Six Things I Am All About This Week

On March 11, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

1. Hershey’s Easter Candy-Coated Chocolate Eggs. Runner up: Cadbury Mini Eggs — sometimes you need a glossy candy Easter egg, sometimes only matte will do.

2. Cookie’s new spiked training collar. I hate the way it looks and I hate the way it makes passersby avoid us because holy shit, wouldn’t you only put one of those things on your vicious dog to make it more vicious? And yet it has turned her into a lamb, a lamb who no longer jerks and jumps and barks all through our walks but who jogs down the street, pausing to sniff the rain spouts and hedges that only last week she’d barreled right past. I love to take her on walks now, which means we both get more exercise, and it’s also helping her to set a better example for Peewee. Thank Cesar for the suggestion, nothing else was working.

3. That one Justin Timberlake album. In case I need to clarify: I am not all about Justin Timberlake, for a variety of reasons starting with his facial hair. No, I am just about that one album. Okay, and the Pepsi commercial.

4. Darjeeling Limited. Jack was too busy monitoring that last hour of an eBay auction for a Ken Smith bass (I’ve never seen a man so riveted by anything in my life) to pay attention, so I basically watched this by myself. I loved it. Well, actually, I wanted it to be better, but I still give it a solid B+, and for the record I am just fine with being that one person you know who looks forward to Wes Anderson movies. Question: Is Wes Anderson the American Michel Gondry? You have ten minutes to decide before a giant cat opens up a trapdoor in the sky and bellows WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?

5. Skirts!

6. Half-price Juicy Couture “Pleasure” flats that give off a little bit of an eau de Chanel vibe and go so very nicely with number 5.

New flats



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  • I am the only one I know who liked Be Kind Rewind (and Human Nature, natch). And I get a ton of grief about A Life Aquatic. So I vote YES, to your question!

  • i have a very sweet but not fully dog-socialized pit bull. a rescue dog. we use the pinch collar, and when we socialize him we use a lightweight muzzle. you should see people pick up their bichons and run!

  • My husband and I both loved Darjeeling- I like him better than gondry because he doesn’t meander quiiiite so completely into holy crapland.

    Also, those collars are so much GENTLER than letting them wrench on their necks with a standard leash. We had a wussy little Cavalier Spaniel who could NOT contain himself at the incredibleness of everything in the WORLD to the point where he’d gag and choke at the end of the tether, the dummy. That beautiful collar was the equivalent of anti-epileptic meds for him. Plus it gave us license to nickname him killer.

  • Another voice in favor of the prong collar. It was the only way I could walk our lab when she was young.

  • We just saw Darjeeling the other night and it reminded me how much I LOVE Wes Anderson. The colors! I just need pretty colors, nice cinematography and some wackiness and I am head over heels.

  • How is it possible that I’m the first to mention how cute your shoes are? Though I do wonder if the band-aid came before or after; I’m more than willing to ignore it because they were half price. Love it!
    House of Jules

  • Jules asked first, but I’m going to check back in to hopefully have my curiosity satisfied about that band-aid: Was it the shoes???

  • Ah, the band-aid was the result of a different, older pair of outlet shoes. This spring weather + no socks = blisters.

    The prong collar is only half the magic I thought it was, I still have to get Cookie leashed up when she’s in that mythical “calm and submissive” state.

  • Cadbury mini-eggs are THE BEST thing about easter. it’s a good thing they’re only sold for a month a year or i’d have bigger problems with my weight. oooph.

    you have the best shoe collection. but i’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

  • No! Michel Gondry is the French Wes Anderson.

    I saw “The Darjeeling Limited” with The New Pornographers. Sort of. They were sitting in front of us.

  • Love Wes Anderson – well, except for Life Aquatic. Still haven’t seen Darjeeling yet.

    Love Cadbury mini eggs!!

    Love that JT Pepsi commercial too!!

    I’m feelin’ you today!

  • I’ve been all about the cadbury mini eggs this week.

    We had a spikey training collar for our English Mastiff and the trainer called it power steering. Totally true and definitely necessary if you have a dog who throws his weight around. Especially if it weighs more than you and is taller than your children.

  • The pinch collar was my savior with my dog Penny. She would practically collapse her own trachea, she pulled so fervently on her leash.

    I guess I’ll have to snag the label of being the only one who is all about Justin Timberlake. Cuz he’s yummy.

    And I love you new shoes!

  • Love the Chanel Mary-Janes, love the band-aid, but especially love the whole Jane/rolled-up jeans/band-aid combo. Not only that, it reminds me of my daughter when she went through her foot-foto-fase…

  • Loved the Pepsi Commercial, and the Band-Aid touch . . .

    May I add a #7?

