On October 26, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy


Santa Barbara has these painted bronze sculptures posed semi-realistically all over the block of State Street between Figueroa and Anapamu. There’s a bronze guy washing the window of the Lewis & Clark gift shop, there’s a bronze guy tying a little bronze girl’s shoe on a bench. They’re all kind of dated and horrible, but for the tourists it beats the hell out of taking another picture of a palm tree, I guess.



5 Responses to “Bronze”

  • man, I fucking hate bronze people. my wife’s hometown has a bronze benjamin franklin and all these bronze schoolchildren saluting a bronze flag. man, I fucking hate bronze people.

  • We just have painted and bronze pigs. Actually, i think that’s an improvement over the bronze people.

  • I think it looks neat…..

  • The new(ish) mall in our town has tons of those, but they are all freaky looking kids. The girl I nanny for is obsessed with them, and has to stop and pet the ones with dogs. Ugh.

  • creepy.

    and there are others? even more disturbing.