On June 14, 2006 by Eden M. Kennedy

Green throat slugs of phlegm!
Say goodbye to taste and smell:

*My nemisis Zithromax comes in many disguises.



16 Responses to “Haiku”

  • i like how the first letter of each line spells out GAS.

    say goodbye to taste anyway.

  • I can not possibly convey to you how much this made my day. God I love it when you post strange poems.

    Also with this sinus thing I have going on I am so with you.

  • Feel better! I’m just getting over my cold right now but my left ear is still plugged. I’m annoying my coworkers with my OCD-ish nose blowing.

  • Last time I had a cold I went to employee health just to make sure it wasn’t a sinus infection. It was, and an ear infection, and bronchitis. All at once. They gave me azithromycin and I had an allergic reaction that initiated some kind of cascading immune system effect (or exacerbated an existing autoimmune disorder), which is still causing problems well over a year later [see my posts here or here if you really want more details]. I am not sure I want to ever take an antibiotic again. Death would have to be imminent. I still have to wear gloves and a mask to look up anything in the OED, although I can drink coffee and alcohol again & eat spicy food & have orgasms without getting a rash or needing to use an inhaler afterwards. Don’t even ask about the ants.

  • That’s awesome. (The haiku, I mean, not the sinus infection.)

  • oh, boogers! hope you feel much better soonest. and alphabitch! that’s horrendous! you poor thing.

  • No more gas! Hooray!

    I like the new version also. The tone has changed. Haha

  • Feel better soon Mrs. Kennedy!

  • A get-well soon card here:

    Die evil throat slugs!
    May all your senses return
    in Technicolor

  • Hey, at least I don’t have slugs of phlegm in my throat. And the ants aren’t real. I’m feeling pretty lucky, actually. And I like the edited haiku, Mrs. Kennedy!

  • what are you saying? are you sick? are you unwell? do you require that we all rush over with soup and tissues and GIANT CROSSWORD PUZZLE BOOKS? because if that is what you are saying, well then okay, we’re on our way!

    (also, we’ll bring cookies)

  • ewwww green throat slugs. gross.

  • That shit’s brutal man but it kicks bacterial ASS. I only take it when I am at death’s door and I get a resurrection within 12 hours. I hope you get well soon.

  • Sounds like someone is sick. That sucks. Get better soon Fussy. Fussy women do NOT like being sick!

  • Get better soon. I know it’s a long haul.I too have just recovered from a sinus infection.

  • THIS is the demon flu that hit my family last month! i’m soooo sorry you’ve been ill! elderberry extract and goldenseal can be very helpful… but, as i said, THIS f*cking flu is a DEMON disguised in green phlegm. yuck.