Shoe Decision 07

On October 12, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy

shoe decision 07

Which impulse purchases are going back whence they came so that we can eat this month? From L to R:
a. The incredibly comfortable Paul Greens that were pricey but still a screaming deal at Piperlime;
b. The cute Soho Labs that were also on sale but that scrape my achilles tendons;
c. The black patent Ecco Mary Janes that are perhaps not age appropriate for a woman over 40 but which are also extremely comfortable;
d. The gorgeous Ecco t-straps that make me feel like a flamenco dancer.



30 Responses to “Shoe Decision 07”

  • How many pairs do you HAVE to return? I love them all as I’m sure you do too…..
    My first choice is to return the 2nd pair because they scrape your achilles.
    My faves are the 1st and 3rd pair! =)

  • Those Ecco T-Straps are fucking awesome. And who doesn’t want to look like a Flamenco dancer when you get right down to it?

  • My vote is that you should keep the Paul Greens and the Flamenco Ecco’s. The scraping ones must go and the black Mary Jane’s, while cute, are not as fab as the reds.

  • Yeah, I sense soreness in your future if you keep the Soho Labs tendon-peelers.

    I have a pair of Mary Janes very similar to those – they’re great because they can work either for casual or semi-fancy, and they’re so much more comfortable than heels.

    The T-straps must stay with you, always.

  • Send back the Paul Greens – they’re really ugly. Who cares if they’re comfortable? The others kick butt – hang on to those.

  • Wait – I changed my mind. The straps on the Paul Greens really are cute and S-E-X-Y. Those are keepers. Ditch the Mary Janes. They’re stupid.

  • It does depend on how many must go back. First one back are the ones that dig into the achilles. If you must choose another, then send back the 1st pair. I love both Ecco pairs!

  • oh my god you have to keep d oooohhhh my god

  • one and four go back – the middle two fucking rock. xo

  • they all must stay! they’re all adorable! mind you, the scraping of the Achilles is :S so, i say they all should stay cept the red ones that scrape.

  • Number3

    That’s all I have to say!

  • Obvs the words “scrape” and “tendons” do not occur in a phrase that includes “shoes I will keep and wear”

  • I’m afraid B is a little too fetishy for my taste (but I’m an old fart, what do I know?). They hurt too? Begone bad shoe! I would definitely steal er, buy the patent spectators. Very cute.

  • Return……shoes? I don’t speak that language, translation please.

  • a or b because I rarely like a peep toe and I don’t care about age the mary jane is classic and finally everyone needs and excuse to salsa.

  • Long live the flamenco shoes! And anything that hurts your Achilles tendon should go.

  • Suzy Soro, I would like to be your friend.

    (Send back the Paul Green’s and the scrapy’s. The Ecco’s rock and are different enough that you will get TONS of wear out of both of them)

  • No shoe that’s uncomfortable is worth keeping no matter how good a deal. I’m so guilty of buying shoes because the price was too good to pass up, even though they didn’t fit properly. I looove the flamenco Eccos. Keeper.And the mary-janes, which lean more classic than trendy.

  • I say keep the most comfortable ones and let the uncomfortable ones go.

  • please don’t return c & d. please. i beg of you. mary janes? always age appropriate. cute. a little bit naughty. and the flamenco? they are the sex. rawr.

  • Shoes should a) be comfortable and b) make you feel cute and/or hot. So, duh, return tendon-scraping shoe B (and its mate, for full refund).

    Keep the rest. Bravo for wearing red shoes!

    I am still stuck in my timid black rut — just ordered these Kenzie flats as part of my campaign to dress more like a girl. And even on sale that is still a lot of money for me right now. Only free shipping & returns gave me the courage to dare!

  • C and D are awesome.

  • anything that makes you feel like a flamenco dancer is at least as necessary as bread and milk.

  • I love them all! Live on Ramen noodles for a month and keep every pair!

  • T straps must stay. Absolutely must.

  • If you can keep only one pair, the T straps are it.

    You should get a commission from Ecco; I’m sure there are many pairs being purchased as I write…

  • Officially decided I love the Eccos. The other two are packed and waiting to be dropped at UPS tomorrow. Thanks, Citizens of the Internets!

  • Ecco T-Straps!!!! Love em, love em!

  • Keep #2 and buy moleskin, as peeptoes are so stylish, or #4.

    Laughing at your Pokemon-wall comment at Antonia’s.

    I don’t think your comments let me sign in, or I’ve had too much chardonnay.

    Anne Glamore

  • ok i immediately went online to find those red ecco t-straps but i can only find them in black and espresso! HELP!!!

    and i ‘m glad you kept them they are fab!!!