Dog Parade

On June 10, 2006 by Eden M. Kennedy

Last weekend was the dog parade, so I thought it would be fun to take Jackson and our dog, Katie. We weren’t going with a pack of other bulldogs, nor had we chosen a theme and fanciful outfits with which to humiliate ourselves. No, I just thought it might be fun to walk around in the hot sun with a bored child and a dog that could overheat and die at any moment. So relax and enjoy this half-assed chronicle of last Saturday morning up until I became alarmed, tried to pour a bottle of water down Katie’s throat, and threw everyone back into the car and cranked on the air conditioning.

Here we see Katie (lower left) at the pre-parade lineup being ogled by a small white dog wearing a purple harem outfit.

Here’s a bad photo of two dogs dressed up like Dracula’s fringed shower curtains being led by the silver lamé court jester as a merry jape.

Dogs in wigs are kind of disturbingly attractive, admit it.

Jackson greets a basset hound wearing a lei. Because basset hounds are so tropical; they’re just overrunning the South Pacific. Good thing they’re so delicious.

I’ve had a hard time posting anything lately. All I really want to do is sit on a pillow in a grass skirt and be pulled around on a skateboard. While watching TV.

I feel like a shift is occurring. I’m really bored with talking about myself.

I thought about shutting down this site for awhile. I mean, I like that it exists, but my reasons for starting Fussy are no longer my reasons for maintaining it. So why am I doing this?

Do I need the Internet’s attention?

I suppose I’d feel a little left out if my act wasn’t in the circus anymore.

Do I like to sit around waiting for strangers to say only nice things to me?

That seems pretty weak.

Ostensibly the whole thing began as a writing exercise and a way to explore my new identity as a mother when I started in 2001. Back then I needed my stories to be read, I wanted people to see — and wanted to show myself — that being a parent didn’t mean you instantly became a humorless, minivan-loving automaton who lived for soccer practice and the PTA. And now I look around the Internet and i see hundreds of people parentblogging so well, so funny and smart and alive and way better writers than me. So who needs me yapping on about my kid?

By the way, women in French maid’s outfits with little mop-dogs on the end of sticks? Awesome.

Also awesome: the Cerberus shrug.

We walked Katie on the edge of the parade and people on the sidewalk would just stretch out their hands to pet her.

This woman was incredibly nice. “I love my dog.” On the back of her shirt it said, “Your dog is cute, too.”

I have no idea what’s going on here. Grapes, and a clown?

So I don’t know, I guess I’m looking for new things to express and new ways to express things via the blog format. The straight mommyblog gig starts to lack imagination, even though there’s this really passive-aggressive karate mom I may need to tell you about.

Man, I am so hopped up on Sudafed right now.

2004 dog parade post is here.



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  • Did you hide that bit of existential blog angst in the middle of the dog parade post to see if we were really paying attention? I NEED YOU DAMMIT! KEEP BLOGGING. I am a Fussy come lately but I love. every. word.

    I think I posted here that I lost a bulldog to heat. But it was never at events like this. Yes she got really hot but I kept feeding her popsicles. Ice cubes work well too. I also carted her around in a wagon at parades. I know they look ridiculous on their floats but bulldogs look pretty ridiculous anyway.

    The day she died happened when my six years of heat-related attentiveness lapsed. It was the day I spent twenty minutes on the phone, freaking out over a house sale gone very wrong, while she was outside in 90 plus heat without water. My heart still just about breaks every time I think about it so I am done thinking about it for the moment. A day doesn’t go by without a twinge though. Ow.

  • I don’t have any arguments for you feeling like you’ve moved away from your original purpose–because heck…how would I know?

    But. I do need to de-lurk long enough to tell you that you are among the best writers that I’ve found among bloggers. Reading your site makes me want to be a better writer, so I can tell stories as aptly as you do.

  • don’t deprive us of Katie pics! Keep blogging and let the chips fall where they may.

