Day Two, Suckers!

On November 2, 2006 by Eden M. Kennedy

Lucky me, rather than coming up with original material every day this month I get to use my blog for NaBloPoMo administrative updates. Suckers!

Jesus H. Corncob Pipe, the participant list is NOWHERE NEAR being finished. Spamarrest released another 600 e-mails to me this morning, you people snuck in right under the wire. The list is now closed and I hope you’re all happy with yourselves, I am well on my way to carpal tunnel and I’ve worn out the goodwill of two voulnteers, all because you — YOU — think you might win a prize (and there are more prizes coming) just by blogging.

Well, what can I say. I am a river to my people.

And now I will share with you the Official NaBloPoMo Theme Song! Written by the heavenly Sheryl of Paper Napkin:

Post, Post, Post
(To the tune of “Turn Turn Turn,” by the Byrds)

On everything (post, post, post)
Come this November (post, post, post)
And a post for every topic, under heaven

A post on the Pilgrims’ persecution,
Soaking your contacts in saline solution,
Why you’re joining the green revolution,
or confessing you’re really a Lilliputian

To everything (post, post, post)
Come this November (post, post, post)
And a time for every topic, under heaven

When your uncle got drunk at your wedding,
and he threw up the veal with the breading,
passed out on his table setting.
How you vividly imagined his beheading.

On everything (post, post, post)
Come this November (post, post, post)
And a post for every topic, under heaven

Or write a poem of lament
on how all your money you’ve spent,
and now you can’t pay your rent
You’re moving into a circus tent

On everything (post, post, post)
Come this November (post, post, post)
And a post for every topic, under heaven

A post on that sweater you’re knitting,
A post on the job you are quitting,
Or how your angst is unremitting,
Come on and post now, I swear its not too late.



30 Responses to “Day Two, Suckers!”

  • Jesus H. Corncob Pipe? Quite the phrase. Do you think it would get lost in translation? Maybe I can try…

  • I’m a newbie who just got in under the wire last night. But…I’ve already done my post for today : ) wooohoo.

    Love the theme song.

  • Do you need help? I’m free the rest of the day. I can type 85 wpm. Let me know!

  • I was drunk when I did my first NaBloPoMo entry and thought that, since I already post several times a day, I’d challenge myself to 100 entries this month. Now I feel like an idiot and have mandated my family must each come up with one topic a day for me to write about, if they don’t – I’m using their most embarassing moments as blog material.

  • Jesus H. Corncob Pipe… Oh, I do love that. Between that phrase and the music to the song Turn, Turn, Turn that is now stuck in my head, I’ll be a right fine mess by the end of the day.

  • I am at work right now and that song will never be out of my head!! *harrumph*

  • Yes! Javajabber, send me your e-mail address! I’m at fussy at fussy dot org.

  • I’m going to enjoy watching the meltdown mwahahahahahahahahaha

    just cos I’m a chicken and haven’t joined up

  • i was going to offer to help create the links for you to cut and paste into your template but i suspect it would be a logistical nightmare getting the damned sites to me. but if you think it can be done without actually causing you MORE work i would be happy to help.

  • who’s the sucka? who started this thang anyway….hmmm?
    (you know who you are)

    i like zoot’s idea very very much. not about the 100 posts, but the threat of using family embarrassments. and the posting drunk. that could also be fun.

    i have some concerns that blogger just cannot handle this, though. between the elections/poli-blog hits and now THIS, you may shut them down.
    already. difficulties.

  • I am sort of freaking because for the last 18 hours I have been unable to sign into typepad – it’s as slow as the NaNoWriMo site.

    Anyone else having this problem? Is it due to fussy’s project? Wowza…

  • Theme song = great!!! Hahahaha. That’s awesome, Sheryl!

    Hang in there, Eden – you can always schedule carpal tunnel surgery after the holidays… :)

  • Have you seen the NoBloPoMo Randomizer? It is terrific – click and get a random participant. I put it up on my blog.

  • But…but it _is_ too late, right?

  • I saw that song on Paper Napkin earlier today. Hilarious!

  • So, um….not to blow yet another hole in this bloggaholic bliss, but…..

    For the prize winners? Even the random ones? Are you going to check and read 30 days of posts on six-zillion blogs before awarding said prizes?? Because that could get, um, a bit cumbersome.

    Unless you’re relying on us all to be on our HONOR or some shit like that. And you KNOW you can trust us BLOGGERS!!

  • Very clever Sheryl!

  • nice song,i could totally sing along! i wondered if you got my email or not, sounds like you have got your hands full!!

  • Not sure if you got my email either- but I’ll be joining in too. I loves me a good band wagon.

  • Karen — I’d say the simplest way would be to draw a winner, and check the winner’s blog for their posts before announcing the award. If they don’t have the required daily posts, they’re disqualified.

  • How does one volunteer up a prize? :)

  • Oh, dear. I think I’ve joined a cult. We have songs and badges and promises of riches and one common goal. Are we all deprived of protein next? Will we be asked to turn on our own families?

  • hahahaha! my own little blogging theme song is from Nemo…
    “just keep blogging, blogging, blogging. ha ha ha ha ha”

  • I so spent half my night orchestrating a cover of “Post, Post, Post,” but i got too involved with mixing my own 11/3 post to finish. Perhaps it shall make its debut over the weekend. I have to say, singing the line about the veal cracked me up every time.

  • Mrs. Kennedy, you suck! And I mean that in the nicest of ways. I’m now SINGING the NaBloPoMo “song”…Seriously.


  • Me too!!!! GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!!!

  • I’m thinking this could be a chorale number at BlogHer’07


    helps my panic

  • Awww. Wish I’d found out about this earlier. Have another month! :D