Peanut’s Great Escape

On September 3, 2006 by Eden M. Kennedy

Would you like to see a 3.8MG Quicktime movie of our tortoise flinging itself downstairs?

I knew you would.

Click on Peanut to begin.



69 Responses to “Peanut’s Great Escape”

  • Go, Peanut!

    (I must admit I cheered when I saw him land on his belly after the last step. :))

  • Steve McQueen couldn’t have done it better.

    (And man, I LOVE that song.)

    Karen @ Chookooloonks

  • oh my lord, that was funny. i was stretching my arms & legs trying to help him out a little bit. think i need to get a peanut of my very own.

  • My four-year-odl commented, “That turtle is soooo silly.”

    Go, Peanut, Go!

  • I can’t help wondering where he thought he was going.

  • That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Peanut!

  • Does anyone know why when I try to watch this, I get the Quicktime “Q,” but with a question mark over it (and no movie, I should add)?

  • Does anyone know why when I try to watch this, I get the Quicktime “Q,” but with a question mark over it (and no movie, I should add)?

  • Awww, that wiggledy wiggledy dance Peanut did while on his back was so cute.


    tortoise as grief counsellor. awesome.

  • I. Just…. don’t know what to say. I’ve never felt so much lurve for a turtle. I’m inspired in a way that has only ever occurred before with those based on a true story movies where the underdog teaches you a life lesson about hard work and wins the girl and gets the… thingy.

    Peanut? You are the wind beneath my wings. Also. Did it hurt?

  • How did you not crack up when he was flailing all four legs and his head? Meanwhile, he’s thinking, “WTF? A little help here? Put. Down. The. Camera.and help me!

  • It looks like Peanut can only turn to the right. Is he not an ambi-turner?

  • Mr. Stapler is reporting you to the ASPCA. Hide.

  • i did want to see that. thank!

    how many times a week does he do this?

  • I have never seen such a thing, never in my whole life. The scooching thing he did on his back when he was stuck was painfully funny.

  • If your Q is broken I think you need to install a Quicktime update.

  • Since you asked, Mathew, he does this about once a day.

  • I’m with Victoria. This video was oddly inspiring and makes me want to tackle my fears with similar aplomb.

  • That is one badass turtle. Go, Peanut, go!

  • Oh, and we did.

  • I loved when Peanut did the whole-body shake for momentum. Go Peanut. Is it bad that I called my family over to the computer to watch, and my husband yelled, “Play it again!”

  • Oh, great turtle video. Why won’t you let me watch you?

    It sounds like it’s great. You should submit to Cute Overload.

  • It appears that Peanut has been reading the latest Arianna Huffington tome. I can’t imagine how large your staircase looks to such a wee turtle…

  • Dude, I just found myself cheering, OUT LOUD, for a turtle. A turtle ON THE INTERNET! LOOK!! I can’t STOP WitH thE CAPS!!

    Perhaps I should lay off the coffee??

  • So awesome! Best turtle movie ever! EVER!

  • if you post this on youtube i’m sure you’ll be shot to the near-top.

  • Okay, okay, this reminds me of a joke:

    What did the snail say when it jumped on the turtle’s back?


    LMAO, Peanut rocks!

  • i dig that you have a turtle wandering around your house. that in itself is pure awesome right there.

    and the thing? when peanut does the shell spin thing using its HEAD to turn itself? (him? her?) that, also, is totally cool. go peanut!

  • That’s the craziest tortoise I’ve seen – and I’ve been to the Galapagos Islands! Now if you could provide video of a giant tortoise cartwheeling down your stairs, I’d have to invent some kind of award for services to blogging.

    Go Peanut!

  • Such pathos!

    Absolutely effing hilarious.

  • Peanut the amazing break dancing turtle.

    Go Pea-nut, GO PEA-NUT!!!!!

  • Hysterically funny but also so incredibly awesome–the determination, the skill. Incredible!

  • that shake and shimmy Peanut did whilst on his back was perhaps the finest moment. He should be applauded at the very least for the dance moves during the mad escape.

    love the baseboards, btw.

    good luck keeping that sweet baby inside, he’s absolutely adorable, not unlike Cookie.

  • And here I thought turtles were boring pets!

  • Oh he rocks!! I wonder if he continues to do this every day if he will learn from his experiences?

    (Of course I would wonder this, I am a teacher who majored in Psych)

    YouTube all the way people!

