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I’m going to continue this dog thing for one more post, whether it’s interesting to anyone or not. Because it’s my retarded little web site. And I don’t have an FAQ, though maybe I’ll do one and pretend that people ask me lots of questions.

Why did you buy a dog from a breeder instead of adopting one from a shelter?

It’s a very exciting story, so get yourself some popcorn and settle in.

After adopting god knows how many cats from shelters, we decided that after the last one had died and we had moved into a place that allowed dogs, we would get a dog. Would we get a dog from a shelter? Tricky question. We looked at shelter dogs. They were all full-grown! No puppies; puppies at shelters are fairly rare, it seems, and Jack was clear about wanting a dog that no one else had had a chance to fuck up. If it was just the two of us we’d be able to take a dog with some quirks (as long as one of the quirks wasn’t biting the shit out of us). But with a young child at home we really, really, really wanted to know what we were going to get from a dog, temperament wise. Hi, I’m Overprotective Mom! Nice to meet you.

Jack had spent time working in a vet’s office and came to believe that the English Bulldog was the breed for him. Sweet! Mellow. High IQs. Didn’t need to run twelve miles a day. Might even be taught to drink beer.

Long story short, we found an ethical breeder of exceedingly healthy dogs, not an outlaw breeder or a “puppy mill,” as Belinda calls them. (Scroll down to the bottom for Belinda’s e-mail to me in response to some of the comments on my last post.) When we picked Katie we knew we were getting a healthy companion with a good, predictable temperament, and we were committed to her lifelong care and happiness. We’re not breed snobs, we don’t believe that pure bred dogs are somehow inherently superior to mixed breeds, and I can’t imagine saying a word against shelters and rescue organizations, they do fantastic, hard, necessary work and I support our local shelters with donations. But at this time in our lives we bought a dog from a breeder. Who knows if we’ll ever do it again.

So why haven’t you spayed her yet?

Part of our agreement with the breeder was that Katie would have one litter of puppies and then he would spay her. We get one male puppy from the litter, and he will be neutered as soon as he’s mature enough for that procedure.

Here are some links to people and organizations with many different companion animal philosophies. Pick one! Then do everything they say and maybe you’ll be right.

PETA (beware of occasional gruesome images)

Compare and contrast! Animal rights vs. Animal welfare


Animal Liberation Front Pets FAQ

American Kennel Club

Recent news on pit bull bans

Bob Barker: game show host and elephant lover

So! We had to go up to the doggie ophthalmologist again yesterday. Yahoo! maps and driving directions believes this is a two-hour drive, but if you’re me you make it in 90 minutes, even in an occasionally blinding rain storm. And I can take pictures while I drive! Amazing. Good think I bought that new self-piloting hybrid robot car with hemp tires.

Katie, as you can see, was a bundle of nerves:

She’s also very safety minded. Not enough to clip herself in, though. I think she just likes the view from Jackson’s car seat, even though sometimes it’s hard to get comfortable:

Katie, look! A rainbow!

She hangs on my every word.

Katie, will you FUCKING OPEN YOUR ONE GOOD EYE AND LOOK?! At the end of that rainbow is your veterinary ophthalmologist’s office! Could it be a sign from God? Or perhaps a bunch of fanciful lephrechauns will greet us when we arrive. We could certainly use their magical pot of gold to pay all these vet bills.

Here we are! Katie’s looking for the leprechauns with pots of Beggin’ Strips.

Goddamn it, I know there are leprechauns in there if you would just let me off this leash, woman.


It’s actually just a tear test to see how much moisture Katie’s bad eye is producing. Unfortunately, Katie didn’t study enough and she failed the test.

The vet, however, was surprised and pleased with her progress and said I only have to put drops and ointments in her eye six times a day now. So to celebrate Katie took a big poo on the beach,

and had a little jog with Jack,

and then stayed up half the night with Jackson and his sleepover friend on the air mattress in the living room.


Belinda’s e-mail to me:

Mary asked, “I wonder how many people would actively breed their dogs if they had to give the litter away free? The only people who should be breeding are service dog organizations and certain certified/registered breeders who breed a very, very limited number of dogs.”

