Keynote Videos

On July 26, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

Elaine posted separate videos for most of the keynote readers on YouTube, you can find the index page here. I’m sure it was a lot of work, thank you so much, Elaine!

UPDATE: The whole first part of the keynote is now up on BlogHer!

(Also, the occasionally infuriating but generally okay New York Times story on the conference is here.)



9 Responses to “Keynote Videos”

  • Where’s Antonia?

  • I’m not sure. A few people in the beginning aren’t there either.

  • So nice (and logical!) that the NYTimes article is in the Fashion/Style section, ’cause that makes a lot of sense, you know, with the women being exclusively concerned about that kind of stuff. It would have been really difficult to find if it had been somewhere less appropriate like, oh I don’t know, the TECHNOLOGY SECTION.

  • It’s so easy to be dismissive for Ms. Jesella. Someone should make a blog award just for her. *sarcasm most definitely intended*

  • A guest blogger at Feministe has a critique of/rant on the article.

    As for the keynotes…there goes my productivity for the week!

  • And a writing/tech/business conference is in the Fashion & Style section of the NYT why?
    These damn vaginas are such a hindrance a progress.

  • Still my favorite part of the conference times ten. Even my own panel.

    My apologies for the howls of laughter and sniffle boo hoos you hear in the background — Elaine should have known better and taped my mouth shut.

  • Yeah, I totally missed the first couple and then there was the one (Antonia, I think) I missed when I switched from one camera to the other (filled a 2G card, yo) and the resulting fumbling and zooming and poor quality of camera #2 made it unusable. But I got most of them! YAY!

  • I’m from Texas (like the Bloggess…but at the other end of the state) and I can tell you that I still don’t have enough confidence to wear a Confidence Wig. Just saying. I heard she was a scream.