Soccer Players

On September 26, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy

Soccer players

Saturday under-eight division soccer games are better than TV.



6 Responses to “Soccer Players”

  • Wow. I remember those days. My son lost interest in soccer a few years ago but I miss those Saturdays. The games in the mud were the best because the boys cared nothing about scoring but who could “accidentally” land face first in the nastiest mud puddle.

  • Soccer games are better than a lot of things! Kick Balls!

  • Dude, U-6 is where it’s at. They all follow the ball like moths. I believe they call that “bunch ball,” but then I believe a lot of things.

    btw, I find this new feature hilarious. You’re not sharing enough of your life on the internet!

  • The hilarious part is how I expect people to find it fascinating.

  • It’s online, hence it is fascinating. That’s the beauty of the internet. The medium is the massage.

  • Dah, I thought I was being all clever with substituting “massage” for “message,” but according to Google, I’m just unoriginal.