Well, I can tell you absolutely without any vestige of a doubt that *I* would still breed my purebred showdogs even if I had to give away the puppies that I don’t keep to show and breed myself. AND I would do it with the same frequency that I do now, and that is when *I* want something for myself, to show and to continue on with, to protect and preserve the breed that I love. As for selling puppies, I have yet to so much as break even on a litter, EVER. Not once. As far as putting a purchase price on a puppy…how much value are you placingon the dog, in the mind of a person who gets a dog for free? Even in my rescue work, we charge *something.* If someone can’t afford or doesn’t see the point of a purchase price, then that person is less likely to be able to financially care for the dog for its life–the purchase price is the cheapest part of owning a dog for life! And if someone has the attitude, “It’s just a dog; why should I pay that much for it?” then I don’t even want to adopt a dog out to them. They’ll be th
e first to dump it at the slightest inconvenience.

And who in the world are these “certified/registered breeders?” The only body in the U.S. that “registers” breeders is the USDA. And what type of breeders do they register? The HIGH-VOLUME COMMERCIAL BREEDERS, AKA PUPPYMILLS (insert as many exclamation points as you like). The onus here falls on the consumer, and on those of us “in the fancy” to do as much education as we possibly can. But as long as there are petshops, brokers, commercial breeders who supply them, and irresponsible people who patronize them and then don’t take responsibility for their pets, there will always be poor unfortunate dogs in shelters.

AND, every conscientious breeder of purebred dogs that I know, not only show their dogs as an evaluation tool, but they are actively, fiercely involved in breed rescue. I know that we are. I can’t even count the “If You Don’t Rescue, Don’t Breed” bumper stickers I see at dog shows. It is NOT the fault of good breeders that dogs wind up in shelters. It is the fault of commercial (i.e. “certified/registered”) breeders and the uninformed public who buy their “product,” and the irresponsible/uneducated owners who don’t properly care for their dogs.

Also? For puppies placed as pets, there is alway the option of early spay/neuter prior to placement. That’s what we’re doing with our current two that are going out as pets.

The salvo about how “for every puppy born, another dog has to die,” while effective rhetoric, is just ridiculous. An absolute CROCK. There exists a desire for purebred dogs for many reasons, including showing, agility, competitive obedience, etc., as well as other specific needs such as allergies, that require a hypoallergenic dog. These needs/wants are best met through buying from a good breeder or going through a breed rescue–indeed, my most favorite, cherished dog of all time, who was in my wedding, for crying out loud, was obtained through a breed rescue organization. Purebred dogs are NOT dying in great numbers in shelters. Breed rescues pull them out as fast as they can when they show up there, and then put them in foster homes for as long as it takes to find them forever homes. My current record for fostering a dog is over 2 years! When puppymills are shut down, advocates for the breeds confiscated always step forward, and in my experience there are usually more homes waiting for these unfortunates than there are dogs who need them.

If good breeders do not continue to breed good dogs, soon there will BE no good dogs, no discernable breeds; just poor quality specimens from USDA registered “breeders” and the mixed-breed “mutts” (not that there’s anything inherently wrong with mixed-breed dogs; I have loved my fair share) that are the result of irresponsible ownership.

Education on these issues is great. It is not best done, however, with a sledgehammer.

Here is Belinda’s post on PeTA, and here’s one opposing PAWS legislation

Please note that I am not particularly qualified to respond to comments aimed at Belinda’s message, you’d be better served by taking your thoughts over to her site.



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  • Keep healing, Katie!!

    Thank you for posting that email–while I’ve always been a “mutt” owner, this was incredibly informative.

  • Poor Katie. She always so cute, even when she’s obviously “suffering.”

    I’ve been posting a lot about my pets and their traumas lately. The first comment on the latest post about my cat suggested that it was time to put her down, so I think people are tired of reading about them.

  • I’m glad Katie is doing better. Nothing says ‘I’m feeling good’ in dog language thank taking a big dump.

    Since you’re going to keep one of the male puppies, do you have any names picked out?

  • Wow, that was very informative, thanks for posting it.

    So is this a little peek inside the “Dog Mommy Wars?” Man.

    “Pick one! Then do everything they say and maybe you’ll be right.”–my favorite line.

    Hope sweet Katie’s eye is all better very soon, she’s the damned cutest dog I’ve ever seen.

  • Thank you SO MUCH for this post!! I was laughing so hard I was crying! Katie is adorable and I’m in LOVE with the picture of her hanging on your every word. Here’s hoping her healing continues at a brisk pace.

