The Emperor’s Children

On March 24, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy

The Emperor’s Children, by Claire Messud

Three thirtysomething characters who met in college continue their lives in New York City. Well-observed but uninteresting people.



One Response to “The Emperor’s Children”

  • I read this completely ignorant of it’s premise, author, or any critical acclaim since I am desperate for English books while living in the rural mountains of the Czech Republic with a toddler, and picked it off of the shelf of a friend, just so I could read. Ignorance was not bliss. I was totally frustrated by the end. The characters were very well observed, but uninteresting and the plot didn’t redeem that for me. If you’ve read it, you may think I’m callous for saying this, but the plot turn was lazy. Bringing that particular subject into the novel was just like pushing the easy button to every US citizen’s empathy or emotions.