Loosening Up

On June 14, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy

New post at Babble: Good Lord, My Son Has a Lot of Stuff On His Bed.



3 Responses to “Loosening Up”

  • Mrs. K.

    If anybody can do the family trip – it’s you. White volvo and all. I remember a volvo, but was it a VW. Either sits well in my memory.

    Jackson is super-duper lucky. Tell him i said so. The coolest and best looking parents on the planet.

  • I remember lying in the back window staring up at the stars on long family car trips.

    I really, really miss that.

  • I remember a trip from Indiana to North Dakota when I was 4. My parents had a “Mini-Motor Home” lent to them for the trip. It was so fun! I remember sleeping in the bed above the front seats and eating at the table while going down the road – I thought that was amazing hahaha!

    (I love your blog, btw! You are so great with words.)