Our Light Summer Posting Schedule Continues

On July 13, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy

Struggling to keep it going at Babble, though, or they’ll fire me: Jackson loves New York, and I think it loves him back.

Time Out New York



3 Responses to “Our Light Summer Posting Schedule Continues”

  • Bah, light posting. As a loyal customer I am B)satisfied with your current posting frequency and A)highly sastisfied with posting quality. I have no comments for the free form section of the imaginary survey I just took.

  • I am here to help you with content for ‘Posting Light’

    I tagged you in a Meme on my blog.

    8 habits/facts about you, your readers wouldn’t know. (you can keep your SSN a secret! I know, I know, no thanks are necessary!)

    (ps: I will expect a virtual stab for this at some point.)

    pps: I send tons of people (not ton weighing people mind you) here and to YogaBeans!

  • Remind me to add Cafe Loup to my list of Child Friendly Restaurants We Swear To Go To If We Ever Make It Out of Our Neighborhood. It sounds like a delicious rainy day.