Blue Belly Lizard

On September 2, 2008 by Eden M. Kennedy

Here we have Jackson with a blue-belly lizard perched atop his head. It’s a better picture of Jackson than of the lizard, plainly. This is just to show you that Jackson has a lizard, and then when it isn’t hypnotized and laying belly-up in his hand, it’s scrambling around on his head, or waiting for someone to dump a dozen medium-sized crickets ($1.09 at The Ark pet shop) into its tank. Its name is Scale. Its name was Bastard, but Jack made Jackson change it. Scale came from the job site where it was minding its own blue belly business when a couple of guys on break chased it down and gave it to Jackson. And that’s the story of today’s photo.



5 Responses to “Blue Belly Lizard”

  • mommyblogging at its finest.

  • I want to say first (and not to embarrass Jackson in any way) that he is totally cute with that big pout on because you are snapping his photo. Amazing how pushed a second grader can look. How do I know you ask? Because I have one of those at home. Alas, no lizard tho. I would have vacuumed that up long ago.

  • I am really really sorry Mrs Kennedy, but my eldest son is arriving at yours via DHL express tonight. His greatest wish ever is to have a lizard and we being cruel and unfeeling parents have told him he must wait til he is ten. He will be tremendously low maintenance if he is allowed to stroke the lizard. You can feed him crickets too, I am sure.
    Wonderful picture. I love.

  • It must be the season of the Blue Belly. My daughter and niece caught 6 of them this weekend, and they’re now living in my HOUSE. All six of them. Did I say 6? They do have an aquarium, but still. This morning, some of the crickets got loose. I believe they were all recaptured, but fully expect to hear them chirping in distant corners of the house.

  • Esme just recognised Jackson from across the room: I wasn’t sure if it was genuine recognition or just “Hey! He’s nice” excitement, but then she shouted “Boooom!” for the first time in weeks. Aww.