Internet, Help Me Figure Out What To Wear

On August 18, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

Our friends John and Gregg are going to get married on a Saturday afternoon this coming September. The whole shebang is going to be devastatingly tasteful, I’m pretty sure, and even though the grooms have a sense of humor I’m not sure how far I should push that in what I wear to their wedding. Because my first impulse is to wear something fun! And fun! isn’t always appropriate. So, Internet, I need you to help me figure out how not to look like an ass at this wedding.

Okay, first we have up two dresses given to me by Maggie when she was cleaning out her closet last winter. Please ignore my hair and scowling expression. The pink halter is cute, huh? There’s a little kitsch factor in there, too, that I think the grooms would appreciate, though it might call too much attention to me on a day that is about two other people. Also, I’d need a wrap and new shoes. And I don’t really have the money for new shoes at the moment.

The black number, by way of contrast, is pretty straight ahead, though it needs accessories to start looking fancy. And I kind of don’t think this is really a little-black-dress sort of occasion.

Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson, right? That pink sheath is also from Maggie, and heigh-de-ho! I think I’d also need a bouffant and some frosted lipstick to really swing it. And shoes, god, always the right shoes. But again, maybe this is too much of an attention getter.

The gray suit (which needs to be pressed, wow) is what my mom wore to get married to my dad in a civil ceremony in downtown Minneapolis in June of 1952. I love that I can fit into it. I don’t have any pictures of my mom wearing it, unfortunately, but imagine her being 5’4″ and me being 5’11″, the hem must have been halfway to her ankles. The beauty of this is that I wouldn’t need to buy shoes, these black pumps would work fine. Maybe some gloves, though. And seamed stockings, and a pillbox hat with a veil, and a whalebone girdle.

Previous to this little fashion show, Jack thought it would be funny if instead of wearing one of these dresses, I went to buy something fancy at Nordstrom and then returned it the next day, crying*.

*This is now just an excuse to tell you another story about our wedding, which took place at a time when we were beyond broke. I had planned to wear that gray summer suit my mother’d gotten married in, above, but Jack and his mom talked me into getting my own dress. Finding a wedding dress for under $100 requires you to have some pretty low expectations. Jack didn’t want to wear the same suit he got married in the first time around, understandably, so I went with him to Nordstrom to look for a new one. He picked out a beauty, and while he was getting hemmed I wandered into this long, black beaded creation that looked fantastic on me and cost $1,000. Would you like to open a charge account? Why, yes, I would! We got it all home and when I realized what I’d done I started crying. “We can’t afford all this, we can barely pay our rent!” Jack was disgusted by my lack of financial confidence, but I took it all back the next day. Nordstrom employees are unfailingly polite, but when confronted with a sobbing woman returning her wedding dress, they cannot get you out of there fast enough.

True story!

(I ended up scoring the long, white satin sheath wedding dress, that you can see in that link above, at the Saks 5th Avenue outlet in Camarillo for $88.)



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  • Grey suit…definitely. You look classy and sassy.

  • I’m going to vote for pink halter. I think you look fabulous in it and I don’t think it’s that terribly attention-getting, just gorgeous. The black seems too funeraly, the longer pink dress seems too costumey, and the grey suit is lovely, but a little conservative. Pink halter!

  • The grey suit looks amazing on you, pressed or not. And the other 3 do too. :O)

  • The pink sheath makes me want to drop some acid with you and run around in the woods tripping our faces off. I have no idea how much of that is related to the dress and how much of it is because I have cut down on caffeine and am maybe a tiny bit insane. The grey suit is STUNNING and I think you should wear it. Every day.

  • I vote grey suit too- just awesome.

  • I love the pink sheath, especially the ruffly neckline. It’s my favorite of the four. But I hear you on the shoe dilemma.

    The grey suit looks fabulous, and wearing it to a wedding celebration after seeing your mom at a difficult time might be a little therapeutic. (When did I become your therapist? Sorry.) But really, it’s just fantastically classy.

  • Grey suit. So Mad Men….

