Novelty Carrots

On August 28, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

Because regular old orange carrots just weren’t good enough. Purchased at the Santa Barbara farmers’ market. The orange ones were the sweetest; the white ones tasted like parsnips; the purple ones tasted like a somewhat flavorless root vegetable of indiscriminate origin. I wouldn’t necessarily trust me on that, though, they probably all tasted exactly the same, it was my crazy expectations that skewed the results of this culinary experiment.



5 Responses to “Novelty Carrots”

  • who cares what they taste like?

    they are gorgeous!

  • But did you know that ORANGE carrots were originally engineered in the 17th century by patriotic Dutch farmers to honor the House of Orange? (No, thank YOU Alex Trabek.) Apparently the carrot was originally purple.

  • NO WAY, Zan. I am so happy to have provided an opportunity for you to show off that interesting little fact.

  • You should blow that photo up and hang it in your kitchen. It totally rocks (and I am pretty old to be saying that, I know…). -Kirsetin

  • I'm not certain about this but I think that Texas A&M; engineered a maroon carrot, possibly to counter the burnt-orange cauliflower produced by the University of Texas, their deadly rivals (or was it the other way around?).