If Six-year-olds Ran the World

On June 27, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy

You would always lose a tooth the day before your birthday so you could wake up on your birthday morning with money under your pillow:

lost tooth!

he's keeping it in his pocket all day

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies would be your favorite color:

Blue cookies

And your mom wouldn’t scream if you tried to eat the weird thing she bought at Kim’s Market just to post on her blob:

california breath



21 Responses to “If Six-year-olds Ran the World”

  • Damn, I only have Pennsylvania Breath.

  • Oh! So THATS how those famous types do it.

  • Um you would also be that stinkin’ cute. Does California breath smell like smog?

  • A balding, jaundiced, disembodied head surrounded by… molecules? frog eggs? aquarium gravel? I can’t wait to put whatever is being marketed into my mouth.

  • How lucky is he??? A tooth out on his birthday? JACKPOT!

  • Look at those cheekbones emerging from under the baby face. wow.

  • does he really say “blob”? that’s awesome.

  • Oh. He’s too cute.

    But those cookies. I keep telling myself that it’s just food coloring. But it looks like mold. Eww. (It’s just food coloring. It’s just food coloring. It’s just food coloring.)

  • California breath.. hmm so pinkberry sushi and vomit?

  • Bluuuue coooookieeees! That picture of him is a-dorable!

  • And there you were all fretting over what to do about his birthday…and he looks just like you, too!

  • Happy Birthday to Jackson!

  • What a sweet birthday, except… Bossy hates to be the one to tell you this but she thinks your cookies have mold.

  • I have Montana breath, so that means I smell like cow shit and Power Bait. Sweet!

  • Darn it, I brushed my teeth, masking my California breath.

    It sounds like a great sixth birthday! (Assuming the California Breath doesn’t produce some odd medical condition…)

  • I must have Wisconsin breath. Cheese, beer, and anything else midwestern. I just hope it’s good cheese I’m breathing.

  • So, does California breath smell like car exhaust and ozone?

  • Are you living my life, Eden? I think you are. My six-year-old lost a tooth this week, too — the one just to the right of Jackson’s. But he lost it at summer camp. He’s fortunate that the Tooth Fairy isn’t a heartless bitch.

    “Chewable Gel Caps.” Here in Orange County, we call that “gum.”

  • I think I just woke up this morning with a bad case of California breath….(too much Pinot Noir)

    Happy Birthday Jackson!

  • What a fabulous birthday. My 6th was my best, too – we went to the Santa Barbara Mission and saw dancing Indians – they probably don’t do that anymore but it was mighty cool at the time.

  • I am here through Where Hot Comes to Die.
    I love the tooth picture, he is a very handsome dude.
    Yours is the first blog I had to hide (scroll up really fast) from my daughter who likes to sneak up on me from behind while I blog.
    I like it.