End of Summer Wrap-Up

On August 30, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

All’s well that ends with you still getting a bunch of presents, it seems. Jackson’s taken the dissolution of the Santa Claus myth really well so far, because now he doesn’t have to worry about transmitting his intentions to some rarely-available middle man, he can just come to me directly and say, “Can you just put a bunch of magic tricks and pranks in my stocking? Actually, that’s all I want for Christmas, magic tricks. Can I you do that? Thanks.”

The other thing that’s come out of all this sudden growing up he’s doing is that I’ve realized that my habit of wearing only tiny stud earrings, which I started doing when the odds seemed to be in favor of finding blood running down my neck and a pretty, dangly hoop in one of Jackson’s baby fists, the other day I realized, Oh, right, he’s seven, I can probably wear real earrings again. So I opened up the drawer where all my earring neglect has been happening and I found a bunch of kooky, heavy earrings (cats hugging cannonballs; James Joyce and Nora Barnacle) that I mostly don’t want to wear anymore. There are like five pairs worth keeping at this point, but what do I do with the rest? Ebay? Put them in a baggie and toss them in with the next load of old Disneyland t-shirts on its way to Salvation Army? Give used earrings as birthday presents to people I want to gross out just a little?

What else. We finally FINALLY got Cookie spayed, no more bleeding on the Home Depot wall-to-wall, thank god. Her stitches are awful, it’s like Frankenstein down there, you don’t even want to see. I was going to take a picture and then I thought, I’m pretty much the only person interested in my dog’s incision, I need to put the camera down. It’s all about training your baser impulses, I guess. Don’t post photos of your dog’s stitches, don’t leave angry comments on people’s blogs telling them how stupid and boring they are. Rein it in a little, for the common good.

So all in all it was a long-ass summer. I lost uncountable games of Connect Four; battled horrible, drippy Danish guys in incomprehensible games of Chaotic; and generally lost all sense of personal space. For a constant companion and running buddy, you can’t ask for a more sympathetic and interesting (admittedly, Nickelodeon-based) conversationalist than Jackson, but holy mother of Pokemon am I ready for second grade to start next week.



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  • That boring comment – I think I need one of those. That’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time (unless it bummed her out, which then it was really not funny at all, meaning I hope she laughed).

    Do you really have earrings in which cats hug all of those objects?

  • Whoops, I think I need a semicolon in there, there are no cats hugging James Joyce.

  • I would totally get my ears pierced just to wear James Joyce earrings. I had no idea such things existed! Dead author kitsch never ceases to amaze me.

  • Take the earrings you can’t imagine wearing any longer to a consignment shop. That’s what I did, and with the proceeds promptly bought a new pair that I love a million times more.

  • They make James Joyce and Nora Barnacle earrings??? Holy mother of Maud, I just may need to get my ears pierced.

    They don’t seem like the most hygienic people to have poked in one’s ears, though.

  • I had a neighbor who made jewelry. I photocopied photos of James and Nora and she put them into earrings for me. She also made me some Franz Kafka/Felice Bauer earrings. She had Colette and Nabokov. It was just her thing.

  • Go school! Yea! All day!

    Bring new meaning to Labor Day when you think about it, doesn’t it?

    Enjoy your time next week.

  • One night last week I clapped my hands in the air and when I pulled them apart I’d squashed two mosquitos! Anyone else would have washed their hands. But I have a blog and a Flickr account, so I tried to find the camera, so I could show the Internet. Then I had a word with myself and just washed the things off my hands.

    Congratulations Cookie! No more periods!

    Esme starts school in 2011. I’ll start counting the days in a couple of years.

  • Oh dear Bob, school is FANTASTIC. It’s BRILLIANT. I’m loving them being in school SO MUCH, and I’m the one who spends 8 hours a day in the office and not at home; just imagine how the wife feels.

    Only a few more weeks and we eject our oldest possibly FOREVER and after this summer this IS ALSO OKAY. FINE.

    So I sympathize.

  • My boys started school three weeks ago, and I’m still home all day with a baby but I have much fewer tantrums now.

    Mine. Not the kids’.

  • Thanks be to Pikachu school started today here. Praise be! But so does homework. Boooo. Also, school, thanks so much for the demented scavenger hunt that is the “school supplies” list. I do love a wailing breakdown in the supermarket because there are no more abacuses. Abaci?

  • I have to tell you that I just went through your 96 day hair journal and I love the way it looks super short! I wish I had the guts (my ears don’t match so I have always been self conscious about a short haircut.

    Love it.

    Keep it.

    It’s all good.

    Second grade started for us 2 weeks ago. it is lovely.

  • I hope that the start of school enables some lovely adult conversations that don’t involve the words “would you rather” and “don’t you think Spongebob….” School is good.

  • I forgot about the earring thing until too late with baby number three. Yawza! I’m back to studs only, please and thank you. My nine year old still won’t give it up that he knows there is no santa claus, for fear of a possible reduction in presents. Such thoughtful children I’m raising.

  • Hurray for school! We’ve been back for a couple of weeks, and my 7 year-old left me a note this morning (a note?) that says “Second grade is a big success.”

    So, yay!

  • I’m with Nellie McKay on the “boring” comment (‘Chop your head off! be a lighter person, brighter person; nicer — but you’ve heard it all before.’) I think blogs that are boring need to be told so, having slogged thru a number recently (yours excepted).

    I’ve taken a number of earrings and turned them into necklace pendants or charms, if you still like them as such.

  • I was looking through my earrings last week, too, to see which ones I wanted to bring to New York with me. Then I realized that I have sporadically become an adult over the summer and dangly pink polka-dot ribbons are no longer appropriate for me.

  • One of my friends always used her old earrings as brooches and shoe-clips but then I tried it and totally got impaled by the earring back. Turns out her earrings were clip-ons. And also she didn’t have tiny bits of blood running down her blouse. Unlike me.

  • Holy mother of pokemon, that’s an awesome expression! There was a time when my boys lived, ate and breathed pokemon.

    I have two sons, a first grader and a sixth grader. Boys are so much fun!

  • Summer was great, but I am so glad the air has cooled and the kids are in school!