Vote for Mitch!

On February 22, 2006 by Eden M. Kennedy

Jack and I were talking about how his dear friend Mitch is up for a W. C. Handy award this year, and how I ought to pimp him on my blog. Mitch is a fine musician and an upstanding citizen so you should vote for him, but not before we take a little trip down memory lane.

Here we see Jack and Mitch on Halloween, oh so many years ago before I met either of them:

You can see how Mitch really took the time to develop a concept here, the concept perhaps being that here’s a guy that somebody really wants dead, so much so that they came at him with multiple comedy weapons, including but not limited to: a Steve Martin-like arrow through the head, a dagger of indeterminate origin on its way through his esophagus, and a giant bolt screwed into his forehead. Man, that takes determination, but Mitch is worth the effort. Now, notice how Jack’s taken the easy road with his satin-eared donkey and/or bunny hat. Lost boy? Easter molester? Take your pick, they’re both right.

Here we have a shot of the whole band on a tour stop in Zurich in the early nineties:

Click to see the whole picture.

Two cheerful members of the band are bookending three other men who I’m estimating may have had a few drinks the night before. Certainly that shower cap has a tale to tell, but we’ll never know what it was, for shower caps tell no tales, they toll for thee. Also, Jack is looking pretty snappy here, I must say. I believe this is post-mullet, though I can’t be sure; bandannas are pretty tight-lipped, as well.

So, this got me going through the photo album, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you some semi-ancient family history.

Here is Jack at the beach in Malibu with his mom. Jack was born in THE FIFTIES and he hasn’t taken any shit since then, so you just watch it with the comments, is all I’m saying. Look at Babs here; she looks like a model. She was, in fact, a model, so suddenly it all makes sense.

I looked at this one and said, Wow, now I know where Jackson gets that slack-jawed expression when he’s watching TV and drinking beer.

Also, is this what we have to look forward to?

I’m afraid the seeds have already been sown:

Well, that’s the end of our brief tour, Jack’s waiting for me in the bedroom. So vote for Mitch!

This message has not been approved by Mitch.



44 Responses to “Vote for Mitch!”

  • Re: Jack’s mom. Wow. A proto-MILF. So hot.

    -the patriarch

  • suit not suite. /sigh/

  • i’m sure mitch would approve.

    i have a friend whose father always told him to make a face when it came picture time and now it’s an automatic reflect – i hope jackson doesn’t follow suite or else you have’ll have some interesting prom and wedding pictures hanging in your living room in the future.

  • So I take it Jack’s modeling faces comes from his father’s side? :)

  • Love the glasses…

  • What is it with you people and hats?

  • I’d keep the boy away from bandannas if I were you.

  • What is that on Jack’s head in the homemade Coke advert?

  • The Coke picture is too much!

  • Coke straight out of the can can cause me to make that face too. Typically it is followed by a delicious nose clearing coke burp. Gawd, how I miss soda.

  • I thought that *was* Jackson sitting slack-jawed in front of the TV. Wow.

  • Well, now we know where Jack gets his hotness from…not that I think your husband is hot…or anything…

  • Man, I totally want to be Babs. I know that would make me, like, in my 60s or 70s now but I think the chance to wear that fantastic thing she’s wearing would be totally worth it.

  • That last picture of Jackson is simply terrifying. Go ahead and label it “show to all prom dates” right now, before you forget.

  • Look at that eyebrow. Arched. And the grimace. Perhaps Jackson hasn’t been taking any shit since the ’00s?

  • It’s now official: no one escapes adolescence without an embarrassing photo. Unless that picture of Coca-Cola Jack was taken in his adulthood, in which case, whoops!

  • Jack always reminds me of the father of one of my friends. I was always scared to ask for a drink of water (or even to go to the bathroom) when he was around. If I’d seen a picture of him like the one of Jack in the Coca Cola shirt, though, hmmmm.

  • Wow. Its like Revenge of the Clones! Or…something. Jacks’ mom was a TOTAL m.i.l.f. (not me personally, know) Like, the original milf, surely. At least you know that Jackson will grow out of the slack-jawed look and into a handsome chappie sporting what will doubtless be some mighty interesting headgear. I’m thinking…possibly THE hat? Or a giant plastic shower cap? Yeah Mitch!

  • PPS (forgot) have now turned my sister over to fussy – she says you’re BRILLIANT also, and make her miss home (Carp).

  • ho-ly crap, Jack’s mom was gorgeous. Seriously what a great picture.

  • That was a gorgeous photo of Babs. And Jackson was an adorable baby – look at his outfit!

  • I love Jackson’s expression in that photo. I can’t even do that with my eyebrow. He is adorable.

  • how the heck do you vote for mitch? neither the link at the top or the bottom seems to allow you to do so.

  • Damn it, I put the wrong link in. It’s fixed now. If you want to go through the effort of registering and voting, you will be my hero, anonymous.

  • I know there’s much more to this post than the Coke picture, but I just can’t stop looking at it!

    It’s oddly mesmerizing.

    Ok. Me go vote Mitch now. Coke. Heh.

  • I thought you were messing with us by sliding in a pic of Jackie Kennedy with John John on some Hyannis Port beach, but, lo! on closer inspection it’s not that Kennedy, it’s your Kennedy.

  • God, that b&w; photo is so gorge it looks fake!

    Also, Jackson continues to crack me up and whenever you are ready you may send me your giant sunglasses. Thanks!

  • Mrs Kennedy, I probably don’t tell you this often enough, but you make me shart with the funny. I love you, man.

  • My God your husband was hot even with a mullet. Good choice, Mrs. Kennedy. Good choice.

  • This was snort-Diet-Coke-through-your-nose good reading.

  • It appears to cost $25 to join and vote. I’d want sexual favors for $25. From whom, I have not yet decided.

  • I just thought you might be interested to know that my school district has blocked as being in the porn category– I didnt think they knew Jack.

  • now i am less afraid to look thro’ my old man’s family albums to see what the future holds for my own boy jack.

  • Without the bunny/donkey ears, I hardly could pick him out in the band picture.

    And that pic of him as a baby with his mom? His mother. Holy crow. I wish I looked that good! Ever!

  • Those last two pictures? KILLED me. I hate to sound cheesy-fan-like, but I love you. I really do.

  • I feel like a part of the family now. That said, really, where’d ya get those sunglasses? I NEED them and have been trying to track them down for years. I am willing to commit crimes for them. Thanks

  • Your MIL – pretty in a way that doesn’t exist anymore.

    Cute man with cute friends, too!

  • I would love to be a Glamorous 50s woman. I know that sounds dumb…

    Also, according to those pictures, you’re getting ready to have some fun.

  • giggle *snort* giggle

  • I’m sure Mitch would love this brief yet informative review of his life adventures.

  • Why is it that women in the 50s always looked so glamorous? And Jack was an adorable baby!

  • Delurking here . . .
    Dang! Do you ever have inappropriate thoughts about your mother-in-law?

  • That Malibu/Beach pic … is fabulous.

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