Steep Learning Curve Ahoy!

On August 4, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

Welcome to the world of bulk candy at Disneyland! Oh, let’s just get a few cherry, and a couple of vanilla, and ooh, buttered popcorn flavor! That’ll be $17.00.



5 Responses to “Steep Learning Curve Ahoy!”

  • $17 for that little bag?!

    Reminds me of the Times Square M&M; Store, totally fun, "yay, let's mix and match, my favourite colours!" and then it's eight bucks when I could have gotten a pack for 75-cents at the newstand outside their front door.

  • wow, the happiest place on earth sure comes at a high price!

  • That wouldn’t be a bad deal if you could run your car off it.

  • You ain’t kidding. I’m going in a couple weeks and I have to budget in about $100 for the effing candy store. Those coconut chocolate mickeys are totally worth it though, and no, I could not just as easily get a Mounds for 75 cents.

  • Yay! A huge bag of candy! That can go with my $8 box of tampons.

    Yeah, I really need that candy.