Slow Traffic

On August 15, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

Driving the narrow back roads around here you always have to slow down for one thing or another, tractor trailers trying to make 90-degree turns mostly, or a peloton of morning bike riders. (Don’t those people have jobs? Oh, wait, neither do I. Well, carry on.) But occasionally you get stuck behind a truck that’s driving under the limit so as not to dump several dozen water-filled buckets of flowers on their way to market, and that’s okay because then I can balance my camera on the steering wheel so the picture isn’t blurry.



3 Responses to “Slow Traffic”

  • I love this photo so much, I’m using it as my desktop background.

  • I just love reading your blog, because you are really entertaining, but also because I moved from Ventura to Arizona a few years ago and really miss this stuff. Thank you so much for sharing!

    (The post a few days ago that mentioned the outlets in Camarillo made me really want to come back for a weekend, just to go shopping – and get out of the heat.)

  • You’re welcome, Gina!

    Sheryl, that’s a good idea, I might change mine right now.