  • “Mom” is only part of your identity, so why limit your blog?

    I laugh my ass off every time I visit Fussy – new diet plan? Take a break if you need to, but come back!

    And why does that clown dog have boobs on her back? With two bunches of human grapes walking nearby, I probably shouldn’t bother asking.

  • Mrs. Kennedy: This is one of the things that I love – I saw your new entry in my RSS Feeder, and came to your site to read and enjoy pictures of unnaturally dressed dogs.

    And in the midst was this raw, honest introspection that otherwise I would have missed, had I not wanted to see the a picture of a siamese-dressed dog.

    And I’m so glad I came, because it makes me feel not quite so alone. I, too, have been feeling a pull lately to blog about different things. To not always portray my life as full of witty or funny circumstances, but to be real.

    Authenticity about how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking, has been slow. It’s easier to just record the light-hearted parts of my life. But, I’ve learned that I’m enjoying the vulnerability – that it’s liberating, even.

    And so I continue, and I hope that you do, as well. Looking forward to meeting you at BlogHer.

  • At the risk of sounding both cliche and passe, I feel you. There has been a lot of blog apathy/antipathy going on lately.

    You articulated some of my questions perfectly between dogs. Lately I have been thinking: What am I doing here? Why? Is this a real life or just some crazy exercise in ego screaming? Can I ever stop thinking “How would I blog about this?” in the middle of things, instead of just BEING THERE in the moment?

    Last night at 3 a.m. it was this: “You are really a piece of work – a rapidly aging 45 year old who works at a boring cubicle job and lives alone and gets her lame identity from your silly blog screeds.” I love 3 a.m., don’t you?

    Anyway, I hope you don’t quit but I understand if you do. I do like having a blogger as cool as you as my homegirl (I’m in Vta.)

  • Evolution is good. Whatever’s coming next for you, I’ll come read it.

    (And although I do adore the 3-headed dog, the french maid with dog-on-a-stick wins hands-down.)

  • such a shame.

    I really can’t stand dogs.

    good luck with the blog.

  • Oh, this is “a straight mommyblog”? If I thought it was solely that, I wouldn’t be coming here for four years. Clearly, your perspective on things is what brings people back, regardless of the subject. Gotta get me a barrel of Sudafed now.

  • i’ve just been lurking around for a year or so and i honestly never thought of you as a “mommy blogger” or parenting-focused blogger or whatever. just hilarious and great at telling it like you see it. i love the writing, whatever it is about, and i would miss it. but, duh, you have to do whatever works for you not a bunch of random people on the internets.

  • Fussy, I like your blog. You have a wonderful way of putting your thoughts into words. I grew up with bulldogs in Florida. It is a dangerous place for them because of the heat. Although we never lost one of ours, I have a few friends that weren’t so lucky. We pretty much had a rule, no outings from 10am – 5pm. Parades were totally out. I have seen bulldogs that have died from overheating, even though they were packed in a tub of ice to try and cool them. Stay careful, Katie is so adorable.


  • Thank you, Paige, we are very careful.

    So Bill’s calling bullshit on the way I’ve labeled myself. Thank you. I don’t know why that one irks me so, but it does.

    Maybe it’s time for another redesign.

  • we just got a new bulldog - – & i love looking at pics of katie to see what scout’s gonna look like when she grows up.

    you can’t leave us, fussy or not.

  • You just can’t leave. I mean, who’s site would I stalk on a regular basis? You are a fantastic writer. Who else would I keep promising to buy shirts from, if you weren’t here? (Which, no really, I will, I swear).

    Your doggy is wonderful, your bloggie is wonderful.

  • I like your blog. Immensely.

    I check every day for updates.

    I laugh out loud, often, while reading.

    Just thought I’d let ya know.

