On May 30, 2006 by Eden M. Kennedy

I don’t really seem to have anything to say these days, which is interesting, to me, but doesn’t make for much of a blog. So, ah, sorry about that. I’m probably going to take another week off, though, now that I’ve discovered the beach. The beach is good.



9 Responses to “Beached”

  • bummer! I’ve missed your writing! come back soon!

  • You’re too blissed out from all that yoga. Knock it off. All your neuroses will return like the swallows to San Juan Capistrano, and then the writing will flow. You owe it to us!

  • The beach is good but you are missed. Take all the time in the world and come back with a vengence.

  • Good idea: If you don’t have something nasty to say, don’t say anything at all. ;)

  • The beach is good. How about favorite spammer names? My current fave is Blythe Wang.

  • I got a nice one from Genesis Andrika the other day that said: “From now on, Honey, we’ll be spelling everything with letters” in the subject line. I rarely open those emails, but I was so amused by the subject line and wanted to see what they were going to spell with all those letters. I’m just a sucker for that kind of thing. Unfortunately, it was the usual stuff, although it included a random bunch of sentences that appeared to be mostly from ‘Anna Karenina,’ as far as I can tell.

  • PS: I don’t know whether you ever read my blog, but you may wish to know that you have been a bad influence, Mrs. Kennedy.

    Have fun at the beach, but please wear sunscreen! It was the sunburn that made me cut my hair, really, but your instructions gave me courage. Or made me reckless. Or something.

  • How killer has the beach been? I’ve been more or less living at Butterfly!

  • know what else is good? cheese. oh, and TV.