  • Gotta love that Peanut makes the trip almost every day ~
    Put a smile on my face :)

  • I only watched about 15 seconds. I couldn’t handle it after the first step!!!! I hope it ends on a positive!

  • oh, that made my day.

  • definitely put it on youtube.
    and i found myself holding my breath the whole time, afraid he was going to crack his shell or something.

    go, peanut! go!

  • Why is that so sweet? I swear he swaggered a bit after reaching the bottom step right-side-up.

    I’ll really be impressed when i see the video of him going UP the stairs.

  • Oh and castle9, i had to right click on the turtle and save it to my desktop, and then it would let me watch. And i had just freshly updated Quicktime

  • Both my kids enjoyed the hell out of that video & yes, demanded I play it again. Yay Peanut!

  • Where was he trying to go? I mean, WHAT WAS SO GOSH-DARNED IMPORTANT?

    And I didn’t have any sound on (sleeping hubby), so is it weird that inside my head I was totally humming that theme music from when Steve McQueen drove his motorcycle into the Nazi barbed-wire in “The Great Escape?”

  • He is one determined little tortoise.

    Do you just keep a bunch of lettuce at the bottom of the stairs to entice him everyday or does he just like the exercise and excitement of it all?

  • The turtle shimmy made my day.

  • Peanut fell on her(his?) HEAD and you stood by and WATCHED.

    And so did I, repeatedly.

    Truly excellent.

  • Meno, you are awesome. I followed your advice and finally got to see it. What a great pet!

  • that was awesome.

  • My son, not realizing before that turtles performed stunts, now insists that we get one.

  • I am so so so so sorry. I’m sorry that I laughed and laughed and laughed.

    But you knew you’d get a giggle out of me on that, huh? I’m all about inappropriate laughter. Like when someone hurts themself. It’s terrible. I feel bad. It’s time to repent.

  • That is so cute. I have to admit I got a little worried when he landed on his back, but was quickly amazed at him flipping himself over! He almost needs a little “Peanut Slide” so he doesn’t kill himself with his daily escapades.

  • oh, please put that on youtube so that i can favorite it and watch it whenever i am frustrated. that was inspiring in the way that those cat posters that say “hang in there” are supposed to be, only this is sincere. and real. and a tortoise.

  • dear peanut,

    i love you. you rock.

    thank you.

  • I should not laugh but I can’t help it! It’s hysterically funny, even moreso that he does it daily!

  • I’m afraid peanut will hurt it’s poor little neck.

    About Katie. She was awesome and I’m sorry you had to let her go. May cookie fill the void:)

  • I had to stop watching because I was afraid it was going to end with Peanut breaking his neck.

    Is he a Sulcata? If so, he’ll be big enough to ride by the time you have grandkids. :)

  • OMG, delurking to thank you for the laugh. That was awesome.

  • waaah… I can’t get it to work. sad. For some reason, the Quicktime shows up either as a broken link (in IE) or no video – only sound (in Firefox).

  • I cannot believe how entertaining that was.

  • I tend to lurk and enjoy but I had to comment. I was CHEERING for Peanut and laughing (cackling, howling, hooting) loudly at my desk. I’m glad that I watched this at home, or I may have had some explaining to do at work. THANK YOU for posting this! I have had a hard couple of days and I needed to laugh and be inspired (by a turtle) to acheive my goals! Of reaching the bottom of the stairs!! and flipping myself over!!

  • I hope Peanut was rewarded BIG TIME for such a performance! Now just trying to imagine what a turtle would enjoy?… Some flies? Fruit?

  • What kind of tortoise is Peanut? I have a pet tortoise too and lucky for him, I don’t have any stairs.

  • Peanut is the BEST! Now I want a turtle!!

  • OMG!!!! Who knew a turtle could be that damned determnined! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! And if that’s your husband and/or his band playing that music, I must have a copy. I’m going to follow your link to the CD information — that was rockin’!!!!!

  • Oh god. That makes me so happy. I don’t even know why.

  • umm, pretty sure that was Mavis Staples, not fussy’s husband, singing.

    love the little turtle kneivel. Can you get him a wee helmet, please? so he doesn’t crack his wee noggin?


  • Oh my, that was impressive. Could NOT stop laughing with the whole-body wriggle – strangely reminiscent of me when I get stuck at yoga.

  • a….i hope turtles are made of unbreakable plastic because this looks a bit cruel. cute, i’m not sure. i’m having anxiety for the turtle.