  • ah yes, the blog identity crisis. who am i? why do i blog? what does it all mean? i thought i would be a serious real writer by now. the blog is holding me back! the blog takes too much of me! if it weren’t for the blog i would have written ten best selling novels by now! the blog! oh the damned blaaaaaaaaaaaaawg!

    don’t quit.

  • I’m living the life of a boring, suburban mom of three kids in Charlotte, NC. You give me hope that being a mom can be edgy and fun. I need that.

    Wait ’til Jackson gets older, there is all sorts of stuff still to be blogged. I want your perspective on it! That makes you feel better, right?

    I guess it’s all about me. Post when you want, I’ll wait.

  • I like it when you yap on about your kid. Don’t go.

  • Love the Hawaiian Yorkie. And Katie of course. If you desert us I will have to track you down and stalk you. Don’t make me do it.

  • you can’t stop blogging, you just got a vanity plate with your blogname on it.

    and can you believe blackbird doesn’t like dogs? that just doesn’t compute.

  • If you can’t “post” you could “camera” it in. I’m always impressed with your (and Dooce’s) picture-snapping skills. My digital camera and index finger just can’t tell a story like that. My middle finger, that’s the storyteller.

    Best wishes in whatever path you stumble on.

  • For what it’s worth, I’ve never, EVER considered this a mommyblog. And I hate that term, too. Hate it. It actually shocked me when you referenced it in relation to this blog. It’s so much more. (But good luck with whatever you decide to do.)

  • Come on, don’t quit. I can think of five or six people who ought to throw in the towel before you even consider it. Maybe it’s time all of us feeling this ennui started passing topics around.

  • My Dear Mrs. Kennedy,

    You may change in whatever way you find interesting to you and you may do whatever you want to make your writing interesting to you, but under no circumstances may you close off access to your thought process. It is not what you think about, but how you think about it that is so damned intriguing, and if you take it away from me I will have to hurt you.

  • You cannot leave. Simply. Plainly. Because I love you, and I check your blog every. single. day. What would I do without you? And my Fussy T-shirt?!! What would it mean if there were no more fussy?! ACK!
    This better be the Sudafed talkin’ lady, or you’ve got some ‘splainin to do.

  • ARG! The day you decide to drop the blog will be a dark, dark day in Blogland.
    I never really thought about a classification for Fussy – you have written about your life and the roles you play in it so well and so captivatingly (is that a word?) that you defy description, pigeonholing, whatever.
    I am a mom to two girls, 12 and 7, and maybe three, four times a month they come into focus in an entry on my blog. One of the main reasons for this was your blog and others like it that have shown me that yes, Virginia, there are other things to talk about besides your child.
    I will be bummed out if you decide to drop this blog, but of course that’s between you and yourself, and what might be right for you. Just please take into consideration the knowledge that your entries – on whatever – are all great and interesting. Not just to me, obv., but to all of us that come here and blogstalk you.

  • Stick it out, Fussy; we all go through identity crises. Besides, who ever said that every word you write has to be stunningly witty or profound? Keep writing. Some of it will be fantastic and some of it may not be, but that’s part of the point. Trust me – English teachers don’t lie about this stuff.

  • Hm. Not fair making us think we might not lose our souls if we had a kid, then taking off. Added to which (I really wanted to write “Plus which” but I think that’s wrong) you’d have to e-mail us all individually and that would be a drag. Think of Fussy as the Christmas newsletter from Hell for your extended non-kin.

  • Oh dear. I certainly hope you will be blogging for a long time to come. You are on my blogroll. You are one of my favorites. Sarcasm is becoming a lost art and you have it mastered.

    Please don’t leave us alone with the cutesy mommy blogs that have nothing intellegent or realistic to say! Please?!?!?!

  • I read your blog because it’s NOT a straight mommy blog. You have managed to do what so many intend to do and fail at; to blog without your label of ‘parent’ enveloping everything else in your life.

    You are funny and quirky and interesting. I love reading your blog. And looking at your goddamn hair.

