Mmmmm, brains . . .

On December 8, 2007 by Eden M. Kennedy

The fetal warrior image in the previous post may be too disturbing to leave up all weekend so I’ll just quickly tell you how excited I was to find a budget anatomical torso online for Jackson’s Christmas!

What I like about the Peter/Petra model, say as opposed to the Dapper Dan, the Functional Francis, or the Little Joe, is that Peter/Petra has both male and female sex organs. Keep it clinical, I say! No mysteries! “That’s a vagina, son. You’ll know what to do when the time comes.” Or not. We’re not into that whole forced heterosexuality thing.

Now I just have to decide whether I want to box it all together, or wrap each organ individually and scatter them under the tree. Ooh, what’s this! It’s a liver!



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  • WOW, you are a genius. It never would have occured to me to wrap each. organ. separately. You could get really crazy and put a couple in his stocking, down there in the toe where people usually put oranges.
    House of Jules

  • I love it! Briliant!

  • I’ve heard that large intestines make great stocking stuffers!

  • I say scatter them. Leave the torso for the last present. It will make him wonder and when you’re an adult, you realize how little wonderment there is left.

  • Since Jackson is so young, perhaps dole out the organs over the years? Hold on to the vagina [that's what SHE said!], say, until closer to puberty. Could be a lovely tradition to consider…

  • I think you should TOTALLY wrap them up separately! But I think you should give him the torso first and then let him find all the pieces that fit in it.

    Of course I had to click through to the site to see the others. I was thinking how cool it might be to have a variety of those larger ones in a room for kids to play with, but then I realized that getting a real cadaver might be a lot cheaper ;)

  • I’m all for the scattering….hopefully you’ll have the ability to get all the body parts back into the torso…as for me, I know I’d get it all wrong and the gall bladder would end up being found years later at the bottom of the huge misc. toy basket.

  • I had the anatomical horse as a child and it provided me with hours of entertainment, and probably accounts for the way I turned out.

  • Individually.

    One thing I miss about not making the Christmas cake this year is the bit where we sit down with the leftover marzipan and food-colouring and make tiny internal organs. Ian’s idea. Christmas won’t be the same without sugared spleens.

  • It is like Dexter’s dream present!! Awesome.

  • ” …or wrap each organ individually and scatter them under the tree.” I am so devoted to you.


    It will be fun. It will be educational. He could learn the purpose of fallopian tubes. Or are the sex organs not that specific?

  • I’m so glad to read that Jackson gets the anatomical model for christmas! I wanted one so bad as a 5th grader(?) that i saved up a couple hundred dollars for one. I thought it was odd, even at that age, to blow all that money on a naked man, so i think i bought a boombox instead. That last sentence didn’t come out right… Anyway, I was crazy into anatomy then, and would have loved it. Individually wrapped organs is a great way to figure out where they all go!

  • Who needs chocolates in an advent calendar?
    I’m just saying…different body part behind each little door. If that doesn’t make the season fun, I don’t know what does.

  • I would like this for a holiday present. And I would like each organ wrapped separately, please. Thank you.

  • We have something similar to this and Felix loves it. As in really really loves it.

    I’d individually wrap each part if I wasn’t so lazy.

  • I love this!!! I would be THRILLED to get this as a child, or you know, now. Also kudos for getting the ones that are anatomically correct and not making that part of anatomy a dirty secret.

    I’m also thrilled to hear about not forcing heterosexuality.

  • Anatomy Love it.

  • Totally not disturbed by the fetal warrior; in fact, I have seen and loved him/her before.

    What I love about this post is the revelation that there is a place called You cannot imagine how very much I love this.


  • I love your masthead.

    Found your site from MightyGirl’s – just stopped by to say hi!

  • I say scatter them throughout the year – the heart for Valentine’s Day, the liver for St. Patrick’s, etc.

  • i’d love these for my kids; short of googling them, can you tell me where you found them? thanks

  • never mind, found it…

  • I thought Heather B.’s scavenger hunt idea was awesome; it could be just like an Easter egg hunt, only with our sweetbreads!

  • Individually wrapped with the slang names taped to them is the way to go. Who wouldn’t want to open “Balls”, “Wang” and “Velvet Clam” for Christmas? Not sure what the slang term is for bladder though…piss balloon?

    It’s fun for the whole family, really.

  • I hope this kid is into science because this seems a bit serial killer in the making-ish. I’m thinking a nice chianti and some fava beans. slurp slurp

  • Another great website to find the Budget Torso model is and you can go there by clicking this link directly: