Aw, Peewee!

On May 17, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

Poor little ‘Wee! They shaved his legs and took away his balls.

poor little guy

It was supposed to happen two weeks ago but the vet called in sick that day so we had to reschedule the appointment. Once the drugs wore off Peewee was literally leaping into the air. We had to stop him because it’s ugly if those stitches pop. Jack used to work for a vet and he always talks about how dogs would go through major operations, an animal could lose an entire leg and the next morning it’d be hopping up and down in its kennel going, “Can we go for a walk now? Canwegoforawalk?!”

Some people seem to be confused by the fact that we are taking away the puppy-making capabilities of both our dogs. Isn’t it enough if you just do one? they ask. It would be if I had a magic crystal ball that assured me that I’ll never get hit by a bus or lost at sea or crushed by rubble in an earthquake or go into foreclosure and have to move into an apartment that doesn’t take dogs, or that no one will ever steal my friendly dogs out of my car in the grocery store parking lot, that Cookie will never end up stray and bloated with progeny or Peewee part of an ignorant backyard breeder’s puppy mill. If you can be absolutely sure that your dog will forever and ever amen be by your side and never dishonor the family name by having puppies out of wedlock and those puppies won’t end up in the wrong home, badly trained and uncontrollable and eventually, tragically euthanized, then by all means, don’t bother, save your money and let nature take its crazy course. Or you know what you should really do if you’re committed to keeping your dog intact because you just can’t stop anthropomorphizing the manliness of his testicles and spending your afternoons enviously watching him lick his balls? Invent some doggie birth control! Little dog condoms and adorable little canine IUDs.

Seriously, though, get a grip. Spay and neuter. Many animal shelters have free or discounted programs for the financially broke. In communities where spaying and neutering is mandatory, euthenasia has gone down 75%.

Apparently I’m sort of angry about this.

my doggy

Cookie, you’re next.



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  • I’m mad about the same damn thing. We adopted a stray we found in our neighborhood (year and a half old, not neutered but microchipped, number registered with the microchip people was out of service) who most likely ran away from his first family because he was intact and raring to go find himself a good time. By the time we took him in, he had heartworms, malnutrition, mange and a respiratory infection. ALL TOTALLY PREVENTABLE. WTF, first family.

  • I completely agree with everything you said. Good for you!

  • Dogs and cats that have been spayed and neutered live longer, healthier lives. Seriously. It’s better for them in terms of their long term physical health to spay/neuter if you have no plans to breed them. They also tend to be calmer, which is good for our sanity. Less need for profuse apologies when they start humping the guests’ legs. :)

  • Amen, sista.

  • When my husband brought our pound puppy home, he had just been neutered. The vet made it very clear that we were to keep him quiet for 2 weeks (2!!WEEKS!!). The first time I laid eyes on him he was flying thru his new back door. He made his entrance with all four paws off the ground! Keep him quiet my ass….

  • Well said. I wish I had been that eloquent when people asked me why I had my English Bulldog spayed. My poor girl. I hated giving her the medicine to calm her down after her operation, but she didn’t seem to notice she had even had it.

  • thumbs up (paws up?)

  • I’m mad about it too. WTF, people?

  • we had both of our cats spayed, but it wasn’t for the right reasons. since we live on the fourth floor in an apartment building in turkey there wasn’t much chance of them sneaking out to fine a handsome tom so i put off the expense. i knew we would do it eventually, but the incessant howling at night because they wanted to get out and find some feline lovin’ just about drove me crazy. i just wish they the vet had a two for one deal!

  • I had my Yorkie neutered because they found a mass in one of them and wanted to do it just to be safe. By now he had full-on diabetes and had gone blind and I kept begging the vet to tell me this was POSITIVELY necessary to put him through this.

    After the surgery, he was put in the kennel with all the post-op animals and when they found him, he was eating and all the other animals were passed out cold. The tumor was benign.

    (I didn’t have him neutered before as he came from an ACS breeder and part of the deal was to mate him. That never happened)

  • I love my ball-less dogs.
    That was a great read. thanks.

  • HA HA I had a visual of a pink puppy IUD and studded puppy condoms. Next I’ll be thinking of a puppy g-string with dog bones printed on them.

    I TOTALLY agree. Spay and neuter. I get so sad and cry seeing that commecial about animals being mistreated while that Sarah Mclachlan song is playing in the background.

    Anyway…have a nice rest of the weekend.

  • If I could have I would have had all my puppies balls cut off right out of the birth canal…The vet advised me to give them some time. But seriously it’s the right thing to do!
    We just adopted a crazy puppy (mixed) and really want to get another dog – a bull dog – yours are soooo cute. People keep talking about their butts though and issues with keeping them clean – what’s the story morning glory?

  • Bob Barker always had it right and so do you – perhaps you are the Bob Barker of this blogeration? Come on down!

  • Good thing to be angry about.

  • When is Jacks turn?

  • Do they have discount programs for the spiritually bankrupt? ‘Cause I need to let my readers know.

  • I am 100% with you. First of all, I think it’s pretty crappy to let a the male dog struggle with the urges he will inevitably have that comes along with keeping his jewels. I’m not advocating breeding, but if you’re not going to let him get laid, don’t make him deal with urges he can’t satisfy. I think that’s cruelty, in some form.

    Not only that, but there are benefits to having your dogs fixed… no bleeding, less humping and marking… I mean, come on.

    I have 3 dogs (2 males and 1 female) and they’re all fixed. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I think it’s awesome that you actually look out for your dogs the way you do. Thank you. :)

  • Wow, I’m honestly floored that you catch flack for going through with it. I’ve heard of people shaking their heads and “cluck-clucking” about other pets in the neighborhood being fixed. I bet there is at least one blog entry somewhere about cruelty and unnecessary surgery and blah blah blah. Meanwhile, I grew up thinking it was just the standard, like it wasn’t a choice. Get a dog, you’re gonna walk it, feed it, and sterilize it! I guess someone somewhere will take issue with anything.

  • If you want to keep the appearance of your dog intact, post-neutering, you can always invest in some Neuticles. I don’t know why anybody would, but it is an option.

    My parents had their last dog neutered kind of late in his life, at about 9 or 10 years of age, when he developed testicular cancer. Fortunately it got caught early enough that it hadn’t spread, but that’s just one more reason people should consider neutering early.

  • You are so right! No one can possibly say that their dog will NEVER be out of their sight. Also, both male and female dogs have a lower risk of genital cancers when they are neutered.

  • De-lurking to say I completely agree. I had my cat spayed at the earliest opportunity – she was around 5 months. We thought she’d be all knocked out, but when we got her home she was the same as usual. Just ovary-less.

  • Oh I am so freaking mad about this too! You said it better, though.

  • Of course it is the right thing to do… (not that you don’t know that already!)

  • Not to mention it’s better for their long term health!

    Rock on with your rockless pups!

  • Amen, sister. We spay/neuter because we love.

    And Peewee is deliciously cute. I’d love to bury my face in those wrinkles. Recover quickly, little guy.

  • Neuter’em early, is my motto. I got my older dog, Max, from a shelter when he was about 2. He was unfixed, so we rectified that situation. Took him about 3 days to come around, but I blame that on the fact that he KNEW the difference and was depressed. However, he still humps and marks things – the behaviors were already formed and there’s really no uncruel way to stop him. So we have him to a point where he has one pillow that belongs only to him (we call her Paris, no lie) and he can go to town as much as he wants on her only.

    My 2nd dog, Ollie, came from a breeder at 3 months. We had him neutered at 7 months when he started eyeing up Max. He recovered fully the next freaking morning, although his ‘mangled junk’ took a while to look un-nauseating. He doesn’t hump and doesn’t mark at all.

    So yeah, early is good. You did the right thing.

  • Our local govt. shelters are trying to convert to free-to-live shelters. A recent article in the paper says that this can only happen if people spay and neuter their pets.

    Our dog came from the pound and he’s been the best $35 we’ve ever spent. We feel lucky that we got him in time and very sad that we couldn’t take more.

  • As the proud owner of 10 previously stray cats that have all been spayed and neutered can I just say AMEN!

  • As always there is a lolcat pictures that is relevant to the situation …

  • how could you not neuter that love muffin. he’ll live longer. the dipshits. they abound.

  • Good lord, that is the CUTEST dog ever. Cutest dog sans balls…

  • I can’t believe people still question the common sense of neutering/spaying. Let me guess. It was a man who was all up in your face about removing the part of Peewee that “makes him a man!” Another reason men are dumb.

  • I think the big question here though is Where is Peewee’s paw?!?!

  • Those who think it’s horrible to spay/neuter should ponder what it must be like to pump out multiple puppies, over as many litters as ‘they’ can get out of you.

    Of course, I live in the area which is the puppy mill capital of the USA, so, ya know, there’s still a huge freakin’ lack of common sense (and I’d sure say a lack of kindness toward animals) out there.

  • When I first read this:
    “Apparently I’m sort of angry about this”
    I thought you were angry about your dog wearing a little shirt. I is not so smart.

  • you’re so right! i’m angry with you.

  • Good for you! I wish more people would get their pets fixed. You never know when a doggie unplanned pregnancy could happen. Your dogs are sooo cute!

  • Leroy was nip/tucked at six months. He misses the Rimadyl more than his peanuts.

  • Amen! Can your dog get any cuter?

  • Just for the general information… in case it makes Jack feel any better… PeeWee will almost certainly STILL happily lick his balls. Intact or not. Frankly, they will always like reminding us silly opposable-thumb primates that THEY can reach, and we can’t. So there.

  • No, Tracy, he can’t reach them. Bulldogs, or at least this bulldog, can’t bend that far. So there?

  • Wonderfully said! Mind if I borrow that logic? My Dad refuses to have his dog (a Pom pup) neutered. Says it’s unnecessary. Meanwhile the dog will do anything to escape the yard in search of some hootchie..

  • I have this shirt that my cat really hates wearing but I love seeing on him. It has a bee on it and says, “BEE HAPPY!” and is just too perfect when he has it on with the worst frown I’ve ever seen. Since he’s long haired it’s even more ridiculous, making the shirt look even smaller.

  • Aside from anything else, those who are so determined to keep their animals intact should think for a moment about how desperately sexually frustrated their animal is going to be if you don’t spay or neuter, and yet don’t plan to allow that animal to breed. If for no other reason, give the poor creatures a break from total hormone fixation!

  • Yes – do it!!
    I qualified as a veterinary nurse. Apart from anything else it prevents a host of diseases / illnesses in terms of lumps & tumours, and the most disgusting of all a life threatening condition called pyometra in females! (Look it up – it will make you think twice about not having a bitch spayed.)

  • Awesome post. It is the most humane thing you can do for your animal community. People who won’t spay or neuter their animals are often the same people who complain that they have such bad dogs, but refuse to train them. Hmmmm. Wonder why?

    Thanks! I really like reading your blog.

  • [quote]Animal shelters have free or discounted programs for the financially broke.[quote]

    While you talk about this, how bout we address the issue on how this is an ignorant blanket statement, and not true in alot of areas. I live in a very back woods, redneck area, and there are no free or low cost spaying or neutering. There aren’t any no-kill shelters that I can find either. I truly wish that statement was true, but for far, far to many places, usually your very low income places that need it the most, it is sadly lacking.