  • Don’t confuse being uninspired with being uninspiring. You are not the latter, even if you are the former.

  • I guess my liking you and wanting to continue having your presence around to like is not any kind of reason for you to continue, but I wanted you to know that that’s the case nonetheless. I get this same feeling often, and then I redesign my site to feel like something’s different.

    If you go somewhere else, will let me know? I am sure that I would want to meet your other incarnations, too.

  • you stop doing this and i am so gonna come out there and bitch slap a little sense back into your head!

    not really… but i’d be so pissed. so sad. so…fussyless. don’t do it. change your meds.

    besides… i’m pretty freaking sure there are worse things than posting pictures of your dog when you’re feeling fucking uninspired. i do it all the time. not that you read. not that you care. whay do i bother? (why indeed)

    i’ve sent a lot of folks your way… both here and to your brilliant “Yogabeans”! in fact you’ve had a few swarms from a group of totally goofy people from Dave Barry’s Blog (a close personal friend) over there…) you can’t just stop! you’ll make me look bad. and, that ain’t good.

    seriously… it’s summer. go with the flow. you’re great, you know you’re great, and you’ll contine to be great. okay? great! : D

  • by the way… i do love these pictures… tho’ i could never bring myself to do this to my puppies. nor would they let me.

  • (…at the risk of blowing more uninvited sunshine up your ass…) You have a very distinctive style and voice that I would sorely miss if gone. Of course no one should feel obligated to write, but there’s a reason you’re so popular. My list of best blog writers goes: mimi smartypants, you, alittlepregnant and dooce, in that order.

  • Would you really orphan all the Fussy T-shirts out there? And who says Fussy has to be a mommy blog. Make it whatever you want it to be. Make it about raisins for all I care. I’d still read it.

  • Just don’t kill off Yogabeans! Yogabeans! is insane and fantastic, and while I understand that whole having a life thing, I will be very, very sad when you stop doing it.

    Oh, and your dog is really, really cute.

  • Two things from a LONGtime lurker.

    One: doggies in costumes I *heart*, post a doggy in a costume and I’m THERE.

    Two: you wouldn’t believe how much I look forward to a new post at Fussy. I understand the whole “why am I doing this, what am I doing, should I bother” thing (been there done that doing it right now), but I do want you to know how much I enjoy your wickedly funny, ever-insightful writing. REALLY enjoy it – I’ll sit here and read one of your tales of living the middle-class-angst existence and LAUGH aloud in recognition & appreciation of your self-awareness – laughing because you have absolutely said what I wouldn’t dare, and laughing because you’re damned funny. Just know that. Do what you will. Do what you need to do. But just know that you’re words (and pictures!) are enjoyed deeply.

  • I’ve never thought of you as “just another mommyblogger.” What initially drew me to Fussy was not the fact that you were writing funny stories about your dog and your kid, it was your personality, your humour, your charm, and your incredibly good writing. I don’t care what you’re writing about so long as you’re still around the internet. I’d genuinly miss you a lot if you weren’t around anymore.

    Also, the dog parade is one of those incredibly surreal occurences that makes me want to move back to California.

  • eden i love your site because it lets me daydream about living in southern california and actually waking up at dawn to do yoga. i would miss you if you stopped.

  • But see, if you ween’t here, this pointless-rambling entry wouldn’t be here to make us laugh and the world would be a sadder place.

    And I, for one, who has older kids…I get bored if I’m just reading about teething and pooping and playgroups all day long. I mean, for real. THAT is boring!


    Another Paige

  • But I love your blog…and your t-shirts…and YogaBeans… The whole package, really. Please don’t stop!