  • While the first pink dress looks maybe the most stunning, and the second pink dress is definitely the coolest, most artistic-looking number, I would vote for the gray suit too. And tell your friends you wore it as a good luck talisman for a long and happy life together or something like that. As others have said, it is incredibly classy, and the backstory makes it mythic.

  • I’m a sentimentalist: the gray suit.

    And I bought my wedding dress at JC Penney for $125. When the lady at the cash register was ringing it up, she looked at me with this big beaming smile and said “Oh, this is lovely! So you’re going to the prom?”

  • If you can afford to get the pink sheath hemmed, I think you should go for it. I think if it were shorter on you, that it would look chic and that you have the legs to pull it off! The grey suit is very cool and it has a great back-story, but it seems like it would be really warm.
    If the pink sheath doesn’t work, I vote for the black dress because it’s safe, the shoes work and it’s classy.
    Have fun!

  • man that gray suit is gorgeous. i love the buttons detail. but i think you could rock any one of those! the pink is festive!

  • Grey suit! It’s gorgeous and soooo classy. And the backstory…it’s perfect.
    And wow, you’re beautiful.

  • The pink halter, hands down. It fits you beautifully and is classy in a festive way. The black dress also fits you perfectly, but may be a bit too neutral unless you can jazz it up with some accessories. The pink sheath looks like a tripped out house coat from the 60′s and swallows you whole. The gray suit has a great story behind it and seems to be the sentimental favorite, but it looks a bit somber for a wedding. I also think I would be waiting for you to break out into “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from Company B” at the reception. (Which might not be a bad thing…) Having said all that, you seem to be the type of woman that can carry anything off with attitude alone–so just go with your gut.

  • Grey suit. I think it’s classy!

  • The pink halter is lovely, but I think it might be a bit too lovely for a day that, as you said, is about two other people. I think you look just as smashing in the grey suit, but it’s understated, too. So I’m voting for the grey.

  • I vote for the grey suit – you look great, yet it’s a subtle enough outfit so as not to steal thunder from, say, the bride. I like the pink sheath, too, but it looks a bit too much like a bathrobe my Gramma had in the ’70s. The only accessories I could see going with it would be Isotoner slippers and a coffee cup.

  • The pink halter is sassy, but the grey suit is stunning on you!

  • I vote for the pink halter, but understand the not-wanting-to-buy shoes thing. The gray suit is a close second!

  • Pink halter. Get some shoes at Payless and rock that thing.

  • My first instinct was pink halter all the way but if you’re going to feel uncomfortably attention-getting then the gray suit is unique and stand out and you look gorgeous in it so I say go with that.

  • Oh, the gray suit! Elegant but not staid – retro is about as fun! as you can get! Plus, if you wanted to go crazy, you could accessorize with whatever color you wanted.

  • A toss up between the pink dress and the grey suit. Both look terrific, but in different directions.

  • I love the pink halter, but the gray suit is amazing.

  • Gray suit, lady. You won’t need new shoes, it’s fucking fabulous and clothes like that should see the sun whenever possible. God bless you for wearing it so wonderfully!

  • My first thought was “Ask the grooms if they’d mind a guest in hot-pink.” Because that dress? Awesome.

    I agree with MPLS Mama – hit Payless for some shoes!

  • The halter dress, not the sheath.

  • I am voting for the pink halter. It looks lovely on you and is very flattering on you. I also think it looks good with those black shoes.

    The grey suit would be my #2 pick. Either way your going to look fabulous.

  • pink halter – and i don’t believe you don’t have shoes. look harder in your closet! :-)


  • the pink halter. trust me, i know.

  • Grey suit looks like it was made for you. Otherwise, pink halter would be good with the correct wrap and shoes. But the grey suit is pretty awesome.

  • Your mother’s wedding suit with dark red lipstick. And your wedding shoes!

  • I didn’t even read this, I just looked at the pictures, but I vote wholeheartedly for the pink halter.

    Now I’ll go back and read to make sure you’re not going to a funeral or a coronation or something.

