I’ll Come At You Like A Spidermonkey!

On February 17, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy

We’ve had Ricky Bobby on pretty much a continuous loop here for the last two weeks. Seriously, I can watch that movie again and again and my appreciation for Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly only deepens. And Molly Shannon is riveting, even passed out on a tabletop. The downside, of course, is Jackson memorizing chunks of wildly inappropriate dialogue. “I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew!” he says to me when I’m tying his shoes before school. “I gotta lay off the peyote!” he shouts at the man delivering our pizza.

I know you waited all week for this truly meaningful post.

You can click on Cookie there if you want to see some pictures from last weekend’s trip to the beach.



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  • We’ve had ‘Epolean Dynanmite on a loop here, and I’ve heard lots and lots of “Oh my GOSH” from my three-year old. Nice.

  • That dog is ADORABLE! I walk to stalk her. I *heart* COOKIE!

    Your son is very cute too. I won’t stalk him though.

    Now I want to watch Ricky Bobby for the next three days straight.

    The post was well worth the wait.

  • That is a remarkably beautiful photo. Well done!

  • Agreed! Eden, I LOVE that photo of Cookie on the beach. The others are good too, but that one is like, whoa! Excellent shot!!

  • That story reminds me of when I was around 8 or so; we had Goonies on a loop, and I would go sledding down the hill yelling “Oh, sh—it!”, just like they did on the water slide.

    My mom was so proud.

    Great photos!

  • When I have a kid, I’m totally going to teach him to say “I gotta lay off the peyote” instead of “Hi.” It will be my gift to the world.

  • I think I love your dog, and I’m not even really a dog person.

  • My favorite part of that movie is the prayer at dinner.

    Super Jealous of your beach trip!!!!

  • My son and I only watched the movie once….like a month ago, and he just said the mountain dew line yesterday at a restaurant. I laughed hard. Then I said……”but you know that those kids are an example of what you DON’T want to be like……RIGHT???”

  • That spider monkey quote is my favorite line in that whole movie.

  • These are gorgeous photos.

  • You made that post your bitch.

    Fellow Ricky Bobby afficienado.

  • And I’m in the front row, and I’m hammered drunk.

    Hot damn that’s a good movie.

    Thanks for sharing the pics.

  • Heh. We went through a Johnny Cash phase a few years ago, until my son went to preschool singing “I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.” They didn’t find it as funny as we did.

  • I just said the spider monkey quote ohhh…an hour ago.

    Good to know I’m not the only mom who watched it with her kid. We took Seth to the theater, then answered these questions.

    “What is cocaine?”

    “What is weed?”

    “Why is there cereal taped to the bottom of his car?”

    “Why can’t I cuss like that?”

    The PSA’s kill me.

  • Zachary could have done craft services for that movie. Yum! : )

  • :: snuggle the super pooch ::

  • Heh. I’m all jacked up on Cookie on the beautiful beach!

  • I’m normally a dedicated lurker, but something compelled me to come out of the shadows. A love for Ricky Bobby and a desire to go get the movie (while true) wasn’t it. Neither was it the beautiful pic of Cookie on the beach. Here is where my dorkiness (and the real reason I’m a lurker not a commenter) comes out:

    The obsessed knitter in me saw only one thing in the photoset: I love the sweater Jackson is wearing on the beach! Did you make it? If so, where is the pattern from?

    (I’ll go back and hide in the shadows now)

  • Ricky Bobby, you taste of America.

    So bril!

    Has Jackson mentioned fuzz on his peaches? That is my children’s favorite imagery.

  • The sweater was a gift!

    And no, Jackson hasn’t made the peaches connection.

  • Now that you’re all rested up maybe we’ll have an update at Yogabeans? :-)

  • Ahh how do I love Santa Claus lane beach – its one of those places that look so different depending on the light and the wind. Loved the train pic – as kids we’d say, “My train”! every time one came by. Sweet, sweet Cookie – what a smiley face she has.

  • Thought you’d like this, if you haven’t seen it already…


  • This actually has nothing to do with your post – although I really, really love the pic of your dog. I just had to say -
    I was in the Santa Barbara area this weekend with my son visiting my in-laws, and I think I saw you eating breakfast by yourself in a restaurant in Carpinteria. You were reading a book, and looked completely engrossed, so I didn’t want to bother you, but I thought it was so cool to see one of my fave bloggers. You should know a) I’m not in any way a stalker, b) I’m a nice lapsed Lutheran girl from Vancouver, WA, c) I only follow a few blogs regularly and yours is one of them.
    If I’d had the nerve to say hello, this is what I’d have told you – “I’m a fan of your blog. You’re a hoot. And you take great pictures.”

    So, if it was you, there you go. And if it wasn’t, I said it anyway. And you really should try the Chamomile Cafe in Carpinteria. They make a mean Huevos Rancheros.

  • ps. My six year old son said “President Bush is such a F#$%” to his Grandparents today. Luckily, I think he learned it from them.

  • That was me! All our houseguests were sleeping and I was desperate for coffee. That place has the best chocolate croissants, too. Say hello next time!

  • I’m such a geek. I should have said hello, I know, I was raised to be polite, but you just seemed to be enjoying your book and your solitude, and I didn’t want to interupt. I promise, if I see you again, I will introduce myself!

  • Great pic! A beach sounds….so divine. I’m tired of freezing my arse off already!

  • I love the outtakes of John C. Reilly imagining the Baby Jesus.

    “A mischievous badger.”

    “An Ice Dancer.”

  • first, i love the photo of cookie. she gets cuter every day.

    second, thanks be that i found you again. my mac had some bad times and i lost all my bookmarks, and i kept thinking you were fussy.net, and i was very, very confused, and then i googled FUSSY EDEN KENNEDY and there you were.

    i know, i should have thot of the googling before i panicked, but it’s been a long week. already.

  • Great Picture. Man i could go for some beach time.

    First time here. going to read about you giving birth in the bathroom, now.

  • If we had wanted to raise a couple of wusses, we woulda named ‘em Dr. Quinn and Medicine Woman!

  • My boyfriend used to work for Formula 1, so when a movie came out about, you know, cars and stuff, we had to go see it. I wasn’t looking forward to it. I had to eat my sentiments. I laughed so much I near vomitted…

  • That is a riot! I do so love that movie. But not more than I love the little Baby Jesus in his tiny diaper. No mam.

  • It’s six am and I can’t even open my mouth from sleep…and I still laugh at those one liners.