On August 14, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

It turns out that whenever I say I’m going to stop posting for awhile, it usually means that something I really don’t want to write about is waiting at the front of the line. In this case that would be the story of coming back from Denver and talking about how my mom doesn’t recognize me anymore. A post that actually won’t be a lot of fun to write. So fuck that! Instead I post that I’m going to take a a little break, thinking I’ll write that big heavy post later and for the benefit of all mankind. Then, predictably, the next day I get an idea for five different posts that are completely frivolous and fun and have nothing to do with senile dementia.

I should patent this brave, three-step psychological technique for unblocking the mind, Internet-style, because it works every time:

1. Find that you really don’t feel like posting anything, perhaps ever again
2. Tell the Internet you’re taking a break because you’re “busy”
3. Discover that you suddenly have eighteen things to post about

So today (because, okay, I actually am sort of busy) what I have to tell you about is Cakewrecks. You’re welcome.



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  • I’m sorry about your mom. I hate the part where they stop recognizing us. Which is possibly the stupidest thing to say because who waits for that part with bated breath but…well, you know.

    Cakewrecks is good for what ails you, though, thanks for that.

  • Ditto, that totally stinks about your mom. I’m sorry. Also, thank you for the huge belly laugh at Cakewrecks. I loved the one a couple of days ago, too (Olympic Rings). HA! I am still laughing. -Kirsetin

  • I’m also sorry about your mom.

    Cakewrecks fills my heart with joy, however.

  • I have that situation with my mom looming, and so it makes me feel a little less alone to read this — of course I’m very sorry that you are having to deal with it.

    I cornily wish that you were my friend and we could talk about it.

  • At the risk of seeming utterly, heedlessly empathy-free, I would love it if my mom didn’t recognize me.

  • I too, am sorry about your mom – that is exceedingly sucky.

    However, so are the cakes, so thanks for the laugh.

  • Echoing everyone else: sorry to hear about your mom. I went through the same thing with my grandfather a few years ago. I wish I could say something like “it gets easier,” but it really doesn’t.

  • Very sorry about your Mom. My mother is in the mid stages of Alzheimer’s and still recognizes us but is starting to struggle with names. I don’t think there’s anything that makes this process easier; I’m just glad I’m not in it alone and that my sisters and I can make decisions about Mom’s future as a team. Good luck with everything.

  • Eden,
    I’m so, so sorry.

  • How shitty. I have a rocky relationship with my mother, but I’d HATE IT if she didn’t know who I was.

  • oh yes, i found cakewrecks the other day and it is a perfect distraction (the huge bride cake?!). i am sorry about your mom- i can’t imagine how hard that is. XOXO

  • see, now when i first read that i saw “Cakefarts”, which is also mighty funny, but, um, not in the same way. i’m still scarred from seeing cakefarts.com a few days ago.

    i’m sorry about your mom. mine’s going down that road, too. it sucks to watch it happen.

  • Eden, I’m glad you posted.
    I’m sorry about your mom.
    I hope posting this does you good, because it sure does me good to know someone else looks at herself and the world like this.

  • eden – well that sucks. like, a shit ton. :( thinking about you.

  • I’m going to start saying like a “shit ton” now.

  • I am very sorry to hear about your mom. My mom is in the early stages of that and it’s breaking me up. Thanks for the cake pages, though – those are definitely to be bookmarked.

  • Sorry about your mom – sending prayers.

  • That just made my Friday. The cakes that is not your Mom. That part is very sad. My family’s going through the same thing with my Grandma. Virtual hug (if that’s not creepy)

  • On Sunday I am going to see my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s for the first time in two years. The entire ordeal of her getting sick and forgetting me and my brother and my aunts and uncles and my mother, has been heartbreaking. It’s also been going on since I was a little kid. I was old enough though that I still remember what she was like as a person before she got really sick.

    It’s been difficult to say the least. Though hardest on my mother and my mother’s youngest sister since they’ve both shared the brunt of caring for her.

    I know it’s hard and there’s no way to express what it feels like to have someone you love slowly forget who you are.

    Anyway, when you do find the words and write about it, I will be thrilled. Perhaps you will inspire me to do the same.

  • I’m sorry to hear about your mother. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be for you.

    On a much lighter note, I just laughed so hard at CakeWrecks, I peed my pants just a little bit. Thanks!

  • Oh Eden, I’m really sorry about what you’re dealing with. I can not imagine.

    But, the unblocking tips? Classic.

  • cakewrecks is as much fun as I have had since threadbared.com. thanks you

  • Sorry. Sucks.

    The announcing to the world what you are doing and then feeling freed/compelled to come back. Been there more than once!

  • Thank you indeed. I just looked at every hilarious cake wreck. I must admit that I think the baby riding carrot cake is just awesome.