Geek Love

On June 24, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy

Geek Love, by Katherine Dunne

I’d avoided reading this when it first came out in the late eighties because it seemed so trendy to read a book about a family of circus freaks. Twenty years later the hype has died and what’s left is a solid family drama about the power struggles and rivalries between brothers and sisters who happen to grow up with humps and extra appendages and conjoined twins.



8 Responses to “Geek Love”

  • I loved this book–it was one of my favorites as a teenager.

  • Just read this. Loved it.

    Made me feel like less of a freak at a time when I wasn’t so sure…

  • I read it on the tail end of the hype, some time in the 90s and really loved it. I think it succeeds for the same reason that Buffy became a cult hit, it takes the everyday struggles and puts them somewhere outlandish so you can step back from them and really see.

  • Loved this book. Found it in my therapist’s waiting room, of all places, in 2001 and borrowed it. Has anyone read any of her other books?

  • I was fairly late to the party with Geek Love, too; I just read it about five years ago after hearing Chuck Palahiuk (sp?)recommend it. Easily one of my favorites.

  • This is my favorite book of all time.

  • One of my very favorite books, I go around telling everyone to read it. Robin, I read Katherine Dunn’s “Truck” and it was…ok. On it’s own I’d probably call it good, but compared to Geek Love it falls a bit flat.

  • What an amazing and terrifying book this is. So human, and so touching.