  • You drive a hybrid? That is sooo cool. Way way way cool. Walkin’ the talk. Or drivin’ the jive.

  • I love the pictures of Katie in the car seat, she is so cute and I’m glad she is progressing in her healing process.

    Here’s to her continued health!

  • i’m such a nerd! ‘cuz i spoke (wrote) after only scanning belinda’s e-mail to you (what can i say? it’s late, i get…stupid) anyway, i started pounding out a comment because i still felt very emotional by all the nasty comments you had received on your previous post. so here’s the amended version of the post i left/deleted! : )

    i’m so glad to see katie is on the mend… i can’t even begin to tell you how bad i’ve been feeling for you & what you’ve been going through. people who don’t understand that kind of attachment to pets probably shouldn’t have any, ya know?

    and for the record, i’m all for buying pure-bred dogs… in fact, we have not one, but two pure-bred tibetan terriers… which we purchased from a breeder (she has 3 female tt’s and only mates 1 per year (rotates ‘em)…her puppies are home raised/spoiled/amazing.) our beardie is pure-bred, as well.

    you know what i think? i think you know what you want, you have a young child, and you need to be damn sure you have an animal in your home you can trust.

    as for breeding… that wasn’t something we wanted to do, so we had our dogs neutered/spayed… but hey, that’s what’s known as personal choice, right?

    that’s not to say i don’t advocate rescues, mind ya… my sister rescued her pup from a shelter, and he’s just the sweetest boy ever and we lovelovelove him to pieces! we also donate a great deal of money each year to local and national dog resuce organizations.

    sorry again for leaving the scuff mark on your comment page… all i really wanted to say was that i was REALLY HAPPY to see that katie was doing better!!!!! : D

  • Hey, there, I was wondering how your pooch was doing. Glad she’s hanging in there and the eye is improving.

    I love the shots of her bunched up into the car-seat. What a little ham she is!

  • Glad to see your spirit is intact. I am notoriously long-winded, but what I really wanted to impress on you is that, when you know you’re doing the right thing *for yourself and your situation*, DON’T APOLOGIZE. To anyone. And I hated that you were made to feel you had to defend yourself when you hadn’t done anything wrong.

    And yes, if anyone has problems with (or questions about) the ideas I expressed, PLEASE bring them on over. I’m more than happy to discuss, debate, whatever. I prefer, at my own “house” to do it politely and without profanity, and with logic and reason. Those are the only groundrules. Come on over!

  • Katie is such a sweet girl. I hope for a fast recovery for her.


    (the proud mama of a much loved, from a breeder, purebred unspayed beagle, and a woman who is damn tired of the attacks and having to defend her actions)

  • As someone who just had to give up her completely beloved dog because of behavior issues (snapping, hard) with a baby on the way, I can only say that if you could guarantee me never going through THAT heartbreak again, I’d gladly buy a dog instead of adopting.

    I’m glad Katie is ok.

  • it’s me again…d’oh!

    last night i forgot to compliment belinda on her thoughtful and well-worded e-mail to you earlier tho’ i guess that’s okay, since i also appreciate the comment she left ya last night. she knows what she’s talkin’ about and many would do well to heed her advice!

    i *also* wanted to tell ya how much i enjoyed the pictures you posted of katie … not to mention the fact that the native californian in me was ever-so-happy to see those shots of the beach (i miss it… not that we don’t have beaches in connecticut, mind you, but it’s just not the same…)

    anyway… hope katie continues to improve… i’ll go away now. : )

  • Amen. As a recent owner of a purebred dog (our baby pug, Sunny), I heartily second everything you said, and everything Belinda said. And English bulldogs were second on our list, but they were just too dang hard to find down here to be practical, so we settled on Boston Terriers and pugs.

    And here’s a tidbit just to demonstrate to you how crazy I am: The reason we got a purebred dog, and a puppy at that was because I am an overprotective mama of my cat. (My *rescued* shelter cat, I hasten to add). Puppies – particularly small breed puppies – are near-impossible to find in shelters, and we looked – we LOOKED! But this is southwest Florida, and the amount of women who want toy dogs to put skirts on is overwhelming.

    And I gotta say, it was amazing meeting Sunny’s parents, her breeder (who cares so much about those dogs), and her littermates, I feel good about what we’re going to get as an adult. Her little sweet personality is already shining.

