and the winner is . . .

On February 1, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy


For me the highlight of the description linked above is “left untreated, the spreading bacterial infection may rapidly turn into a life-threatening condition.”

I guess now’s not the time to get all hippie health food with the saline nasal spray and chamomile compresses. My initial response is always just to let things run their course, but when running its course = death, I have only my action-hero husband to thank for the motivation. (“If that thing was on Jackson’s nose you’d have taken him to the doctor three days ago,” said he, and it’s the truth.)

With me it’s a combination of laziness and a morbid curiosity: how bad will it get? What does my face looked like when it’s all fucked up? A similar impulse was behind all the self-portraits I took after I had my bike accident. Did I ever tell you about that? I will, as it serves a classic example of yet another thing you shouldn’t do without the supervision of professional stunt men.

Oh, let’s just take one more look before it goes away:

Now it’s off to the drug store for a heroic dose of antibiotics.



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  • Glad you went to the doc. Did he or she also give you a script for Diflucan to fix the yeast infection you’re liable to get taking a heroic dose of antibiotic?

    I hope that isn’t what’s on the back of my head…

  • OMG I’ve already eaten a pre-emptive quart of plain yogurt.

  • I’d never even heard of cellulitis until my MIL had it on (in?) her hand last year. It was terrible — very painful. I’m glad you got it checked out; that’s very scary.

  • Wow! Cellulitis? I had this last year on my birthday and blogged about it (there is a pic at the end of the post, after I spend some time venting about being uninvited from a shitty job!).

    I just figured it was a pimple that just festered under the surface and eventually went away. But, now that I know it’s life threatening, I’ll make sure to bug an MD if it ever happens again.

    And, I’m kinda like you, dear Mrs Kennedy, I’m too lazy to go to the doctor. I just figure all my woes are probably nothing anyway, so why bother spending all that time sitting around a waiting room, that is, IF I can even get an appointment.

  • I’m reminded of a Hubert Selby jnr novel called The Room, a great deal of which seemed to revolve around this prisoner in solitary confinement and his, well, he thought it was pimple but it was probably something much worse in reality. No-one has a good time in anything by the author of Last Exit To Brooklyn, let’s face it.

  • umm, how does that happen, exactly? so that i might avoid it in the future, if possible.

  • Don’t ever let a little kid pick your nose.

  • I had shingles a few years ago that was alternately misdiagnosed as “cellulitis” and “flesh eating strep.” I’m glad they got yours right, and wish you a speedly recovery…

  • Please tell me I’m not the only one who first read that at cellulite, not cellulitis. Either way… sucks to have it on your nose.

    Get better soon!

  • It is the red scarf that totally sets it off.

    Oh, and add “cranberry juice” to your shopping list in addition to that yogurt. (but eat/drink at different times, ’cause otherwise… um… ick.)

  • Glad to nose, whoops I meant know that I am not the only one who avoids the doc…last time I attempted a visit to the walk-in clinic, I skipped out the front door when I found out the doc wasn’t available….much to the dismay of my fiance, who forced, uh I mean drove me there.

  • I’m so glad your husband convinced you to go to the doc…and I was all “Oh, no big deal” in my comment yesterday. Mea culpa.

  • I had this horrible thing on both of my lower legs…for nearly a year. I’m so glad you went in earlier than I did. I figured my brilliant ass just introduced some bacteria whilst shaving or tumbled through something awful during a particularly great moment of grace. But no, I get cellulitis.

    I wish you all the best and I hope you get a speedy recovery.

  • My little boy has a rare syndrome that messes with his lymph flow, and he’s had cellulitis three times in his bottom. It is really, really nasty, and I’m so glad you caught it before it spread. You can get probiotics at the health food store to help out the good bacteria in your body while you take the antibiotics. They work really well. Good luck!

  • Glad you got it checked out and hope the antibiotics kick its yucky ass pretty soon. Now we must move on to guessing Alice’s diseases over at Finslippy.

