Domo Fixture

On December 10, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy

Domo fixture

Last week when I was in Denver my friend Brian took me out one night to this Japanese restaurant called Domo. The fixtures appeared to be homemade, big chunky twigs tied together and wired to the ceiling. Our chairs were tree stumps. The food was very good, even though I don’t get the whole sake-in-a-box thing. On the way out I saw a small display of porcelain sake cups, which Brian informed me was a collection of the last cups used by kamikaze pilots before they flew their suicide missions.



5 Responses to “Domo Fixture”

  • I spent the better half of today looking at black chandeliers but that fixture kicks ass.

    What is the substance between the twigs? Paper? What kind of paper? What color? Will you go back and steal it for me?

  • Ooh. Blair Witch light fixture.

  • Would you care to gaze at my orange juice glass from this morning? The last cup used by me before I flew my suicide mission: otherwise known as Monday.


  • Ha! Angie.

    Can you believe that I still haven’t seen Blair Witch? I hate scary movies.

    Suzy, it’s paper with Japanese characters on it, but it’s not newspaper. It might be handmade paper, probably coated in something so it doesn’t catch fire.

  • I have heard of that place, but have never been. Will have to check it out, thanks!