  • oh my god, THAT’S what my dogs need…grass skirts. i finally know what’s been missing! ;)

    while i’m not a parent yet, i understand what you’re saying about not quite “feeling” your blog, yet not feeling like really letting it all go either. i’ve been kind of …”meh” about blogging lately because i feel like i struggle with some of the things i usually have used it for in the past, so i’m trying to find other creative outlets besides blogging. i’ve started an art journal, which is pretty cool, because it’s an actual physical thing to do with your hands, but at the same time i think the blog has its place as well. just maybe not as important to me at this particular time as what it once was.

    …who would have thought blogging has all these shifts of emotion? ;)

    p.s. you’re funny and you kick blogging ass, though.

  • This post has forced the lurker out of the closet. I love your blog and would miss you if you quit. So, selfishly, I add my entreaty to the ones above. Write on Fussy, please write on.

  • Shit – you make me laugh so hard I sometimes fear cracking a rib. So if you keep the blog consider it a community service for those down in the dumps like me!

  • Nooooooooooo……….don’t stop…….please!

  • I don’t know, I haven’t read the other comments yet, and I would normally email you instead. But I’m responding as quickly as possible because I don’t know what I would do without

    Your writing comforts me.

  • You can’t leave. All the virtual plants will die.

  • I don’t know if the dogs wearing outfits disturbs me more or less than the owners in matching costumes.

    You’ve been doing this for over five years now, of course things have evolved. You’re really good at it though (whatever it is), if that means anything.

  • Ok, Mrs. Kennedy.

    I haven’t spoken up since you switched your comments around because I don’t have a blogger account and it would be to much hassle for me to get one considering I don’t have anything good to say.

    How-freaking-ever, You can not leave. I got a blogger account just to say that. I don’t read many blogs. I read you, Dooce, Finslippy, Very Mom, and Mimi Smartypants. Very Mom is already on hiatis so there is no way that you can also take a break. You see? People like me who have to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day can’t take it! Perhaps when she gets back you can break for a bit, but I still don’t think that is a good idea.

    We need you to much. You can post about making pasta and it is pure success!!

    Sorry to tell you what to do with your own website, but I felt you should know that you leaving would make some people (me) lose their mind a little.

  • Also delurking to tell you, please don’t stop blogging. I read fussy daily, and LOVE yogabeans–I am not a mommy or a blogger but still find your writing entertaining and enjoyable. Just keep writing about your daily activities and give the rest of us an opportunity to enjoy your humor and unique perspective.

  • Eden, there are loads of mommy bloggers but you’re not just another one, you’re Mrs Kennedy and you’re hilarious. There is nowhere else on the internet to go for doggy-diaper, flushable goldfish or abandoned-sweater stories delivered with your take on life. No one else bends GI Joes into yoga positions or is married to an axe-murderer who once jerked off with Vicks Vap-O-Rub. I feel lucky, we all do, to be able to read your online diary, and your cool head is an inspiration to me as I prepare to become a mother myself this year and keep reminding myself not to lose my sense of humour. I feel like I know you, I wish I did know you (but I live on the other side of the world), and I would miss you fuckloads if you stopped.

    I know it’s too hot to be bothered to blog much at the moment. I just want to sit under a tree in a bucket of cold water. And shit, if you have a cold as well you must be finding everything really boring right now. But look, if you stop blogging we’ll all start emailing you personally to ask if Katie’s on her period and how long your hair is and then you’ll have to answer a hundred emails a day, so it’s best if you just keep writing online or we’ll turn into a steaming great collective pain in the ass.

    We love you!

  • What.

  • Oh, no, please don’t stop fussy! But if you must pause for a while, please keep up yogabeans.

  • I don’t feel like reading through all the previous comments that I’m sure confirm my thoughts in that: I need you. I’ve got a little Oliver kicking around my womb and when he comes out, I’m going to need serious seasoned backup. I love the yogabeans pictures but I’ve only taken a yoga class once and have yet to even open my prenatal yoga dvd but I swear one day I will so until then, write whatever you want whenever you want here…..please.