  • Omigosh… so sorry about that, Eden. I was thinking it might be that- but I didn’t want to say it- because my dad got cellulitis on his upper lip and it started as a painful bump… but he got it from being in and out of hospitals for the last few months and contracted a staph infection. He needed heavy anitbiotics because it got into his bloodstream…
    And yes, please eat some yogurt every day- the good stuff with not a lot of sugar in it. That will help replace all the good bacteria in your body that wil be killed off by the antibiotics…
    Whoa- take care of yourself there, Miss Eden…

  • I read “cellulite” at first as well. Then I realized that your nose would look much different if you had a raging case of cellulite on the tip.

  • When you are done taking your antibiotics, and ONLY when you finish the course, eat a bunch of salads and yougurt for a week afterwards to repopulate your intestinal bacteria. (Lame, I know, but just trust me on this one.) Also, I hope your poor nose feels better soon! :) xoxoxox

  • Just be glad you didn’t need a tetanus shot to go along with it. When I got cellulitis from a cut in my foot and got the shot I ended up fighting the insurance company and doctor’s office for two years over some piddly sum.

    It looks like hurts like a big dog, hope the antibiotic kicks it quick and doesn’t do in your stomach. I second the yogurt!

  • I think a heroic dose of psilocybin would clear that right up! Or at least make you forget your face entirely for a while.

  • The cellulitis will go away…but you will still be a Yankee fan!!!

    I knew I loved ya!!

  • that is a Yankee hat isn’t it?

    Feel better…even if it isn’t. Unless it’s a Sox hat and then…well okay I guess I still want you to get better.

  • In my work I have seen some major cases of cellulitis. You don’t want a weeping crusty ooze a la Night Of the Living Dead on your face. Go get some antibiotics.

  • My Jack (who’s five) recently had anal cellulitis. Anal cellulitis. Anal cellulitis. Try saying THAT multiple times. Try saying it to other preschool moms and watch them visibly recoil.

    Can you imagine anything more painful? He would not sit down for a week. It was a strep infection that mutated into cellulitis, no doubt contracted at his germontessori…

    Glad you’ve got those antibiotics in hand.

    I’m a Mets fan, myself.

  • OHMYGOD I am so sorry for your son, the poor, poor kid.

  • best wishes with the heroic abx and the cellulitis.

    my middle kiddo got cellulitis from a dog bite puncture wound and ended up with 5 days of IV abx in the hospital over christmas (3 years ago). gah. not something to mess with, for sure.

    love the hat. I love cheering for the Yankees when I live in Red Sox territory. :)

  • Wow, I’m glad you’re taking care of it – we wouldn’t want the side effect of death, I hear it’s rather uncomfortable…
    I used to be so down with the heroic doses, but now I’m old and staid. So I’ll live vicariously thru yours. ;)

  • Yankees fans of California unite! We should have a club or something.

    Hope your schnoz is feeling better.

  • Okay, YIKES! about the cellulitis. My grandma had it in her legs and it was pretty gross, but I think she had let it go untreated for a long time. It didn’t kill her.

    The REAL reason I’m commenting is because I had taken a little break from my regular blog-reading, and when I came back here just now and read through some comments and saw “formerly Mrs. Kennedy,” I THOUGHT THERE HAD BEEN A DIVORCE! Of course I started reading back, and eventually found the posts with name discussion, but until I did find them, I kept thinking, “Okay, Jack’s still mentioned here, things seem to be fine…”

    Way to give me a blog-heart-attack.

    And to tie this all together, my grandma’s name was… wait for it… Mrs. Kennedy! So maybe cellulitis is a Kennedy trait.

  • Dear Fussy’s nose – please get well soon. I hope you don’t have to have a lot of carob soy milk shakes during recovery.

  • my god, i have that too! on my ass! I posted a picture on my blog

    what a pain in the ass, literally


    PS: had to laugh at the google ads that came up on this post:

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  • Ok, so this is random. I googled cellulitis on the nose and your picture came up. I have the exact same thing!! and am on antibiotics. Can I ask how long it took for it to go away for you?? Or at least for you to look normal again? My face has hideously swelled and turned red and gooey and I need for it to not be in 3 days…. So hey, if you have any advice about it please share!

  • Thank you sister friend! I knew there was an issue and was playing around on the internet and here you were!

    Yep it is cellulitis for me and as a doctor adverse person, had I not seen you and your death comments I might have lost half my face!

    Hope you have a wonderful life – the internet and people’s stories … wonderful thing!!!