Sweet Memes

On May 31, 2006 by Eden M. Kennedy

Alright, so I do have this ONE thing to say: today’s uncanny Internet experience is Evany’s Sleep Test.



11 Responses to “Sweet Memes”

  • WTF happened over here yesterday? The innernet broke down when I tried to visit you. Something about “fussy has exceeded her bandwidth”? I was pretty concerned and all. Glad you’re back up, baby.

  • That was freaky!

  • I can’t believe how right on it was!!! It’s a little creepy!

  • Hmm. Didn’t do it for me. I would never sleep that way. Wonder how they devised the quiz…?

  • Me either, b.e.c.k.. It said I was classic spoons and I’m a certified cliffhanger. I could never go to sleep while someone (even my husband) was breathing into my ear.

  • I’m pretty sure I don’t own any “bottoms,” hence the inaccurate repsonse I got, which was some kind of crazy 69 sleeping combo. For those interested (nobody), I sleep on my back with legs crossed and arms outstretched a la JC. It’s called the Martyr position. It rocks.

  • I wish I had a giant bed so I could sleep like that. Martyr position sounds heavenly.

    My husband and I are cliffhangers. Even with out a baby between us which is how we are sleeping now. I took the quiz. It was right on.

  • The Colon.

    Crohn’s follows me, even in online quizzes.

  • Whoa! That was spot on.

  • Eerily accurate about how my boyfriend and I sleep…excalibur.

  • Spot on, particularly this:

    “Health note: Your unusually low blood pressure may prevent you from giving blood or joining some small armies.”

    Absolutely true, my whole family has very low blood pressure; but how did they work that out?