Uh, let’s see, where was I?

On July 24, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

Wow, am I exhausted. Sort of, you know, mentally.

This weekend’s BlogHer conference was terrific for me. I ended up not going to a lot of panels and instead just meeting people and talking in the hallways outside the panels. I didn’t take nearly enough pictures so I can’t show off all my new friends on Flickr, just the wonderful old ones.

The reading on Friday night was better than I could have possibly imagined, so much more than the sum of its parts. You never know when you read all those posts on your computer screen whether the people who wrote them will be able to stand up and make them work in front of a crowd of almost 1,000. But they could and they did, one by one they stood up there and told funny and thoughtful and heartwrenching stories, and like some gigantic trust exercise the audience rose up to catch them every time. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Photo by Aimee

And as soon as it was over I was ready to start working on next year’s reading. I feel like some crazy lady who just gave birth to a child and wants to get pregnant again right away.

Anyway, whatever, today I’m handling a flea epidemic and a matinee of Space Chimps. And I could really use some sushi.



18 Responses to “Uh, let’s see, where was I?”

  • Since we are new friends, I will allow an “Amy” here or there. ;) Just kidding, I’m totally used to it, “Edan.”

    It was awesome to meet you, and props again for organizing the Community Keynote. It really was a MAJOR highlight of the whole weekend for me. All the speakers were amazing, with their grace, humor and strength.

    Really, really terrific.

  • Damn, damn, damn!! I HATE having no money and having to work, it makes me miss all the fun stuff! :(

  • The community keynote was my FAVORITE part of the whole conference aspect of the weekend. And meeting you was lovely too.
    Although I’m totally jealous now that I realize you live in Santa Barbara, the city I Can’t Believe I Ever Left.

  • i’ll be submitting again next year, but probably hoping not to get picked, because i would just end up feeling unworthy. that keynote was SO AMAZING. thanks again. :)

  • Um yeah…sorry about the drunken comment the other day. I was really sad to have missed it. Note to self: Do not consume 10 Coronas and then read BlogHer posts. Next year, I’m there.

  • Fleas and Space Chimps? …… you need a drink.

    Glad you had fun at the conference. Sounds like it was a great time.

  • I want to just thank you for a brilliant idea that was probably my most favorite thing from the conference, panel/speaker wise. Everyone was AWESOME and I was just overwhelmed with the talent!

  • The community keynote was fabulous. It was lovely to meet you briefly – thank you for signing my book!

  • Hmmm… I think my son would really like Space Chimps.

    I am TOTALLY going to BlogHer next year.

  • I did not know that you were nine feet tall. Hmm.

  • The keynote was, by far, my favorite thing on the agenda. It made me rather pissed off at myself for not submitting as I feared it would be scary and horrible to read in front of everyone and instead the room just pulsed with love and support and that fantastic energy that only women can truly grok.

    I’m trying to upload the video I took now and will let you know when I have links.

    Thank you so much for putting this thing together, it really was wonderful.


  • All I could think about was, “Oh man, I am so going to have to get up the courage to submit something next year.”

    Thanks for putting together what was undoubtedly the highlight of the conference for me. It was like Bloggers Unplugged, or something to that effect. Acoustic blogging. Incredible.

  • Everyone of those posts were spectacular. I can only imagine how hard it was to pick from the very deep pool of submissions but you really caught ones that were touching and funny and perfectly snarky. Thanks so much for that!


  • this was hands down one of the best things about the conference.

  • Congratulations Eden! You are a genius for having conceived this idea.

  • That's really exciting that you got to meet so many people. <3

  • I can really echo what Eden said. I was completely freaked out to read (and oh hell no, cannot watch myself) but once I sat backstage with that group of amazing women and felt that support, I walked out onto the stage convinced I would lose it entirely and immediately felt calm. Think what you will about energy and chi and what have you, but all the good stuff was there in that room and i swear to God it took me through one of the most wrenching things I’ve ever written without tears. Which, if you knew me, you would identify as the small miracle it was.

    I have been a dedicated Fussy reader for the three years and some odd months that I’ve been reading blogs, and this made so many things about this time come together for me.

    And although I’m not ready to watch myself, I am full of gratitude for all of you who taped it and are posting the clips because my family and friends are jazzed to see it. Thank you so much.

  • YOU???
    You rocked some golden ass with that one, my lady.
    I came nearby but am too polite to interrupt a number of times last weekend. I am sorry I did not get to thank you in person. For the amazing selection and perfect keynote.