Happy Holiday, 1972

On August 27, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

Another find from my mom’s house. Chris is in the letterman’s jacket on the left and Tim is the Chicago Blackhawks fan on the right. God, I love everyone’s haircuts.

My dad wrote the red “1972.” He knew calligraphy, I wish my handwriting was half as nice as his was.



8 Responses to “Happy Holiday, 1972”

  • What a treasure! you look like a young Jodie Foster in that picture.

    Happy HoliDAY…isn’t it usually plural?? Guess you only get one ‘s’ in that greeting and be happy with it!

  • This is the best find ever.

    Back in the 70s, they probably didn’t worry about offending people by only mentioning the ONE holiday, which would account for the lack of plural! Hee!

  • OMG, Jackson looks just like you.

  • Paper Napkin, I was thinking the EXACT thing! Eden, you should put a wig (with a barrette) on Jackson and take a picture for a side by side comparison. Plus it would just be awesomely funny if you could get him to do it. :)

  • That retro design would totally be at home on any shelf of holiday cards today!

    But, of course, now we are required to say “HolidayS” and not just holiday. Because we all know there are several other culturally important days that are celebrated in the winter.

    Like Festivus.

  • I love this. My father-in-law just gave my husband all sorts of stuff like this from the 70s. There was a biz cared from his band when he was a teenager. too funny.

    and yes, you do look like jodie foster!

  • If I could favourite this picture post I would. I love this.

  • Your brothers were rocking the Jonas Brothers ‘dos before they were cool. That’s an awesome memento of your childhood.