You Get What You Pay For

On October 17, 2006 by Eden M. Kennedy

I took a gig writing for the BlogHer site on Green/Eco issues and my first post went up today.

Was I supposed to link my sources? Because I didn’t do that, mainly because I just lifted whole paragraphs out of Wikipedia. It’s so much easier that way!

I earned exactly $12.50 for this post, and I think it’s worth at least that much, especially if they pay me in Halloween candy, which is what I’m really hoping. That stuff is expensive.



12 Responses to “You Get What You Pay For”

  • Well, I didn’t think anyone, links or no links, could be more underpaid (??oxymoron??) than I am working for the local paper. Thank goodness for the internet.

  • Good on you for the new writing gig.

  • Ah yes, the earth-friendly cleaning products. I just lust for a dishwasher to use them in. For the doggies: Have you tried using the BuddyWash from TJ’s? I use it on our cats and they have the softest. fur. ever. Seems to work like a charm. Have linked the NaBloPoMo page – add me to the list!

  • Actually, you are paid less than I am for freelancing for my local newspaper. But not much. And you’ll probably get more readers.

    Nice article!

  • Such handy information. You’ve got the smarts, that’s for sure.

    Way to go, M. Kennedy!

  • the halloween candy exchange rate for writing can be tricky! make sure you get paid in something good like the tiny boxes of milk duds. otherwise, you could get those mysterious stale peanut taffy-like things that are wrapped in less than sanitary looking black and orange wax paper. you know the ones that you never see in the stores, but, some how they always end up in your trick or treat bag.

    i wrote for magazine in the uk for a while and the biscuit / article pay scale to be quite satisfying. i’m stocked up with jaffa cakes, chocolate fingers and other english delicacies for years to come!

  • This part: “neckline that practically goes down to my jenny” really cracked me up. I’m totally gonna steal that and overuse it in everyday life situations. And thanks for the poem. It is tres amusant.

  • Halloween candy is not made of “natural” or “eco-friendly” ingredients.

    Just so you know.

    And I know you do, Oh Regal M Kennedy (a name which does make you tall, so others will not make the same mistake I did.)

  • Funny you should mention the phosphate-free dishwashing detergents. I recently came across a recipe for a homemade product that is actually very efficient in addition to being frugal and eco-friendly, and wrote about it here.

  • Your post is about a thousand times better than mine. But I’m still keeping the $12.50.

  • Take note: comment forthcoming is completely irrelevant to Green/Eco, Blogher or Halloween candy

    I sometimes don’t read your site for many weeks, as I get a little caught up in a circle of blogs in which I (feel like I) know the writers personally. And I actually feel strange about reading and commenting on sites where I’m just another blurb in a long list of blurbers, but I’m glad when I do come back to read what you’ve written. I always find your writing clever and engrossing. So.