    But anyway, I’m rambling mostly because I’ve dealt with the same questions/emails/statements from everyone, from those who read my blog, to coworkers. Thanks for this.

  • oh and thank GOD Katie is improving! I’m so pleased to see this.

  • I am a breeder of toy poodles and have been showing them for the last 20 years. My dogs have very few puppies, aand for me it is fairly easy to find homes for them if they don’t quit turn out for the ring. I have rescued a number of dogs over the years and none of them could be recognized as coming from a show breeder. A truly responsible breeder will take back any of her dogs if the new owner can’t keep them, that is why I pick my new owners very carefully. I ask lots of questions so that in the future they will not be giving up their loving pup that I so carefully raised.
    BTW, I personally would not buy a dog I had to give the breeder back a litter from, but different strokes.

  • people are soooop outspoken about dogs.. get into training and it’s even worse. Clicker training for example which I love and adore, I watched an argument on a forum once the women was upset the dog required a click to do anything.. she clearly did not understand clicker training and yelled at me when I tried to explain how it actually worked.

    We tried to get a rescue, my husband loves labs and we wanted an adult dog if we could get one. The rescue brought over a very pretty black lab mix, w hich then attcked my sheltie. Sooo… we went out and got a golden retriever puppy from a very ethical breeder.

    We love our little girl, she’s a complete chicken but atleast we got to raise her and make sure she is a good girl. Sadly we need to socialize her more as she likes to bark at cars that pass the house, but atleast I know who to blame for that! ME! I never had a girl dog before and in fear of her getting prego I didn’t walk her past 6 months. So now she is going to get payed next month (shes 11 months old and had her first heat) then finally we can socialize her again and get her back into school!

  • It’s a good idea not to get a pre-fucked up dog. I’d rather fuck the dog up myself thank you.

  • yay katie! i love the carseat shots

  • I hope Katie continues to improve! And than you for showing us Belinda’s email. it was very informative and I appreciated reading it.

  • I am glad to see Katie is recovering. Great photos, especially the ones in the car and on the beach.

    I rescued my dog from the shelter but I had a really good opportunity to get to know her, because I was volunteering there and got to walk her week after week. I also rescued another shelter dog that I had to return because of behavior problems AND my other dog hated him.

    The breeders I am truly upset about are the people who just don’t think about it at all…get a puppy, let it grow to adulthood, let it roam or stay outside in heat and suddenly they have a yard full of little mutt puppies…and they do it over and over. But those are the same people who won’t listen to sane advice so what are you gonna do?

    I was happy when I covered a cat show for my newspaper to find how many of the people there did rescue work as well as breeding purebreds.

  • I like your dog posts and photos. It’s why I began reading. You have a very cute dog and I hope she is feeling better.

  • after 10 years of considering, we finally made the dog decision: a border collie or a mix thereof. and like you, we wanted a puppy, no one to have previously screwed with them. the shelter had none, the rescue had 5! after a week’s run-around with the rescue, they refused us a puppy on the basis that we had small children (but wouldn’t meet our family or speak with us on the phone). that same day we went to the breeder and got the doggy love of our lives. it’s not always a bad decision.

  • Hellomelissa, your experience is not unique, unfortunately. A colleague of mine, who is a *devout* dog-owner with a stay-at-home husband and four acres of land was rejected (rejected!) from rescue because on a secluded, blocked-off 1/2 acre of her *four acres* of land, she has an electric fence for her two horses. (HORSES. The woman is an animal FIEND, and an ideal pet-owner)

    The rescue group (for Golden Retrievers down in my area) simply read the form, saw that she’d checked “electric fence” and didn’t read the explanation and rejected her outright. She wrote letters, called, etc., but they never bothered. And this is the same group that has put down more than 100 Goldens in the last year because they couldn’t find enough homes for them.

    Sometimes, in their quest to do right by the animals, some rescue volunteers inadvertantly make mistakes. I chalk it up to not enough volunteers to be able to take the time needed to do the right thing.

    I’m glad you got your dog, and that it was the right dog for you. :)

  • I’m so sorry those people attacked you like they did. They can SUCK IT.
    I think you’re wonderful. Thank you for sharing your story with us, and I hope that Katie is feeling better much sooner than later.

  • Sending out healing wishes to Katie. I love the photos of her in Jackson’s car seat. It’s like she can’t get close enough to him. That’s love.