  • That gray suit is absolutely fabulous. I’m a sucker for great vintage.

  • Okay, I stand by my decision.

  • You look amazing in the pink halter. If you can find cute inexpensive shoes that you like, that would be my first choice.

    Second choice would be the black with some fun accessories…like a chunky colorful bracelet or something.

    Whatever you choose, you’ll look great!

  • You can’t go wrong with either the grey suit or the pink halter. You look fantastic in both of them. You could always get some el cheapo, one-use-only shoes to go with the halter dress.

    Do not wear the pink mumu. It does you no favors. You were looking for honesty here, right?

    (sending love vibrations so please don’t hate me.)

  • I LOVE your Mom’s suit! The pink halter is gorgeous too, and maybe not too much for a gay wedding, but the grey suit seems less problematic.

  • #1 choice: grey suit
    #2 choice: pink halter

    Also, I think you could get away with wearing the black pumps with the pink halter.

  • You look pretty hot in the black.

    And plus wear the scowl too. So if someone says “This isn’t a little-black-dress sort of occasion”, you can scowl and say “Fuck you. Do I look like I solicited your evaluation of the ratio between my dress and the occasion? Shake your ass out of my face.”

    That would be tough.

  • Can i vote for two? I am loving ooptions three and four.

    Three for the camp factor and four for the sheer vintage glamour. Either one would be appreciated I am sure.

  • On second thought I agree with Black Hockey Jesus.

  • PINK HALTER!!!! Getcha some sandals of almost any color and it’ll be perfect.

  • Is it a daytime or evening wedding?

    I like the black dress, it was just flattering on you. The grey suit is a close second because it is so darn cool. If however it’s a daytime wedding I think the hot pink is perfectly acceptable if that is your preferance.

    My best advice is wear what makes you feel pretty. You always look better if you feel confident and comforatable.

  • The pink halter is cute and very becoming on you… but with a wrap and new shoes, I think it’s a budget-buster. The gray suit looks fabulous on you, and you’ve already got the shoes to go with it. I say: gray suit!

  • Isay wear what you feel the best in. If you feel good in all of them, wear the gray suit. V classy.

  • would it be creepy if I said you look hot in the pink halter? well, you do.

    chop a foot or so off that sheath and it’s pretty darn cute too.

    mom’s wedding suit is a tempting choice.

    i am much too indecisive to be asked for fashion advice.

  • I’m all about the grey suit, its a gorgeous look.

  • You look great in a halter-neck, but I’m not so keen on the rouched waist and I think other colours would suit you better than hot pink. The black dress is certainly nice enough, but not really va-va-voom. The pink sheath doesn’t have enough shape; it looks about 5 sizes too big, frankly.

    However! The grey suit is FABULOUS and you must wear it. I would take up the hem to *just* below the knee (although it is a little hard to judge the length in a photo taken from above). It is occasion-appropriate, unique, and extremely hot. You look fab. Have fun!

  • The grey suit is too fabulous, and the story behind it… How could they not love it?

  • i think you have to trust me: do not wear that pink sheath. rage, rage against the pink sheath. your mother’s suit is fantastic, and really you wouldn’t be remiss in either of the first two. just remember what i said about the sheath.

  • The grey suit is outstanding, and you’d finally have your chance to wear it to a wedding — albeit not your own, as originally planned. Plus, when someone compliments you on it, you have a great story to tell about it. Fun ice breaker. “Devastatingly tasteful” wedding guests love stuff like that.

    Second choice: Pink Mrs. Robinson.

  • The pink halter is gorgeous. If the wedding is daytime/outdoor (wedding and reception) then wear that one.

    The black dress is a classic and fits you well- and black at a wedding actually is “Devastatingly tasteful”. Plus you can accessorize approx. 1,000 ways. If the wedding is evening/indoor I would wear that one.

    The pink sheath needs the sleeves cut off and to be cut to knee length- to work- no time for that!

    The grey suit is gorgeous but a touch dour. If you wear it, punch it up with a colorful scarf or fun earrings.

