I Swear I Won’t Make a Habit of This Embedded Preview Thing

On January 21, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

Hi, I’m a sucker for romantic comedies starring attractive bubbleheads:

This spring is looking like a really good time to go to the movies. Fingers crossed that we haven’t just seen all the best scenes, that there are actually 90+ minutes of comedy and chemistry there.

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18 Responses to “I Swear I Won’t Make a Habit of This Embedded Preview Thing”

  • i’m sensing a trend here. sink-peeing = comedy gold.

  • It’s like How to win $3 million and lose a guy in 10 days, except without Kate Hudson and Matthew McC!
    House of Jules

  • Step. Away. From. The. Packaging. This is the #1 reason why my family has banned me from entering Target… I can’t resist teh mad cutenezz…

  • You are a comedy writer’s dream date.

  • Looks entertaining, he is funny.

    27 Dresses worth seeing in a sappy chick flick kinda way. Saw it last night and well worth the $8.

  • I was set to skip it till I saw that Tifah’s in it. The Queen makes anything all right.

  • In the space of five minutes, you have shown me not one but two clips of people peeing in sinks. And yet I am… grateful?

  • what’s with all the peeing in the sink clips?

    not that i mind….

  • I am too. Looks like we’re back to the old adorable Mary of old -that’s good. I missed that chick.

  • And – yeah. You can tell Hollywood’s a small town when TWO new movies have the peeing in the sink trick. Gross the first AND second time.

  • I think Dennis Miller should be on the Supreme Court. And, Ashton…he’s wants me…just so you know.

  • I’ve been wondering what Ashton has been up to. Ok, not really. But I want to see this movie. Not as much as the Tina Fey movie, but they are both on my list. This is primarily because I’m pregnant and can’t do other fun things like eat sushi or drink booze. Thusly, I welcome all chick flicks with open arms! Bring ‘em on!

  • I had not noticed the peeing-in-the-sink connection! Although I’m happy that we have both sexes doing it. What I had noticed was the 30 Rock connection (Tina’s first-season boyfriend who moves to Cleveland is the one who dumps Diaz at the beginning of the second preview).

  • Not much of a Cammy Diaz fan, but that one looks worth seeing. And here I thought there’d be nothing good at the box office until Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince came out…

    Kidding. Kind of.

  • It’s actually an SNL connection – Jason Sudeikis met Tina Fey at SNL.

    I was wondering if Demi had to give Ashton the OK to appear in a movie. Oh wait, she’s not his mom. At least she feels safe that he’s “acting” with someone she knows.

    I’m not so off-put by the sink peeing because I have a brother.

  • Wow…so…you’re into this? I um. Hmmm.

  • Like the handtowels comment. Reminded me of my SIL!

  • okay seriously… who doesn’t look before they sit on a TOILET!