Big Girl Shoes

On August 19, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

This was at an end of year assembly at Jackson’s school, a group of eighth-grade girls was waiting for some prize to be announced but I was too busy looking at their shoes.



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  • Those are some fun skirts, too.
    (Looking at those shoes makes my feet feel old. I wonder if they’ll be shopping for Clarks and Born 25 years from now like I am.)

  • 8th grade girls are a bit young to be wearing heels that high. *sigh* What is means to be young!

  • while i simply adore those polka-dot ones, i have to agree… 8th grade! sheesh… however i’m finding it increasingly difficult to find cute shoes for my 11 year old that aren’t super high-heeled too.

  • Those are some well-dressed 8th graders.

  • Oh my goodness I didn’t wear those types of shoes until I was a senior in highschool! kids are getting older at a younger ages these days

  • Oh my goodness I didn’t wear those types of shoes until I was a senior in highschool! kids are getting older at a younger ages these days

  • I wore skechers in 8th grade. I would never have guessed they were teenagers.

  • Wow. While gorgeous, those polka dot shoes are wholly inappropriate for a 14-year-old.

    Congrats Mom to grey flats and knee-length skirt girl. You are hanging tough in a hard world!

  • Um, I wear Skechers NOW (and I’m 40). I know I’m being overly dramatic, but this makes me sad. Heels like that are not only inappropriate for that age, but we are just perpetuating the the whole painful beauty concept and the sexist tripe that goes along with it. Bottom line, heels are NOT good for your feet or your posture or your back, and I don’t think it’s a great idea to inflict that on a kid.

    And, yeah, kirida, I thought they were the feet of middle-aged women. Sigh.

    God, I’m cranky today!

  • Yicks must have been the fashion club. Did everyone have one of those or is that strictly a Southern thing?

    I agree the shoes seem to be a bit ummmm mature for 14 year olds. The polka dots are a bit CFM but I’m more stuck on how she mixed them with a plaid skirt????

  • I agree that those shoes are too old for those girls, therefore, they should be sent to me so they can sit on my shelf while I imagine my life is glamorous enough to warrant owning such fancy shoes.

  • could they walk in them? especially the polkadotted numbers. when little girls wear big girls shoes, they always wobble all over the place.

  • My mother would not have let me out of the house, except of course, in those grey flats.

    Do you think the polka dot chick would let you borrow those shoes for the wedding? Those are fabulous but my back hurts just looking at them.

  • Those are 8th grader legs and shoes? Holy cow… back when I was in eighth grade…. CRAP, I just turned into my parents.


  • Flashback: I actually did where heels that high in 8th grade, but my dad wouldn’t let me get past the front door in them.

  • Fourteen year old girls with better shoe fashion than I have at 34. Sad. Maybe they were borrowing their mom’s for the assembly and really they were aching to get back into their flips?

  • While the shoes are mighty stylish, they’re a bit much for 8th graders. (Except the gray flats, and maaaybe the kitten heels.)