  • Nothing says devastatingly tasteful like Margaret Mason. She gives good hand-me-downs. Lucky you!

    Any of the options would be delightful. I love the synchronicity of the grey suit. Have red or burgundy or turquoise pumps? Wear those. A ginormous sparkly broach? Wear that, too.

  • Unless it’s an evening dressy wedding, the black dress is out. Never wear black to a day wedding! I love the pink halter

  • I vote strongly against wearing black to any wedding, but that’s probably the Southern in me.

    Love, love, love the grey suit, especially since it has a great story that fits the happy occasion.

  • Pink halter dress or the grey suit. You need a bright camisole or blouse under the suit, but it’s fantastic.

  • I’m with Kaleigh–in the South we are ALLOWED to wear black to a wedding.

    The halter is HAWT. But so is the Sheath. I would get it taken up and in a bit and rock it with any shoes. The Halter would work best for a night of dancing. What’s the reception like?

    The Suit is gorgeous but seems not late summery to me.

    I’m all Tim Gunn all of sudden. I’m going to take a stroll around my office and give folks advice.

  • we are NOT ALLOWED. Oops. I rebel Freudianly.

  • I vote for the gray suit. Very retro, very fun and sassy. Pair it with some red peektoe heels, and a few red accessories. You’re a classic beauty!

  • black dress for sure.

  • The pink halter looks awesome on you, but I vote for the grey suit as well. It looks fantastic, and what a great story. Your mom clearly has great taste!

  • The combination of great anecdote and looking-smashing-on-you-ness makes the grey suit your only real choice (but yes, with jolly accessories to mitigate dourness. I love grey and pink together – maybe a pale pink scarf or rose-colored jewelry? And definitely plan to wear the pink halter to another event soon. The pink sheath is not flattering (and that takes some doing on a nice body like yours), but if it were shortened to just above the knee it would be adorable.

  • I’d go with the pink halter, mostly because I’m jealous of your toned upper arms.

  • the grey suit. not that I’m an expert on wedding guest attire, but because I love the look.

  • I vote for the pink halter – a black bag and those shoes will pull the whole thing together. A Saturday afternoon wedding is the perfect venue for that dress. As for wraps, I always see if someone has one I can borrow. It’s a once a year item that just sits hanging in everyone’s closet.

    Second choice is the suit. I’m wondering if it might be warm enough that you will be too hot wearing the jacket all evening, then you have an issue with what is perfect to wear underneath the jacket. I love it though – do you have any Sunday day weddings in later fall or winter? That would be the perfect fit.

  • I was all for the pink halter. And then I thought, well, how many guests? Because if it’s more than 10, the chances of you stealing the show are lessened and then I saw someone’s comment about grooms and I thought – HELLO! PINK HALTER. No bride to piss off, no maybe wearing the same colors as the bridesmaids.

    I do like the grey suit but it seems somber. I super heart the Mrs. Robinson dress because it so is – but I don’t know that I’d wear it to a wedding and I never ever ever wear black to a wedding. I think it’s just depressing. It’s a WEDDING scream that you’re HAPPY even if you’re faking.

    PINK HALTER!!!!!

  • Ok, holy crap that’s a lot of voting. But I’m adding my two cents worth: you MUST wear that fabulous GREY SUIT. It is the perfect combination of kitch, glamour and style. Plus, it’s frickin’ stunning on you.

  • Please. Please. Wear the grey suit. You’ll regret the pink halter, when they start saying that you look like you came out of “Sixteen Candles”. The grey suit is SO SO classy! Being a bigger woman, I can very much appreciate vintage clothes, since I can’t fit- people weren’t overweight too much in the 50′s. You’ll be a star if you go with the suit!

  • Black dress with a really cool bright necklace.

  • Ah, so this is what not-blogging looks like.

    My fashion advice: Gray suit to the gay wedding, if only for the story behind it. Also, you pull it off.

  • Pink halter top! You look foxy in it! it’s fun! but it’s dressy!

