted afterwards, she sleeps the evening away, and we don’t have to chase her around and pull shoes and other “not for dogs” items out of her mouth.

    Our place has a webcam as well, which is quite a hoot to watch.

  • I’ts a good thing you figured out she has no tears out of one eye.. a friends pug lost an eye because of a lack of tears.. now they put drops in the other one to prevent this happening again.Good luck.

  • I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – i LOVE katie. I wish i could have one just like her.

  • Good Christ, can katie catch a break up in here already? Shitfire!

  • oh, damnit, I meant to write, “Shitfire & Tarnation!” I am filled with antiquated southernisms today.

  • Hello from India

    I’m de-lurking to tell you that I want to drizzle chocolate sauce all over Katie and just swallow her whole…

    She looks adorable in that pic!

  • Big hugs to Katie.

  • now i want a katie

  • Doggy daycare is big in Madison, pretty good way to make money because they are popping up all over the place. I take my dog once a week since he’s home so much the other days. He loves every second of it, but I’m always nervous I’m going to get a call saying something happened.

    I hope Katie feels better soon, she’s such a babe!

  • Poor Katie! And what a sweet face, too!

    BTW, my child has an eye patch and got lice last summer at acting camp. It’s not all that bad, and really, it was the first time in a long time that every piece of fabric in our house got a good sanitizing wash.

    Lice are actually making a long-awaited comeback, what with the DDT ban. At least it’s not malaria.

  • Oh good, insensitivity award goes to me AGAIN.

    I hear bedbugs are back, too!

  • Apparently Katie looked so good, “the other guy” wanted a bite out of her too. Maybe what went down that day went something like this:

    Katie: “Hey baby, you come here often?”

    The Other Guy: “Every other week. I haven’t seen hot tail like you walk in here in a while.”

    Katie: “Guess you haven’t seen anything good since the last time I was here.”

    The Other Guy: “Oh, your a confident woman, I like that. Wanna go grab a carpet square and lick each others butts?”

    Katie: “GROSS. I have more respect for myself than that. Go find a Lab to lick or something, sicko.”
    (As her paw raises and she slaps him soap opera style…)

    The rest is history.

  • LOL! No, not at all!

    We have a very good sense of humor about …well…just about everything except world poverty. And even then, sometimes we crack wise.

    Honestly, sometimes we give our kids bad haircuts on purpose, just because we think it’s character building. And funny.

    Right now our bug-du-jour seems to be some kind of flying moth thing that came in with the catfood.

  • Mrs. Kennedy — I am loving the new site design, even with the ads. And thanks for the update with Katie! I’ve always wanted a bulldog, so I am living vicariously. Such a sweet pooch.

  • Katie is such a beauty that I want to cry just looking at her. (I mean this with all sincerity–I realize that conveying love for someone else’s pet does not necessarily translate cleanly in Courier.) Thank you so much for sharing her story with us!

  • OMG she is so cute! My cat got hit by a car once and when we took her to the vet, the x-ray showed no internal injuries but it turned out she had kidney stones!

  • I know you didn’t ask me and I know others here will disagree but…. the pink is awful.

  • Hold onto your britches, I’m still working on it.

  • The PINK is gone. I LOVED the pink!

  • Format is looking great. Don’t ever get rid of the chewed up shoe pic…that is priceless. Always nice to hear that getting hit by a car doesn’t mean instant death or, at the very least, brain damage.

  • Are you sure she is a dog? Sounds more like a gruff cat with nine lives!

  • Don’t feel bad, Mrs. Kennedy. I would put my cats in kitty day care if they had such a thing. It’s amazing how guilty I feel leaving them alone. And I want to have a baby?! I will die from the guilt, I’m sure of it.

    I love that picture of Katie.

  • Ok. But Im so glad this was a dog. Sorry. I thought it was a little girl at first!

    Hope Katie’s doing better…..

  • Be careful with that no tear production thing. We didn’t find out about it until our Bulldog had scratched a tear out of his cornea. We had to get a doggie eye surgeon to repair it. They also removed some eye lashes that were irritating the eye if I remember right. Good Luck!

  • Aw, poor Katie. We have French Bulldogs and they just cannot seem to get along with any other breed of dog besides other types of bulldogs, but it’s not for lack of trying on their part I read once that it has something to do with their lack of a tail and the set of their ears that other dogs tend to misread and react aggressively to. Apparently they are bad doggy communicators. Our female Frenchie loves other dogs and wants so badly to be loved back, but consistently got her butt kicked at doggy parks and the like by big dogs, and she just bowls over small dogs. Finally we got another Frenchie and now they can play like little sumo wrestlers and no one gets offended!

  • Geez, sorry about the crazy run-on sentence up there!