    And thank you,

  • This may be my all-time favorite blog post, ever. Is there ANYone who hasn’t blogged for more than five minutes who hasn’t felt exactly the same way? No. But is there anyone who’s ever SAID it with so much eclat and panache and aplomb? Never! Brava!

  • Oh god, can I drive to California to come hug you around your neck right now? I got an email today from the guy who maintains my web hosting and such saying that my domain is coming up for renewal and did I want to renew? I don’t know, do I? Can I make up my mind by September, when it’s due? What is it that I’m doing with this blog, anyway? Mopeds and goats and sunburn and fighting the Tax Man?

    I’m pretty sure that Katie’s thankful you didn’t dress her up in a tutu. But I can make one for her for next year if you need one. I am MASTER OF THE TUTU. My attic is filled with Tulle.

  • i have got to hear about the karate mom!

  • Dearest Mrs. Kennedy,

    I adore your honesty, humor, and wit. I am among those who enjoy what you bring to this uh, table/web/thing. I hope you continue for you though, not necessarily for us. Although really, I hope you stay because I am selfish and love your work here.

  • You inspired me to start my blog. You can’t quit.

  • One of the best things about a blog is that you can do whatever you want.

    Want to step off a while? Do it.

    Want to keep doing the same thing? Great.

    Want to wipe the slate and start fresh? Have at it.

    Do what you need to do to be happy.

  • I think mom101 has it right: don’t confuse being uninspired with being uninspiring.
    Also, you may have started this blog to prove that mommy != boring, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a “mommy blog.”

    I’d miss Fussy if it went away, but as long as you keep doing Yogabeans, I’ll still be reading you. You are hi-fucking-larious wherever you write.

  • This was really good. Maybe you should start a site where you just caption photos.

  • Or – you know – just caption photos here, where we already know and love you.

    Besides, if you quit blogging you would have no reason for your vanity plates.


  • i hear you on the ‘why am i doing this?’ thing. i go through that every couple of months, honestly.

    maybe fussy just needs to change, since you’ve changed? maybe you just need to do something different with it to keep yourself interested and engaged?

    cuz, i mean, i’d hate to see you go, lady.

  • I will leave my 2 cents along with the rest of the internet. I am a mid-forties father of grown children but I don’t read your blog because you are a mom. (Although I do love your posts about Jackson). I come here everyday to read the next chapter in your life. But – you do what you need to do. If you decide to devote yourself to other interests, I wish you a long and happy life. I will miss your writing. I enjoy your unique perspective on what is normal everyday life to the rest of us; I enjoy watching your son grow up; I enjoy your frustration at the hair journal; I enjoy the peeks I get at who you are. But please don’t feel obligated to blog just for me (and the rest of the internet). I’m hoping you find new reasons to blog, I’ll be first in line to read it. If not – It has been a priviledge sharing in your life.

  • I’d be sad to see Fussy go – the t-shrits rock. So does the writing.

    (Just a guess, but could the ‘clown with grapes’ be Mae West and the ‘peel me a grape’ thing she always said? Was that Mae West?)

  • I love you Eden! Please don’t leave me!

    Or, do leave me because I suppose if I really love you I should let you run free among ferns and daisies, while you eat lollipops and explore your destiny. Le sigh. God, loving is hard.

  • Well, if you go, please know that I’ve really enjoyed reading your site. Yes I’m a stranger saying nice things, but I figure it can’t hurt.
    More Katie. More Jackson. More yoga talk. Me likey!

  • I feel your pain.

    I like what I say to be something other than mommy drivel, and I set my site up to be a concoction, but it frequently degenerates into open letters to mean Target employees or crappy memes.

    I look forward to seeing what you evolve into – I respect what you’ve created here.

  • I don’t read a lot of blogs with any regularity, other than my friends. I like yours best. I guess you could be right – but reading your blog is sort of like having an internet friend. The kind of friend that I actually like to spend time with – not the acquaintance or obligatory type of friend that I have an altruistic reason for staying connected to.