  • I actually think the black pumps work with all these dresses. With the hot pink halter it’s very cool. No jewelry. All about the dress!

  • The black dress with a chi-chi accessory like an obi. Second choice would be the gray suit, pearl choker and big pearl button earrings. Have the suit cleaned and pressed, a cleaners will do a better job of pressing it.

    The pink sheath is wrong, wrong, wrong for you. The halter? Meh. Too mainstream. You can pull off something different and classy.

  • The gray suit, definitely. I like the pink halter dress too, but gray wins.


  • Pink halter dress. You can wear black shoes with it if you get a black wrap, don’t you think? And pink plus black = win. It’s a much more festive and dance-able dress than the gray suit, which is nice but more serious.

  • First choice is pink halter, second choice is grey suit.

    The word “shebang” looks kind of dirty written down.

  • I vote for the black dress with some funky shoes. I do love that suit though.

  • the pink halter knocked me DEAD.

    do it. or I will have to get divorced and remarried and make you my bridesmaid so I can force you to wear it.

  • p.s. a dove grey or white pashmina is all you need to make it “tasteful”.

    but really, fuck tasteful. be fabulous.

  • my vote:
    Gray suit un buttoned with a black sparkly tank top underneath or maybe colorful shoes to spice it up

  • You look stunning in the gray suit, and I love the serendipity connecting a traditional marriage to a marriage tradition that’s in it’s infancy.

    Pin curl, seamed hose, and a sassy little hat (make that bright pink!) and you’ll be one hot mama.

  • Grey suit if you have colored pumps and colorful jewlery. And bright lipstick.

  • The gray suit is awesome. With the right accessories, it will be the “devastating tasteful” presentation you need to upstage everyone but the wedding couple. Which is how it should be.

  • I am a whore for all that is retro, so I’m Team Grey Suit. And you totally rock it.

    I am getting married next week. I am wearing Bermuda shorts and t-shirt from Old Navy (seriously), and the groom is wearing a black polo shirt with skulls on it and cargo shorts (also from Old Navy), so may not want to take my advice…

  • LOVE the gray suit. I think the pink halter is pretty fantastic, although the empire waist appears to be a hair too low on you. If you can have it altered up about an inch, maybe it won’t even take that much, um, yer boobies will look younger. NOT that they look old! They don’t! I’m just sayin’.

  • I vote grey suit, you look lovely in it and bonus you won’t need new shoes. It is gorgeous on you. And unique!

  • I really like the pink halter but I can see how it may be too “bright”. So my second vote would be the gray suit.

  • oh my goodness — that grey suit is fan-freaking-tastic.

  • I vote for the pink halter. Pair that baby with some silver heels. Consider Payless if you aren’t seeing deep pockets of cash for Manolos right now. You have awesome shoulders — show ‘em off.

  • I love the bejeweled vintage number. Would you consider shortening it? Have a tailor lop off the bottom to bring it above the knee and buy some cheapie ballerina flats. No jewelry needed.

  • Well, none of the above, though I like all of them. The halter is too summery for September (even in CA), the other pink sheath is too big, and the other two don’t look wedding-y enough. The 1950s gray suit would be fabulous in another context, though.

  • I love the gray suit. It wins, hands down.

  • The pink halter looks great but I agree, the gray suit.

    Your hair, it’s so long! I haven’t been here in a while. It looks nice, scowl or not.

    I am reading this book my sister gave me (don’t ask) called “Pride Prejudice and Jasmine Field” and the girl on the cover looks just like you. Every time I go to pick it up I get distracted by thinking “I wonder how much Fussy got for posing for that cover!”

    The girl does have swoopier eyebrows but…I don’t know. Similar.

    Have fun at the wedding.

  • The grey suit is a winner for me.

  • I’m going to be the voice of dissent here – NO WAY on the gray suit. I think the pink dress (not the halter) – is totally fun, funky, retro and terribly Jackie O. You HAVE to wear that one, I llluuurrrvveeee it!! If we’re talking totally cool statement dress, you have to wear that one…or the halter. The black dress is way too boring and the gray one washes you out a bit.

