Somewhere, there’s a place for my ass, somewhere . . .

On March 27, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy

Okay, I’ll admit it, that BlogHer-ambivalent post was a cry for help. Fortunately, ELB got my attention with an e-mail whose subject line, “Don’t give me that shit,” and her offer of a couch to sleep on, put many things into perspective. Thus chastened, I vow to refocus my financial tractor beam and get my ass to Chicago.

Speaking of couches, or at least comfy chairs, behold my very favorite song of the moment, Amy Winehouse’s “Love is a Losing Game,” sung live by its author.

(I am listening to nothing but her these days and it’s all his fault!)



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  • Oh, but oh, have you seen Amy Winehouse’s duet with Charlotte Church? You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the two of them do Beat It. I am still leaking tears of joy. It’ll either make your day or fill you with Lovecraftian nameless horror, take your pick.

  • I’ve really been enjoying her new songs (“Rehab” is genius, and just what we need this spring), but something about Amy Winehouse still scares the crap out of me. I think I might be overwhelmed by her pipes, by the way she sounds battle-worn at the tender age of 23. Or just the way she teases her hair. Dang, can she tease that hair.

    (Thanks for the live version.)

  • That Beat It thing leaves me sort of conflicted, frankly. Like, okay, she’s so drunk she can barely sing, I’ve seen the Replacements and the Pogues and there’s nothing new in barely being able to finish a song. But on the other hand, the total lack of respect implied, for both Charlotte Church and MJ, is a nice cheap thrill.

  • Yes, and the pipes and the tats and the girl-group hair. She’s quite a package.

  • I am loving Amy Winehouse. She reminds me a bit of Etta James who I have always been in love with. I really must get her CD.

  • hmm. that link doesn’t seem to be working. bummer. sorry.

  • Here at the Fort, we are loving Amy Winehouse’s new album (and her old one) too. The big band sound, the ‘No, no, no’ of Rehab, the general battle-worn vibe. Brilliant.

    I heard a rumour that she’s likely to do next James Bond theme tune, which would be superb.

  • I’ve never heard her music before now. Thank you! I’ve heard of her, but never taken the time to seek her out on iTunes. I will have to buy her music.

    Also — score one for not judging a book by her cover. I wouldn’t have ever guessed that voice was coming out of that body! WOW!

  • “Rehab” is one of the best songs recorded in years, in my humble opinion. It’s one of those few songs that cheers me immensely at the thought that people are still making great music like other people used to.

    Amy drinks at the same Camden pub as a mate of mine. He says she’s a right pain in the arse. But she does make bloody good music.

    I’m so glad you’re going to Chicago. I’m going to pull my finger out and make the necessary arrangements.

  • thank you. i have such a girl crush on amy winehouse- her voice is incredible and she’s fascinating.

  • i have two other dames that might diversify your current musical diet. regina spektor and carla bruni. lemme know what you think.

  • It’ll be cool to meetcha. Sorry if I accidentially faint or pee my pants or can’t talk. Meeting my blogging icons will be like meeting famous celebrities…in my world.

  • Ok. Thanks to this video, I can add Amy Winehouse to my list of Girls I Want to Be. She’ll fit in nicely right behind Parker Posey.

  • See, do what Danielle and I are doing: Skip the actual CONFERENCE, and just go to Chicago to hang out with the Byrne Unit and drink cocktails! I mean, really. Conference schmonference. Save yourself the drudgery and we’ll rent a paddleboat, danielle will bring a flask of Jameson’s. It will be GOOD TIMES. Until we hit the open water, and then it’s totally FEND FOR YOURSELF.

  • I’m really happy to read this, as I hope to get to Chicago and your being there and hopefully hearing you present were some of my biggest draws.

  • Sarah comes, also? My joy complete!

  • Styro, I’ll wait for you on shore, I’ll bring a hibachi and fry up whatever you catch.

  • Unless it’s some kind of disease.

  • Oooh, she’s fab!

    I’m always impressed when such a big voice comes out of such a small singer.

  • I think Amy is singing like that for effect. She doesn’t seem any more drunk than usual… She sings perfectly on the choruses, is negotiating high heals, etc. I love the performance! The youtube video of her and Paul Weller is great too.

  • God, I soooooo love Amy’s new album. But my fave song is “Tears Dry on Their Own.”

    …and even my hubby loves her album. Major feat.

  • P.S. Yeah, the Beat It thing *is* bizarre. Basically given her live performances lately, I just feel forewarned not to see her in concert and stick with her albums.