    This is not to encourage or discourage your choices about blogging. I stop and start frequently because I wonder “Why in the heck am I doing this?”

    FYI – I’m not a mom, not sure I’m going to have kids, etc. etc. I just like your content, and if you were your blog I’d say simply “I like you”. Er… that is to say, I don’t assume you are your blog. I’m sure there’s more. But I like your blog and you.

    I’d miss you if you went. But I’d always remember you fondly.

    Here’s wishing you clarity and happiness in this decision and all the others too, Blog Friend.


  • Awhile ago now I took a break from the blog for at least a month. Luckily, I had not a single reader, so there was not much at stake.

    I didn’t intend to stop blogging, it’s just that every time I thought about my blog, I wanted to lay down on the floor and moan. I didn’t have anything to say. I was avoiding it and feeling guilty about it.

    But you’re allowed to take a break. After a month, I came back to the blog with a different energy and enthusiasm and it’s a big part of my life right now. It ebbs and flows. We’ll keep you on our list, and when you come back as a slightly different person, we’ll be eager to hear where you’ve been.

  • Late poster: I am always inspired by your entries- perhaps they feel mundane to you , but they are always witty, sharp and fun to read. If you must stop, know that you’ll leave a legion of loyal readers, awaiting your next move. Yogabeans rocks!

  • Late poster: I am always inspired by your entries- perhaps they feel mundane to you , but they are always witty, sharp and fun to read. If you must stop, know that you’ll leave a legion of loyal readers, awaiting your next move. Yogabeans rocks!

  • I think alot of us go through that funk and I can certainly relate. If you feel it’s time for a change/break/quit or smackdown – I say do whatever blows yer skirt up. Seriously. If you do make a change – please let us know where you’re writing, if at all.

    I really wanna hear about the p/a karate mom though! Don’t hold out! :)

    Take care of you.

  • In case you’re interested, I came to your blog to see your hair-volution. I didn’t read the mommy stuff ’til I knew about the hair. If you’re looking for an idea…bring back the hair. I’d love to see if you could make it past the “in-between” growth!

    If you go away, I’ll get fussy, and nobody likes a fussy bandick.

  • Posts like this make me miss my former Santa Barbara home soooo muuuch.

    And I hope you keep blogging, because I will keep reading.

  • you could write about belly button lint growing and i would read it. hope we faithful readers will get to travel along with you, wherever your blog is heading.

    yours is one of the very first blogs I ever saw, and reading you made me start my own.

  • I have nothing original to say.

    Like so many others who’ve commented here, you inspired me to start a blog of my own. Surely, that must be the greatest comment and encouragement of all.

    You showed me there was actually a place on the internet for quirky, honest, slice-of-life, anecdotal writing. And proved that other people might actually share the same sense of humour and be attracted.

    I understand the whole business of feeling stifled and limited by your own creation. I saw “Yogabeans” and thought, ‘Good on her’.

    Whatever happens, you’ve obviously touched many lives. More power to you, whatever happens.

  • I think the difference between you and a lot of bloggers is that you’re a writer. A really pretty good writer. That said, whatever you decide to do, I’m sure you’ll be writing something, somewhere. Maybe you’re just growing out of this particular medium… or the form you gave it when you first started.

    I can totally relate to getting tired of talking about yourself. When you first started, you were one of very few and now there are thousands and thousands. Not many who do it as well as you do, though, so you’ve set a good high standard.

  • I don’t know about your posting, that’s all your biznass. I’ve been having second thought lately as well. 7 years from now, when it isn’t a fad anymore, and I have nine years of my life all written about and organized, I’ll know why I didn’t stop.

    Interesting though, the switch from talking about the dog parade to all the personal reflection stuff, while still posting photos of the dog parade. I’m going to have to try that sometime to mess with people.

    I’d miss ya, kid.

  • Please don’t go. You are way better than dooce (no offense to her, I just like your edge).