On June 11, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy

“Last night my husband, Jack, and I went to a last-minute “Let’s Eat Lasagne and Watch the Last Episode of the Sopranos” party at which our son, Jackson, was the only little kid. I’m not sure where my head was during the brief invitation-acceptance phase of this party, except that I must have thought something like, “He’s almost six! He’ll entertain himself!” This is an unfortunate tic I have that started the day after Jackson was born and I kind of just assumed that if he was hungry he’d go to the kitchen and make himself a sandwich. Yeah, so kids? They’re more time-consuming than I’d originally thought . . .”

If you want, you can read the rest over at Babble.

I feel like my posts are a little stiff over there. Like, I have to explain everything and make a good impression or something, I don’t know. Either it will work or it won’t, but for now it’s a good place to stash all the parenting stuff that I’ve been sparing you.

For the record, I thought the last Sopranos episode was a let-down. I was hoping for some big explosion of change, like Furio would come in and shoot Tony in the neck and whisk Carmela back to Italy? I guess until I get my own show on HBO I’ll just have to suck it up and watch the last season on DVD, I missed a whole bunch of TV death while I was in Denver.



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  • I never even thought of that ending as a possibility, but that would have been brilliant! I adore Furio!

  • Babble post is good, like a manicured Fussy post. I’m not sure if the folks over there are cool with your unadulterated “blog voice,” but maybe test their boundaries. Of course, that worked wonders for me. I’d advise you not to take career advice from me.

  • “Manicured,” okay, I’ll take that. P.S. you were in eighth grade when I was a senior. PUNK.

  • Just don’t use the word “whimsical” and you’ll be okay.

  • I think the Babble post has your voice all over it — it’s just slightly more magazine-column formal than some Fussy posts. Formal does not necessarily equal stilted, tho. In this case, it equaled entertaining and duh-I’ve-done-that-too funny. :)

  • You guys are so nice.

  • No no no, Furio tries to shoot Tony in the neck but is shot by the Russian mobster whom Chris and Paulie let go in the woods, who THEN shoots Tony in the neck. And AJ’s head explodes like a character in “Scanners” for no particular reason except to amuse me.

  • I loved the idea of it being “unfinished”. Instead of Tony fading to black it just went black in the “middle”. As if Tony was shot in the head from behind and had no idea it was going to happen so then BAM there it was the aftermath of a truly violent end simply black.

  • My hubs is a part-time Sopranos watcher, and he was totally confused by the last episode. He kept saying, “That’s it? I must have missed something.”

  • They left it this way, because there is a movie in the works. I guess we will have to wait another 3 yrs and, of course, not know what is going on because we all forgot what went on in the last episode.

    I am really wishing some one would just off that Chase guy and have someone finally finish the damn thing.

  • Hey, I am back did you miss me? ” I thought he’s make himself a sandwhich” OK that’s not a perfect quote but what you said pretty much sums it up for me too! I wish you would get your own show on HBO! By the way don’t you have TIVO or DVR yet? I had no cable for years and then recently went for the whole package and it’s fun!

  • The TiVO’s busted and we’re saving up to fix it.

  • Now that the Sopranos is over, I plan to rent every episode from NetFlix and glut myself on 8 years worth of episodes very, very quickly. I haven’t watched since the first year or two, since cable and I parted ways, and I freaking loved that show.

  • Yes, let me know when you get our own show on HBO. That will be a fine trip I’d love to take.

  • a furio return would have been ACES. :)

  • I like your post over yonder. Was that a sentence?

  • I love your Nervy Babbling posts thus far. I would have commented there, but am too lazy to give them my life history in order to be assimilated.

  • I know your mind isn’t all there right now because I know mine wouldn’t be in dealing with the death of a parent. Maybe your son was the only child because that show is SO not appropriate for children under the age of 16; the language alone is enough to stifle one’s growth.
    I thought the shows ending was great, you know as in fade to black as in his lights went out. I did love the journey music, because I’m an 80′s kid.

  • No wonder I’m short.

  • Your ending is a great one. I forgot about Furio. That would have been great. I completely hated the ending. Hated it. I wanted Tony to go out in a big blaze of glory and to get nothing? That was a crap ending.

  • the sopranos episode was something else. i watched it last night and

  • Mathew. Always with the funny.

    Runway, we knew that our hosts’ daughter would be coming back before the show started and that she’d hang with Jackson while we watched, but yes, I’m still pretty addled, especially about this writing stuff.

  • Babble is apparently a biggie in my circle of straight friends. i now have a reason to read it.

  • I too am waiting for the day when my kids are a little more self sufficient, and they’re 9 and 11! Hell, they should be making MY dinner by now.

    I was originally let down by The S ending, but only because I’m always let down when the show ends, series finale or not. But I think it made sense. Life in Jersey will continue, only without us.

  • I am not trying to toot my own horn in someone else’s post section, but I thought you might enjoy this about the Sopranos:


    and this post about my cat, who has some intestinal problems and a bad attitude:

    Personally, I loved the ending of the Sopranos. I thought it was excruciatingly tense. But I have to say: I heart Furio, too! Great idea. Maybe in the movie.

  • I’m glad someone else out there was wondering about that damn Russian that escaped Paulie and Chrissy in the woods. My husband and I were expecting a return of him or Furio as well. Carm deserves to be swept off her feet!
    The blackout had to be the end of Tony – did you see the anguish in Meadow’s face when she finally parked her car and ran?