    Go get thee some fantastic accessories (large sunglasses a must) and wear the pink sheath.

    M (hey! I think this is my first comment here. Thanks to Karen at chookooloonks for the original link several months ago.)

  • pink halter pink halter.

  • I love that pink sheath. You are so cute in it, but I must say, the gray suit is fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. It has to be between these two.

  • The pink sheath, most definitely. It looks fantastic on you and is fun! but not too fun! because it’s also elegant and different and awesome. With a clutch and some delicate sandals (or even pretty flats?), you’d be all set. Do it!

  • I think you could wear the black dress, pick out a colorful wrap and some inexpensive but funky accessories from Target (or a similar store). That way the shoes already match, you’re adding spice to the outfit with the accessories, and you look sleek and fabulous!

  • I vote pink halter, it looks awesome on you!

  • Pink halter, definitely – you look hot in it, it’s classy but still fun. Just wear flip-flops. ;)

  • Pink Halter!! it’s a wedding and you can get some sandals on clearance on line or something. The grey suit and black dress are too frumpy and I agree the sheath could be shortened – it’s got a Cleopatra theme going for me. But pink absolutely.

    What size shoe are you – maybe I have something I could lend you?

  • I vote for the classic black dress. Add funky chunky jewelry (necklace and bracelet) and you are good to go.

  • GRAY SUIT GRAY SUIT GRAY SUIT! The first pink reminds me of what our cheerleader’s wore to prom…I wouldn’t do it.

    What self-respecting gay wouldn’t love that suit?

    GRAY SUIT! It looks perfect.

  • At first I was going to say pink halter, because you look wow in it.

    Now I’m leaning more towards 1. the grey suit or 2. the pink sheath, but only if the pink sheath were 18″ shorter.

    I don’t know if your gay male friends are like mine: mine REALLY notice clothes, and tailoring, and whether and where I’ve lost or put on weight. So much more than any of my female friends ever do. Getting dressed to go out with them is a nightmare that always ends in 20 outfits scattered across the room.

    So if I were in your shoes and your friends were like mine, I’d go with the grey because of the tailoring, or I’d take up the sheath.

    Honestly, though, it doesn’t matter which of these you go with, you look beautiful in all of them. Hooray!

  • I am 27, and I think I’M too old to pull off the pink halter dress.

    I think it’s a little… tacky.


  • Oh, the gray suit! Love it! Can you roll your hair, too? Snood it, maybe? No one can snood too often.

  • Gray suit !

    but pink halter – fabulous also.

  • Gray suit. Its classy, chic and you look absolutely fabulous.

  • Wow, I hate to even add to the cacophony, but furreals, that pink sheath is PHENOM. It does, as others have noted, need to be whacked at the knees. No time/money for tailoring? Then woman, get thee to a JoAnn’s: a roll of Fabric Tape, a pair of scissors and an iron grant you MIRACULOUS hemming skillz.

  • Pink halter dress is good, unless you’ll outlook the bride, which is a no-no. Don’t wear black to a wedding, unless you’re commenting on her choice in men. The pink sheath would be good if there were ties to tie or button in the back. A belt won’t suffice, due to the decoration from neck to hem. The grey suit is okay, though the top appears a bit small, which doesn’t suprise me, since it was you’re short mother’s outfit. Then again it may only appear that way because of the photo. Also, the shoes are too dark to go with either pink dress.

    Necklaces: pearls for all but the halter dress, a thin gold chain for that. A gold watch or bracelet for all.

    And to answer, the usually asked question. I grew up around fashion, my mother was a designer for over 20 years, who had clients from NY to Saudi Arabia, and was in Who’s Who in America.

  • You MUST follow up and let us know your choice, BTW.

  • Oh the pink sheath fer sure! What a fabulous fabulous dress! If Maggie has any extras she wants to send to Texas…I’m game!

