Give Me a Minute

On April 24, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy


Every last brain cell has been wrung out of my creative consciousness and poured into Word documents labeled “Chapter One,” “Chapter Two,” and, for some reason, “Chapter Seven.” There was a reason for that. Give me a minute and I’ll remember what it is.

A million things have happened in the last thirteen days and I don’t have an ounce of energy to tell you about it. We’re in the home stretch and I have to ration out the wordpower.

But in the interest of making this visit worth your while, here’s a recycled but still delightful post about the time I went to Vegas with my old boss and our constipated receptionist!



22 Responses to “Give Me a Minute”

  • “poor drinks management”


    I liked the recycled post, especially since I haven’t yet had time to get through all of your archives.

  • Fussy archives are deliciously paired with Mountain Dew this morning.

    When your words come back, please to tell us more about the book? I need the book. I want the book. I wish the book were already written. The book probably does not approve of my impatience.

  • I remember reading that post I don’t know how long ago. But I’m glad you pointed it out again because it is still really worth reading.

    Hi, I could have emailed that.

  • You can make it, girl.

  • Hang in there, tiger! Or whatever the kids are saying these days.

    And a big thanks for the recycled post. I guess everyone’s experiences in Vegas hinge on the delightfully bizarre.

  • OK, you’re minute is up.

  • Write! Write! Write! Write! Write!

    The recycled post? Brilliant. Further proof of your rockstar status.

  • Wow. More drama there than I’ve had in years.

  • don’t worry about us
    do what you’ve gotta do
    we aren’t going anywhere
    we’ll survive without your words for now (or so i keep telling myself)

  • Can’t wait to hear more about it Mrs. Kennedy. Especially the part where we get to buy these chapters.

  • I’ve had margaritas and Mexican food at that little restaurant, most notably during a lunch break at a conference. The afternoon breakout sessions flew by.

    Later that night we went back for more margaritas, and we actually watched them being made, which was a mistake, because the bartender clearly wished for our deaths, so much tequila did he dump in our glasses.

    The only remedy of course was to drink them down completely, get in a cab and not go to bed. We met a charming Australian who promised to pay for our drinks if we got him into a members-only club, which we did; we later returned to the hotel with just enough time to throw things in our suitcases and get a ride to the airport.

    Best convention ever.

  • Oddly satisfying. Thanks!

  • Personally I’m a fan of chapters called “Chapter One” and “Chapter Two.” I think clever titles only overpromise. I’m so excited for you both. Count me in as another eager readers just waiting to hit that preorder button on Amazon when you give the word.

  • I wonder if the chi machine is still making the rounds.

  • Cheering you on from the sidelines…

  • Nice photo.

  • I once wrote a short story about a Walter Mitty – esque character who always imagined himself inserted into fantasy novel field battles.

    His battle cry was “Kapitel Sieben!” (which I really hoped I spelled correctly, I’m rusty.) “Chapter Seven!” in German.

  • Keep up the hard work!!!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  • I can’t wait any longer….. I am gonna have to hijack your blog. I made my very first video ( video editing is in my five year plan.) I hope you like it……. come home soon! Zach’s Mad World
    the text turned out too small….. I am just learning. but the song is Mad World and it just took over the video.

  • Great story!

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