  • I read hellomelissa’s comments about going to a breeder and then coming home with a puppy even though she has small children. Maybe, just maybe, that is OK with a border collie. I just turned down a sale of one of my toy poodle pups yesterday because their child was only 3 1/2 years old. They did come over to look at a retired bitch I had for sale, but I was so right about the little one being too active to have a toy poodle puppy! She was jumping on my sofa and flailing her arms, it even scared a grown dog. Little ones do not realize when they go through a door and it slams behind them it could hurt or kill a puppy and putting it up on something high like a sofa and then it falls off breaking a leg, or heaven forbid, it’s little neck. I just can’t allow my babies to be put in so much danger.
    JMO, Bonnie

  • dogs love beer.

    i was dating a girl, and we went to her house for the first time. she sent me round to the back to meet her dog. she said it was a test that everybody and their brother had failed. she didn’t ever know why she tried anymore, but.
    so round the back i went, and there he was. a big ol german shepherd. sure enough, the minute i stepped back there, he was slavering and yowling and throwing himself up against the chain-link. kinda reminded me of ol yeller. standing there drinking a beer and watching him work himself into a state. i dumped my beer into his dish, and i swear followed me around like i had bacon in my pockets forever after.

  • Yea for Katie getting better! (…been there, done that with the doggie eye doc!) I am a big fan of Belinda’s so snaps to you for utilizing her expertise. We own 2 toy poodles and we find we are often defending ourselves as to why we didn’t *rescue* a dog from the shelter instead of going with purebreds. We actually got one of our poodles from the shelter (so there!) and the other from a breeder…so we go both ways…lol. Both of our little guys are happy and very well-cared-for and that’s all that should matter.

  • Whatever the reasons were for choosing your dog, you sure chose a cute one! She looks so hugable.

  • Just want to tell you that I love the pictures of Katie. They always bring a smile.

  • And I just wanted you to know that I am following every single doggy post with a watchful eye and invested interest. It is fascinating, heartwarming and educational. It’s way better than any episode of any show on tv.

    Why? because I have grown to love that katie dog.

  • mrs kennedy, you rock. i’m sending mental kisses at katie (doggie kisses! yay!).

    and i already love belinda.

    you guys are so cool.

  • And as you can see in hellomelissa’s and bonnie’s comments, these decision should be made on a case-by-case, individual-by-individual, basis. There is no sweeping generalization that satisfies everyone’s needs/wants for a pet. And there are some people (just a couple, actually) whose “requirements” for a dog (musn’t bark, whine, scratch, pee, shed, jump around, etc.) that when asked “What kind should I get?” I very honestly looked them in the eye and said, “A stuffed one.”

    I must say, that I always grew up with the mini poos, and my daughter has certainly grown up with them from the youngest of puppies, and no one has ever been harmed…but they are never together unsupervised, the two species! ;-)

    Oh, and I forgot to tell my own “my kid wants to mutilate animals” story. This ought to bring some hate, simply because it involved dewclaw-removal and tail-docking. We do our own, and it’s a bloodless, quiet procedure. Anyway, Bella wanted to know what we were doing the first time she was around while it was happening (takes all of 5 minutes). I absently mindedly answered, first, “snipping their tails,” and then, “taking off their dewclaws.” After we were done, Bella suggested, enthusiastically, “Now cut off their noses!” Um, no.

    This last time, I asked her if she remembered wanting to cut off puppies’ noses, and she looked at me like I was nuts (which is appropriate), and said, “MOMMMeeee. That would HURT the puppy, and then it could not smell good food.”

    Indeed. (Bracing for the docking/dewclaw removal haters)

  • I went one better and had myself neutered. What this means is that now I get to cross-breed purebred dogs all the live long day with no repurcussions. It’s fucking awesome. Just last week, I cross bred a Newfoundland with a Dachsund. Fucker is like 4 feet long with a 3 inch ground clearance. It’s hilarious.

  • O god, I want to rub her tummy. Heal, girl, heal!

  • Aw, Katie is so precious. I want to reach through my monitor and give her a big hug and a skritch behind the ears.

    I have a purebred dog AND cat. Both times we intended to adopt a shelter animal. For our cat, I was still mourning the loss of my very young rescue cat’s death of cancer and just couldn’t deal with the dozens of sickly cats I saw in the shelters. So I paid money for a healthy cat and blah, I don’t regret it. He deserved a good home as much as any animal, and we’ve given him a really good one.

