National Blog Posting Month, Day 1

On November 1, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy

Uh. Well, I joined NoBloShoeMo because apparently I have NOTHING BETTER TO DO.

leopard clogs

Also, I have to tell you what fun it is administering a social network. We have an open blogroll over there so everyone can add their own URL, and someone deleted all the links today. Like, 2,500 links: *poof*

So that’s fun.

Wow, what a crummy way to start a month of daily posting. You know what? Go back and read last year’s first-day BloMe post, it was a lot better.



30 Responses to “National Blog Posting Month, Day 1”

  • Do people actually have 30 days worth of shoes? I have about 9 pairs, as I cull the closet herd every year.

    As for the NaBloPoMo blogroll, I was wondering when it was going to go FUBAR, I expected spam not deletion.

    Did you email the folks at Blogroll to see if they have a database backup from yesterday?

  • Oooo, I have those! I have them in red leopard as well. It’s an addiction! (I typo’d that as “addition” which is also apropos.)

  • I’m looking forward to seeing how your month gets better. Go NaBloPoMo!

  • I just joined myself. Hope I can make it the entire month.

  • It seems like common sense is just non-existent anymore with people online. Unless its a greedy NaBloPoMo’er who wants all the goodies for themselves.

    I hope the day gets better for ya. I know mine hasn’t.

  • Well, I suppose we can console ourselves with leftover candy.

    I’m not sure I have 30 pairs of shoes, I may have to move on to socks.

  • Ahhh now SOCKS. that’s something i can wrap my brain around. is there a 30 day thing on that?
    deleted the blogroll? what a scumbag. sheesh. hope your day gets better!

  • Nice shoes!

    That blows about the blogroll.

    I hope your month gets better.

  • Sweet jesus. I added my link today, but I’m pretty sure I’m more savvy than that. ? That truly sucks, in all sincerity. There must have been a gazillion bloggers linked already.

  • thats insanely shitty.
    and i was already linked too:(
    I;m really sorry. Its such a brilliant idea, too, because I am so excited. Heh.
    (although. cannot figure out the whole badge thing)

  • motherfucking fuckers. How damn dare they?

    p.s. now I have Dansko envy.

  • That is terrible.
    I am so sorry that this fun event had a bad start for you. On the plus side, I love your shoes.

  • I am pained for you. Truly. We once lost two weeks of posts scheduled at Cool Mom Picks – that’s 30 posts.

    At least it can only get better?

  • Oh, you gotta be shitting me.

    The good news is it only takes five seconds for each of us to re-add our links.

    The bad news is that the same asshole will no doubt do it again.

  • I am amazed you managed to repost all those links already (yes, I paranoidly checked to see if I was still on the list!).

    30 days of shoes! That’s awesome. I’m passing on that theme. Mine all look orthopedic! And it would entail me actually uploading photographs. Which is work. My daily haiku theme seems easy so far. After one day.

  • you are kidding? i hope someone just did it as an accident. that blows.

  • oh dear … do we need to go and put them on again?

  • Oh man, that’s the pits. I’m sorry. I hope things gt better for you soon.

    PS: I do love the shoes!

  • Oh, no. Really? No. I’m hoping it was an accident, but that doesn’t make it any easier on you.

    Shoes are very cute though.

  • Eden! I just discovered a high school friend I haven’t seen in 13 years by looking at the Members on NaBloPoMo. His picture looked familiar so I explored his posts to find clues to his identity and lo and behold, of all the gin joints in all the world, we both have blogs and are participating in NaBloPomo! Crazy!

  • 30 days of shoes? Don’t mind if I do! I’m NaBloPoMo’ing, too, and a little freaked out about it. Maybe I need a gimmick, like 30 days of angst or something.

  • I love the idea of 30 days of shoes but I have maybe five pairs so I would have to keep taking pictures of the same ones in different parts of my home. I need more shoes.

  • Now I know why I procrastinated signing up and adding my name to the list!

    I’ll get to it. No really, I will.

  • Now I know why I procrastinated signing up and adding my name to the list!

    I’ll get to it. No really, I will.

  • OMG. I just clicked to go read last year’s kickoff post, and now I am recovering from the convulsions and trying desperately not to wake a sleeping child.

    Wee nutsack. My God.

  • How do I sign up for National Blog posting month? I’m participating, but haven’t figured out how to sign up. My blog is:

  • They remind me of “Pebbles” from the Flintstones =)

  • Click on the NaBloPoMo 07 badge with the cat face on it over on your right, it will lead you to this year’s main site,

  • Oooooo, cute shoes. I am a brand new blogger and have joined the NoBloPoMo bandwagon, also! :)