Bathroom Mushroom

On January 14, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

bathroom mushroom

This corner in our bathroom has been neglected for so long that a mushroom started growing there. TOXIC HOUSEKEEPING: I WIN!



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  • oh dear! i didn’t even know that was possible! i would have been set to trembling!

  • OMG – Gives new meaning to “A Fungus Among Us!!!”

  • In high school, I had a bathroom to myself. It was my responsibility to keep it clean, and mine alone.

    I had a mushroom, too. A series of them, to be exact. My dad still kids me about it to this day.

  • Wow. This was so weird and kinda freaky to me that I had to google and see if it was freaky as I thought. Turns out, it is not. But it’s probably not a sign that you have poor housecleaning, as much as a sign that you may have a leak or plumbing problems. Which is too bad, because fixing poor housecleaning is generally painless and cheap. Fixing plumbing problems is not.

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  • Yeah, it’s not as uncommon as you think. I’d take a shower ‘shroom over the maggots squatting the kitchen cupboard I found at my old apartment any day.

  • Eat it, I dare you, with a little butter and garlic.

  • I think you are my new hero.

  • Wow, that reminds me of being 18 years old, away from home for the first time, living in a very dingy, Georgian walk-up, one room and “2-bed closet” apartment in Dublin. (It was literally a bunkbed built into a closet!) We found three little mushrooms in one sunlight-neglected corner (not that there was much sunshine in Dublin to begin with), and haughtily complained to the landlord, demanding that she do something about it! So she bent her grizzled bones down and plucked them up. “Der, you’ve no mushrooms now,” and she turned non-chalantly and walked away, as my friend and I stood, mouths agape. It was an awesome moment.

  • wow, thats disgusting…i applaud you, but thats disgusting. maybe now when people come over they will think the grime is on purpose, thats the upside in this i suppose!

  • Groovy. Way way groovy.

  • Dare you to dry it and eat it.

  • When we lived in CA, we had a guest half bath that had nothing under it. No slab, no basement…just dirt. In the winter it would get really damp. The first year we had a few mushrooms around the toilet, which I removed and sprayed around with bleach. The second winter it was very rainy and damp (an el-nino winter) and we had such a thick crop of mushrooms I had to shut down the bathroom because I’m allergic to mold.

    I had the ‘handyman’ come to take a look, and he had to totally rebuild the bathroom floor. When he took out the toilet it was black underneath, and filled with spores. We had to put in a new subflooring, new floor, replace the toilet that leaked, and it costs thousands.

    You MIGHT want to check under your bathroom before you end up with mold spores that are too toxic to handle.

    And it has NOTHING to do with housekeeping. It’s mold from dampness and crappy CA houses with no cement subflooring.

  • OMG that happened to me when I was younger! I even blogged about it! My mother was not pleased about it. And yes, it’s nasty. So nice to know I wasn’t the only one.

  • Hee. We’ve had that in our basement.

    And yuck.


  • freaking awesome!

  • Cute!

    That happened in my grandmother’s bathroom once. I thought it was neat then, too. :)

  • You’re my idol. I’ve been terrifying my future mother-in-law with descriptions of the mold in my bathroom, but you win the prize.

  • wow. at least mushrooms tend to stay put (or grow slowly enough) so you don’t have to worry about them crawling into your shampoo.

  • Yep, you win!

  • A clean house is a sign of a wasted life.

  • I totally remember mushrooms growing outside the shower in my dad’s bathroom. So I’m probably the only person who will look at this picture with fond memories.

  • I have this same problem. How did you get rid of your mushrooms??