  • Pink halter if you’re going to fun but tasteful; gray suit if you’re going for classy. The black dress is too formal, I think, and no offense, but the pink sheath looks like an overly decorative bathrobe — cute, but not wedding appropriate.

  • I LOVE the gray suit on you.
    The black dress looks good too but is a tad too common.
    You look too young for the pink sheath and too serious in the photo for the pink halter.

  • If you could hem the pinks sheath to about knee length, it would be fabulous. Unique, gorgeous, and perfect for a wedding. All look great, by the way.

  • Gray suit. Definately.

  • Another vote for the grey suit – it looks fantastic!

  • Grey Suit- Fo Sho!

    Rock that, it’s beautiful.

  • Grey suit! Grey suit!

  • gray suit!!!

  • Hem the pink sheath! That is the BEST option for this even…the grey suit is fabulous, but entirely too somber and the halter is a little “Wet Seal” to me.
    A shortened pink sheath would be kitschy, artistic, and flattering—without being too much. I love it!

  • I would totally go for the pink sheath, but I delinitely recommend getting it shortened and also a little more fitted to show off your figure. You got the dress for free so go ahead and spend a little money so you can actually wear it. If that seems like too much work, then I would go for the pink halter.

  • I’d go either the grey suit, or the pink halter, whichever makes you feel awesome on the day.
    Although, there’s alot to be said for a suit that looks amazing crumpled. I want one.

  • I’d go with the gray suit. It’s stunning and looks like it was tailored just for you.

  • I vote for the pink halter. You can always dress it down, too. Maybe get a little black shawl to drape over your arms and back if you feel too exposed… black drop earings…

    And you wouldn’t have to buy new shoes!

  • If you take in the pink sheath just a bit you’d look drop dead koo-koo-ka-choo. If you don’t want it/wear it, I’ll happily buy it off you! It’s fabulous!!!

  • Gray suit with that awesome yellow ring I gave you at Blogher!

  • Grey suit grey suit grey suit. Gorgeous, gives you an amazingly tiny waist and totally channelling Mad Men. Which has to be a good thing.

  • Grey suit or black dress.

    While you have a beautiful figure, the pink halter dress detracts from how pretty you are. It shouts, “look at this dress!” more than it says, “look at me!” Also, I’m bothered by the rouching – too many of us who’ve given birth a few times sport this look of baggy skin over ripped abs naturally – you don’t want to follow us there. Plus, the bustline is too low.

  • Go with the gray dress, particularly if you can score the pillbox hat to go with. Divine.

    And I’m glad I’m not the only one who gained weight as a result of marriage – I’m talking about Jack, not you. Sorry Jack but at least you’ve got the company of my misery.

  • I realise you have 136 comments here and I have commented already, but I wanted to say that although I am 100% in favour of the grey suit, I would keep your accessories and hair modern. As fabulous as hats and gloves are, I don’t think you want to look like a costume exhibit.

    I’m also hoping that you’ll tell us that you have a pair of killer red high heels squirreled away in your closet. The black ones are fine but something with some colour (even hot pink?) would be even better (but I’m not in favour of buying ‘disposable’ shoes to achieve this aim).

    there, now I’ll shut up!

  • HOW DID I MISS THE FASHION SHOW? I’m so out of it these days but anyway, that gray suit is simply stunning and you look great in it. Wear it!

    I sound a hundred but they just don’t make stuff like they used to.

    Mother stories are just terrific and so well written, Eden. What was that book where the guy’s mom is in a home and can’t remember him and tells him all the ‘truths’ of her/his life?

  • am i too late to say pink halter dress?

  • The pink house dress could look super interesting if you had it taken in a little bit. But I get not being able to buy shoes at this moment. You could always take a pair home, wear them one day and then return them, crying. I am sure someone already suggested that.

  • grey suit eden, it’s the teacher classy look that fits you best

    love the buttons too, school boys just love to see that type of fashion

    plus this one matches your camera, since you probably take that with you as well?

  • The gray suit, and then please send it to me when you’re done with it.

    Thank you for your cooperation.