    How about something green, like taking a long walk with family for some CO2 free action?

    Sorry, but I am a green mommy blogger, and I can’t help but drop green stuff whenever I can.
    ‘The Green Drop Project’

  • Can I get a HELL YEAH on the Hershey’s CANDY COATED eggs? That crackle and the chocolate just…does something to me.

    Speaking of JT (my husband is all “JT – Your Other Man”) you really need to give his newest CD a try. As a 37 year old mother of 2 I’ve found new ways of embarassing my kids and family while completely enjoying that CD. Okay, well, and myself at times.


  • Where did you get the fabulous shoes?

  • I’m also a huge Wes Anderson fan, but the Darjeeeling Limited sort of left me feeling really really blah. Significantly more blah than his other flicks, all of which have been bueno. Mui bueno, even.

  • mmmm Wes! He is the reason I studied film in university. I fell in looove with Rushmore and decided to never leave the film faculty.

  • First off, the shoes are perfect. Audrey Hepburn perfect.

    Secondly, I was kind of disappointed by Darjeeling. I still think Wes really hit his stride in Royal Tenenbaums & Life Aquatic (my personal faves). Gondry is awesome, but I can’t really compare them. Michel creates a new world with each film, but Wes keeps using the same one over & over. Neither one of them is better than the other, they are both completely necessary.

    Thirdly, I use the Gentle Leader collar on my border collie. That thing is a fucking bitch from Hell to fit correctly, but once it is on, she doesn’t tug on the leash at all. SO that’s good. It weirded me out that the collar comes with a dvd, but I soon discovered why. Watching it certainly helped. But it may not work so well with your short-nosed dogs, like Cookie.

  • Love the shoes. And really loved Darjeeling too!

  • You left out the Reese’s Eggs! Those are by far the best part of Easter. Yes, even better than the whole Jesus has risen from the dead thing.

  • Okay, wait… what collar? Am I the only one who doesn’t know? Prong?? *must search Google*

    I have a bulldog mix who has suddenly gained enough weight to make it difficult to keep her from going full speed ahead on her walks, and I’d love to know how to make those walks much more enjoyable. Also, my arm and shoulder could use a little break — I don’t find it vey enjoyable to have my entire arm dislocated from my shoulder every time another dog crosses our path!

  • Shoes: so cute.

  • You know, I’m so glad to see some other folks who aren’t drawing back in horrified disbelief at the prong collar. Our Giant Beast weighs nearly as much as I do, and believe me, *his* neck is much stronger than *my* arms. The tiniest tug on my part with the prong collar, though, and we’re trotting well together, instead of lunging, dragging, gasping and choking our way down the street — both angry and possibly injured. It’s not jagged spikes, yo. But yeah, the way people react….

    Also, those might be the cutest shoes in the history of ever.

  • You know, there’s a Christmas version of those mini eggs now. So, plan-ahead shopping and stockpiling could have you in mini eggs almost year ’round.

  • You know, I’m just going to admit it. I don’t go for Wes Anderson any more. We’ve grown apart. I appreciate what he does – I mean, I think the movies are good movies, just not for me because I just end up feeling uncomfortable throughout. The other guy, especially the Science of Sleep, which I loved, but still makes me feel like I should send in my tap water to a lab see what sort of hallucinogens are hanging out in there – he’s a little loopy. Close, but only because he does intelligent humor and human nature under a microscope.

    I was thinking more like Spike Jonze. In fact I keep forgetting which one did Being John Malkovich.

  • I see Bossy sez shoes so cute. But what is it with you and Bossy and the discount ankle-strapped flats (I know, I should have a hyperlink but: Did you call each other?

  • I had to go buy a bag of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs after reading your post so thanks for that! Love the shoes.

  • godiva cream-filled chocalate chickies – them’s my favorite easter treat . not that there’s anything wrong with cadbury’s, au contraire, i just thought i’d share. and i love the new shoes!

  • I likey the shoes and the Justin Timberlake.

  • Pinch collar is worth the stares. Our tiny dog was a threat to no one but herself, specifically her trachea. No problems now. Anywhay, the starers were typically those using retrachtable leashes and those people have scars on the backs of their knees as proof of their poor judgment.

  • I could live in skirts! Was that supposed to be a link?

  • Skirts! Seriously? I have started making my own: Totally easy to do – I just started sewing in December. I used the book “Sew what? Skirts!”

    Now you have to post photos. I am such a skirt convert, I can’t even tell you.

  • I just discovered pastel candy corn. Now I can eat it twice as many times a year…

  • I am completely and utterly addicted to the Hershey’s candy coated chocolate eggs. Part of me is mourning the end of Easter candy season but weight-wise it’s probably a good thing I can’t get them again until next year! :)