    Although we did take away his balls. Sorry, Cat.

    For our dog, we got rejected from every shelter and rescue org because we live in the city and don’t have a yard. The shelters didn’t care that we were looking at tiny little rat dogs and had a dog park nearby. I understand the shelters want to give dogs the best possible homes, but seriously. When you won’t place a three-legged MinPin with someone because they live in a condo? You don’t get to yell at them for giving up and buying a damn dog instead.

    Wow, am chatty about this tonight! Um. Yes. Let’s all talk about how cute Katie is instead.

  • Talk about taking the high road with some touchy issues and cranky cowardly lurksters. Holy cram, you done good. Thank you, Mrs. Kennedy, for your informative, thoughtful, and touching post, especially after what must have been a very challenging week.

  • that picture of her with that whatsit in her eye is giving me the heebie-jeebies.

    i think we need to pit truman vs. katie in a battle for Most Physically Plagued Blog Dog. because that wouldn’t be twisted and sick or anything.

  • In my humble opinion, buying a dog from a reputable breeder or adopting a dog from a shelter are both responsible ways of adding an pet to your family.

    The only problem I have is those who buy from pet stores. No reputable and responsible breeder of cats, dogs or small mammals does that. Period.

  • Hmm, seems I am FORBIDDEN to post at Belinda’s site. Did you send too much traffic her way? ;) Good on you Fussy!

  • I agree with Belinda’s email in just about every respect. I think that you were a bit out of line to pubish it on your blog when it was not even addressed to you.

    On another note, I’m very happy that your sweet Katie is doing better.

  • Oh, No, no, Erin–it was addressed to Mrs. K.! I had read “Mary’s” comments after comments were closed, and just about exploded, so I wrote my response in an email to Mrs. K. She TOTALLY asked, and was given, my permission to post any and/or all of what was discussed in our emails, in any way she saw fit on her site.

    This is, above all, a sincere, honest, open person, who is concerned about doing the right thing, and really would be many a breeder’s dream come true for a pet home because of her willingness to learn and her heart of pure gold. There. The Eden-lovefest portion of this comment is over. ;-)

  • Natalie–Forbidden? Try again–I have gotten that message MYSELF when trying to access my own stinking site lately. Are you using Firefox? That’s the browser that’s been doing it to me!

  • Why doesn’t my dog sit in a car seat? That is too cute–I will have to trade my good for nothin’ beast in for a better version.

  • Oooh – I see, Belinda. Sorry, Fussy! My bad! I should read more carefully or ask questions before I jump in and write comments. Bad habit. Again, I apologize.

  • I’m sorry your dog was hurt, but I’m glad she’s doing better!

  • hey i’m delurking and getting a blog in one four swoop! firstly and only cause i feel for Fussy, freedom of choice is freedom of choice, that is why we live where we live. Katie is an amazing little dog an i would love to have her (she’s quirky, i always end up with the quirky ones, my cat likes to sleep in a empty fishtank). If she felt that that was the best choice for her family then it was hers to make it and no one else should fault her that. Fussy,I hope you and the rest of the family recover and i’m sure everything will be fine even though it might suck (okay understatement) now. hugs to all of you esp. Katie!

  • Though I disagree with most here re: breeders, I just wanted to jump in and send my best wishes to Katie, Mrs. K. She is a cutie.

  • i’ve only just come in on this discussion, and all i can say is that katie looks like one fine bitch. (we too, after saving many stray cats, decided the “known quantity” was the way to go with a dog, who could potentially bite your 3 year old’s head off).

    and i peed my pants over the pics. and WHO KNEW bob barker loved the elephants?

    thank you mrs kennedy.

  • Much applause for Belinda, and much love for Katie.

  • Making a note to myself to write about my dog.

    Actually, this provided some much needed relief from the storms/tornadoes drama in my life and boy! did I need a laugh. It also gave me PROOF for my students that, seriously, anything more than 4 exclamation points is silly. They need to see a ‘real life’ example to know it’s ridiculous.

    Ok, onto a question (which has probably been answered sometime before) but what is your camera, dear Mrs. Kennedy? I’m making a note of the best, handing it to the hubby, and expecting a new shiny model for my birthday. Do help, please.