Zachary Is A Peach

On February 9, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy

If you ever read the comments here you might recognize the name Jippy. She’s funny and caring and she finished BloMe! Which means she has her own page in my special gilded and archival quality book of truly splendid human beings.

The other day she sent me this e-mail:

Eden Marriott Kennedy,

I think of you as someone who knows everything about the internet. [Ha! -- Ed.] I can’t imagine that you haven’t heard about the Kevin Bacon Six Degrees of Charity contest/website that he has going on. I’ve made one for my son. He goes to The MAGIK (Making Aches Go away In Kids) Pain Clinic at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Before he was helped by the pain team he was constantly bloody with open wounds. He would hurt himself to release natural endorphines. We spent hours wrapped in sheets in a closet that I made into a padded cell; I even cut out a window in the door. Later we used it for puppet shows. You can imagine how much I owe these doctors for helping my son as much as they have. He is a wonderful boy. Would you check out the blog I made for him. I am not sure if I am brave or humble enough to ask you to post something about it on your site. I probably am desperate enough, though . . .

I try not to abuse your charitable instincts when you come here or make you cry into your cornflakes, but check out what she’s doing. Zachary is a peach and he is trying so hard.



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  • Wow, I hope they find some help soon, he’s a cute kid. My dad is an awesome mad-scientist and he’s working on a way to prevent kids from getting autism. I hope he’s right, I hope it works.

  • Yay! I love Jippy- I got to know her during BloMe and I’m so GLAD you put her up here.

    There is a twenty second clip of one of her son’s pain episodes on her site which will definitely make you cry. She posted the “after” video, too, which provides a nice relief to the bawling (yours, not his).

    These are the kinds of things the internet does so wonderfully: gives her a chance to vent, gives her support, educates people and sometimes even helps financially.

    Jippy’s worthy. And funny, and honest. Try her, you’ll like it.

  • I wasn’t familiar with Jippy (I never quite made it through the whole list of NaBloPoMo participants), but wow, what her son is going through, I’ve never heard of anything like it. I think it’s great that she’s using her blog to raise money for MAGIK, and I also think what Kevin Bacon is doing with his Six Degrees Charity is important as well. Thanks for introducing us to this remarkable family.

    P.S. I love the jacket you’re wearing in your banner photo!

  • I work for AOL and had a chance to work on the promotional campaign for Kevin Bacon’s 6 Degrees AIM Page.

    I’m really glad to see that the word is spreading about SixDegrees. I think it’s a clever idea and something that’s really easy to get behind.

    I normally wouldn’t be on here shamelessly plugging something for my company, but if you would like to take up a cause of your own, feel free to make an AIMPage and ask those around you for their support.

  • Oh this made me all weepy. Thank you.

  • You think you know a person. I am fan, I come to fussy and I read and I love it. You get this idea that Enden Marriott Kennedy is ultra cool and gifted.
    I thought I’d come here and say Thank you a bazillion times but I can’t yet……. I am going to have to find a way to thank her later. A good way! She threw me for a loop when she said this, ” Zachary is a peach and he is trying to so hard” How can she SEE him from all the way over here….accross the internet. Many people never see him when he’s standing right in front of them. So I am in awe of Ms. Kennedy ( if I can throw back to eariler days here. ) You think you know a person and then go and show their true colors which are more brilliant and wonderful than you could have ever guessed. Thank Eden for posting my letter and for seeing that Zachary is a peach.

  • Incase you watched Primetime tonight. 2/20/06
    The Outsiders featured a school that is shocking children like Zachary. Children with special needs that have self- injurious behaviors. I hope if you read about Jippy and Zachary here on fussy, you’ll be inclined to come back here or send people here.
    People may have seen the show and been horrified but think it’s there only choice. Remember Zach is getting helped at the MAGIK clinic. It’s not a cure but it has helped us so much and we live our life together. Many people read about Zachary here thanks to fussy ( thank you Eden) I hope it reaches those children and their families. I sent my story to Primetime. I hope they follow up and show another way to deal with these kids. Like it says…. Zachary is a peach…… Aren’t they all?