Perkity Perks

On July 15, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

It’s getting better than free caulk around here. Giant Conglomerate sent me a new camera to get my thoughts on it. My tech-free ruminations, several snapshots, and a video of my dogs panting are now up on my (ad-free) Reviews page.

I’d also like to draw your attention to the post I put up on Wonderland last week for a vacationing Alice. It’s almost completely controversy-free, as long as you’re one of those people who thinks it a-okay to decorate a child’s room with a television set.



10 Responses to “Perkity Perks”

  • I think I used to be subscribed to your main RSS feed and now it’s pointing to your reviews site instead. How do I subscribe to the main event?

  • Normally in Bloglines any update to my site shows up under Fussy, no matter what page I’ve updated, they’re all on the same feed. I have no idea how it words for any other feed reader, which one do you use?

  • FYI: I’m using google reader and I’m getting all of your updates!

  • I’m using Bloglines. I guess I never noticed that it included all of them! This post eventually did show up in there. D’oh!

  • I’m still cracking up over your tweet from yesterday on the “Executive of Dinner”. Hilarious.
    House of Jules

  • I’m still loving the word caulk! Camera isn’t as good of a word, but hey. It’s a better product to review.

  • Ha, I love that you said “free caulk.”

  • I think caulk does sound funnier than camera but the camera is more fun than the caulk…perhaps.

  • Please, no more caulk, I do not wish to be reminded of how long it took me to figure out why that was supposed to be funny! (Note: In New York City and adjacent areas, “caulk” is NOT pronounced the same as that other word. We can’t make that joke where I come from!)

  • I have always pronounced the “l” in caulk. I guess that’s my prudish side showing.

    Eh, who am I kidding.